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    1. Anti-HyperLink

      This is just weird.

    2. Olivia

      when your from alderney and harry is right when he says there is literally nothing to do there lmaoo

    3. ShplunkUndertale

      12:14 killer line by vik. i rate that

    4. Ivar449

      20:54 damn she cold... ahahaha

    5. Jan Sanono

      1:56 harry’s in the RA!

    6. The Hokage

      12:14 tobi's reaction

    7. * inversion

      Can't remember ask my mum-Vik 2020

    8. John Hay


    9. Kieran Stephenson

      Sub 2 pixel power gaming

    10. Simon Burger

      21:01 Simon's reaction.. 😂😅

    11. JacoB

      20:53 JJ said *She* cold but it's a dude

    12. Umbral Hawk

      They should have Phil sneak in as a date, that would be hilarious

    13. Lorewalker Choo M. D.

      “Im gonna get rid of...The Lion King...” Yeah she dumb af lol.

    14. SM

      1:58 what does harry say lmao

    15. Srikumaran Priya

      Harry's tactic is: be funny when JJ isn't changing his name

    16. XynerG

      page is a bit dim ngl

    17. slimer boy 2536

      Sidmen : Didn't get 10 Mio Subs JJ: Little Boy 2 Earthquake 2

    18. Alfie M

      that first girl out of all their leagues lol

    19. Robbie Telfer

      So sad that they allowed this girl (Paige) who is obviously suffering from SERIOUS BRAIN TRAUMA on this show. Complete mockery

    20. VGN Alz

      they're sooo unfunny lmao

    21. Hen Graham

      Paige is bare dumb lol

    22. sUchAweIrDo

      mango is plain but grape,not even grapes,isn’t

    23. random rider

      Notice how they called them "boy"

    24. Lil Rinch

      Ksi: damn she cold Everyone: 😶

    25. Jet Chip Wasp Productions

      Jake paul revere. The British are coming the British are coming.

    26. Anisa Ali

      Harry looks like Will from Inbetweeners to be fair

    27. Samuel Cline

      When JJ thinks the guy is a girl until he comes round the corner XD

    28. layl bteich

      that paige chick looks like a p*rnstar

    29. Rollo Holden

      im from guernsey

    30. CONE GANG

      My new song is better than KSI!!! -

    31. Rogzx _YT


    32. Rogzx _YT

      number 5 13:9 hhahhahahahah

    33. Youtube Channel

      lol Paige is pregnant now

    34. DeeqoGotFlow

      thas a motherfuckin man hell no

    35. Phijurr

      They try way to hard to be funny..

    36. charlie Nevin

      What did harry say to the masterbait one

    37. aaron



      I love how all of them are joking abt there answers but then theres vik actually trying 🤣🤣

    39. Tip Dick

      I feel like jj could say your mums dead to one of the sidemen and they would all laugh

    40. TTM Virtual

      squidward hahaw

    41. J!NX T!

      Ngl but Ethan is lowkey a simp

    42. Ty Monkman


    43. Bryan Hamstra

      Ksi is so dumb

      1. ceerw buty

        Harry won the first one

    44. neo nazi

      WARNING: DON'T drink hot chocolate while watching. Especially if the hot chocolate is hot

      1. neo nazi

        @ceerw buty um, i dont know..

      2. ceerw buty

        What is the name of this girl ???

    45. Alex Desalegn

      They have lana rhoades twin sister

    46. Jeffrey Cline

      Harry is the only reason the sidemen are watchable


      Nooooo wyay right before they brought out the guy i thought how it would be funny to bring a dude

    48. LMRA CHICK

      JJ : “ dam she cold “ bruh it’s a dude 😭😂

    49. KnightBoss679 bel

      12:18 tobi's reaction😂😂

    50. V4N1K22

      So whats the german story ??? 😂😂😂

    51. RusheR

      20:51 ohhh damn, she cold!

    52. Wasgud Mayn

      12:15 vikks face when he said that 😂 the confidence

    53. rbrtgnzls

      1:55 upa ra

    54. Amar Brgi

      24:56 he says they all seem like nice guys and the guys who have been eliminated get scared rofl...

    55. Andrew Pike

      I thought it was Addison re in the thumb nail🤣

    56. Kristian Avramov

      Outro song ?

    57. John Gotti

      What is the name of this girl ???

    58. jerememe bracco

      Harry won the first one

    59. Mad Ting

      That last girl goes gym.

    60. Joe Smith

      True up the fa