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    Folabi is back, but this time he’s finding out the truth!
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    1. Lucky Kumar

      Tobi is very saltyy aaaaaaahhhhhh..😓😅😂

    2. the Raj Kumar y'all owoade

      I'm Nigerian but I was born in Ireland and I live in England I can speak Nigerian

    3. Melissa Lynn

      "and welcome to detector lie" already got me 😭😂💀

    4. RA4gjack Jack

      Plot twist: the whole vid is to make us to make us think Harry isn’t on drugs

    5. Zed-Ex Gaming

      They're using a razor laptop in the video but in the thumbnail it's an apple?? Something is off.

    6. Jesiah Araya

      Am I the only one that noticed j.j didn’t have pants on

    7. AKPC Covers

      Why was JJ late

    8. Maen killer

      14:57 another beef coming soon

    9. Rares ilisei


    10. Am 410

      15:00 your welcome

    11. Ethan Ronsisvalle

      27:48 to 27:55 ksi i hungree for fear

    12. Jutziee

      in my opinion Toby is the hottest out of the sidemen xd

    13. Rober Camgöz

      Let deji casper lee and callfrezzy join the sidemen

    14. THJ

      In the thumbnail KSIs laptop is apple. But in the vid it is razor

    15. THJ

      In the thumbnail KSIs laptop is apple. But in the vid it is razor

    16. Balázs Nagy

      A drug addict would never admit that he is one😂😂😂

    17. Offizier чайник

      3:51 I'm sorry I dont speak wrong

    18. Imjusttoogood Lmao

      I got a new video idea, 2 groups 3 people per groups, and ur getting a dull knife A VERY DULL KNIFE, like rusty and all that and ur getting the ingredients, no FIsels only ur team u have to try and make it as sharp as possible which ones more sharp wins! And the reward is 10k or more or less. Or something else that was a random idea for the reward! U can choose what’s the reward

    19. JayMT03

      Are we just going to ignore the fact that in the thumbnail the laptop had the apple logo but in the video it's razer

    20. Chad Yates

      Someone tell me where I can get the jumper that Ethan is wearing

    21. bilisha coli

      why does harry n ethan hit different in this vid, like damn

    22. Jack Mouat

      Vik has white parents

    23. ESKR_Kruphix

      Iv never laughed this hard before🤣🤣

      1. Every 6 subscribers I will drink Pure lemon juice

        @ESKR_Kruphix okay

    24. Cracked Kermit

      Is no one gonna talk about the fact they photoshopped the apple logo onto the laptop

      1. Every 6 subscribers I will drink Pure lemon juice

        Cracked Kermit lol

    25. Salesi Finau

      i am eating chicken

      1. bilisha coli


    26. Compa Chuy

      thumbnail : apple laptop video :

    27. Chase Bishop

      Roses are red Your about to be triggered Ethan needs to be fed Ksi is a Public figure

    28. OPJayy Kayy

      20:24 a small clip of the r*pe face

    29. Daniel Acret

      why tf is he in his undies

    30. Jude Fraser

      32:04 YESSS LADDDD!!!

    31. GGingy_YT

      More lies please LOL

    32. Jude Fraser

      WHO IS VIKKO’S GF?!?!

    33. Zak Raheem

      Tobi is so humble and modest

    34. Rhennier Tendencia

      We are waiting for the "Sidemen Camping"

    35. Stephanie Lopez

      0:48 Toby getting war flashbacks 💀

    36. Yaseen Riley

      19:06 I felt that through the phone 😬

    37. linda zepa

      Love that JJ stands up and has no pants

    38. 3boodiman 98


    39. Aditya Priyanshu

      Nobody: Folabi : MO RO CO

    40. Facemen Peck


    41. Sam Markert


    42. Sam Markert


    43. john doe

    44. cameron dewar

      jj i lied

    45. Neelmani Robinson

      19:06 .... GOD DAMN!!!!!

    46. yaliso gioouy

      “I’ve been tempted” absolutely killed me

    47. BTRY Liquid

      17:23 that’s what she said

    48. FranticFicus

      I hope Lil Bored edits this video... XD

    49. Mauricio Lima

      the camera quality 👌

      1. yaliso gioouy

        Do a Sidemen Trivial Pursuit (Teams)

    50. Mikki

      Ksi is hella funny hahahahahahaha

    51. CPLG De4d5hot

      Why isn't he wearing pants..?

    52. Mac Parise

      why doesn’t JJ have pants on

    53. abdul hilowle

      Sidemen military training skit Like to make it happen

    54. Angie Valtierra

      Please do a sidemen lie detector test part 2 🙌😁🙏🙏

    55. pooh nani

      Sidemen is usually targeted to a bit younger demographic than what im in, but this Video was genuinely good and entertaining.

    56. das Legendäre toast

      Am I the only one that noticed that in the thumbnail there is an apple logo on that laptop but in the video they have a razer laptop? Omegalul

    57. Mr. Chīzukēki

      I saw unas annas do this to I might try

    58. Abdullrahman Alyahya


    59. Sick Namaras

      15:20 oh no ethans done it again