Sidney & Charlotte | How Long Will I Love You

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    I don't want to talk about the fact we're never seeing them again!!!!
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    1. Marsha Zeidman

      Last two episodes air on Sun. 02/23/2020. Central time 7 & 8pm, U. S. PBS stations. Repeats at 11pm & midnite, Central time. Eastern time is one hour later.

    2. Maihu

      I will need a sick day on the Monday after the last episode airs this Sunday...

    3. Taslima Jaby

    4. Kevin and Ashley M

      Can Theo James be in everything please?

    5. Gus Hodges

      This was beautiful! So good!! There had to be a season 2!!! I’m grieving!

    6. Connie Sholl

      This US peep wants season 2! There has to be a better ending!

    7. Anna Lore

      I love his voice!!! I enjoy their relationship even more than mr. Darcy and what's her name in pride and prejudice

    8. cachais

      Lovely video, but the more I see the ending, the more mad I get. I saw the series a second time, and am starting to root for Mr. Stringer. He admired Charlotte from the start and was a gentleman even when he knew he lost. I really need a 2nd season!!! Or one long episode where everything ends. No cliffhangers.

    9. Sinara dos Passos Sinara

      Muito obrigada pela atenção 🙏🕊️ com amor e carinho

    10. Stephanie Pinto

      I had to donate to get a pbs passport to watch all the episodes because I couldn’t wait 3 more weeks, I live in the states. Even though they don’t end up together I still think I can be ok with the ending since we aren’t getting a season 2. I wish the writers didn’t gamble with the ending but it wasn’t a cliffhanger. Sometimes not every love story has a happy ending. Definitely not the way Jane Austin would have finished the book but I still really loved the series.

    11. Dilya Dzhuraeva

      He is amazing in Devergent too. There are 3 parts. I strongly recommed watching them to those who hasn't seen yet.

    12. Dilya Dzhuraeva

      Can I find this film/series on youtube?

    13. Tamara Kozlyuk


    14. Angela forever

      Very sad because a just finish the whole season and all I want is more of these two! Beautiful vid💕😭

    15. D B

      Can Theo James get any sexier!

    16. Josiane Luzia

      Poderia passar na teve essa sere linda

    17. tootie4243

      I love your video

      1. Francy Elena Lopez Sanchez

        Dónde lo puedo ver en español me parece fabuloso, soy seguidora de Jane Austín amo sus personajes 💚 Quiero ver la historia en español 😭

    18. Follower of the Way

      The U.S. better show up and show out, so we can get a season 2! The series was Awesome! Love your video!!

      1. Tameka Swindle

        I love Jane Austen she's one of my favorite time period authors.

      2. Cindy Christian

        @Tameka Swindle It's called Sanditon. It's based on Jane Austin's last unfinished novel! It's on PBS on masterpiece at 9:00 pm on Sundays.

      3. Tameka Swindle

        I have a love for time period movies can anyone tell me the name.

      4. Cindy Christian

        Just watched episode 2 and I love it! I'll keep watching even though I know the heart breaking ending! Come on season two Please!

      5. TShirt Chronicles ZZ

        I just love it we have to wait til Sunday!!!!!

    19. merilina 123

      Amazing, breaking my heart again, thou!

    20. Elizabeth Devine

      For what its worth, they said recently there won't be a series 2... how could they build us up to an ending like that and then just leave it.. ...

      1. Pam Kowaski

        Not enough viewers usually.

    21. serendipity.

      So stunning

    22. Lysse93

      Oh my goddddd this vid 💔 seriously I’ll die if we don’t get a season 2

    23. Elle Gallagher

      I don’t even need to use words anymore to explain how talented you are. You just know from past videos that everything you do is perfection 😊

      1. TeamHodgins

        thank you so much sweetheart!

    24. gc123x

      If it does well in the states in jan we might get a s2, I don’t think it’s definitely been cancelled. This vid is gorgeous by the way

      1. gc123x

        Faith Greenfield quote from digital spy article ‘Saying that, there is a way for a second series. The spokesperson added: "Sanditon is yet to air in the US and we hope they may find a way of continuing with this series." The show's writer Andrew Davies previously told Radio Times that their colleagues across the pond "are very keen" to pick up the adaptation for a potential season 2. Never say never

      2. Faith Greenfield

        gc123x it already got confirmed that there isn’t going to be a season 2🥰

    25. Laura Luiza

      It's the show cancelled?

      1. TeamHodgins

      2. Zaina C.

        There might be a second season if it does well in the USA

      3. ashley nanan

        I don't think so as it still has to premier in the US in Jan

    26. Zaina C.

      This is amazing! 😭❤️

    27. figurinessquirt

      Well done this is a beautiful video and the music reminds me of Charlotte so sweet and innocent!

    28. Alina Stefania Gabrian

      Ohhh 😭 this is so beautiful!! Love the song! Great video of them 💔

    29. Κατιαννα Ιατρου

      Is this a good show?

      1. Elizabeth Devine


      2. ainsley carland

        Fantastic show

      3. Jozlyn Jewell

        Yes it's a great show! a little slow for the first couple episodes but gets better☺️

      4. Alina Stefania Gabrian

        Κατιαννα Ιατρου it’s an amazing show!! You definitely should watch it!

    30. Micaela Silva

      crYING 😭