Sometimes Apple just does it better - AirPods Pro Review

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    Apple finally gave Airpods a big upgrade with the AirPods Pro wireless earbuds, with in-ear tips and active noise cancelling. So can they stand up to the competition?
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    1. H0rcrux

      How much does Apple pay you to keep shilling their garbage, Linus? Even though you know first hand the company is Trash, you keep shilling for them hard!

    2. Shiny illusion

      I hade a bug in my ear and it made a small hole. It’s not a huge deal but it makes using ear buds uncomfortable. Do you think air pod pros will make thing more comfortable I don’t think you would know but just wanted to so if you would or if any one would in the comments.👂🐛

    3. Tandui

      These don't even come close to the sony WF-1000X. Just spend the extra fre bucks and get the better product

    4. spiddyman007

      The new FIsels safari interface tho. Doesn’t work that good

    5. teammm

      I want these but I just recently replaced my AirPods .. so :( ... I also lost my phone 3 months before the new iPhone came out ... so have to wait another year to upgrade :(

    6. KAY B 14

      RIP riley

    7. Nicholas Van Wie


    8. Dongi

      For the first time ever, I saw the person in the video I was going to watch in the ad as well. Good stuff Linus! You appeared in the Honey plugin ad!

    9. Akhil Aggarwal

      Lets be honest dude, Apple hasn't even seen your video

    10. juggernaugh75321

      Check out the Jabra QC 35 please they are amazing

    11. Milton M.

      TL;DR: Apple AirPods Pro>

    12. Daryn

      But is it worth 250usd?

    13. Justin Kiepe

      This is the most positive I have ever herd any of your content about Apple. So that must mean they are very good. Normally the hate is just oozing out from the start of every other video. Good review love the Chanel.

    14. Hidari ame

      Actually,I really want to know the new Apple Watch how is it

    15. LazerC4

      They are actually legit. Apple no longer seems to innovate as much as they had in the past, but at least they are giving us what we want!

    16. Joshua Lundberg

      I was listening to this as I worked. "That clearly wasn't the problem." LOL'd and liked.

    17. Master OfLight

      Painfully expensive for me. But its worth it if increases my social status.

    18. Alfredo Affinita

      8:02 *goes to bed at midday*

    19. guitarboyjeff

      When Linus gives an Apple product a good review and loves it!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    20. Kostas Karavolas

      Thumbs up for the hilarious b-roll of the dude with the glasses!

    21. Jared Steele

      Yo Linus why are you trying to look like Joel

    22. christopher békési

      Active noise cancellation has been marketed for ages, and of course it's just bullshit.

    23. Toptech21

      Has linus started working for apple???

    24. Volcrim

      Most reviewers have said that these are better than the others since they are the most intuitive and easiest to use while not having compromise on quality. However I am yet to figure out what these do better than the Sony wf1000xm3?? From what I can tell they are just as intuitive and have better quality and battery..

    25. Cant think of name Yeah

      Those goofy looking sticks at the end of the buds that are meant to hold wires are so pointless.

    26. Poti Sonko

      You literally talking like smicle lord of the rings

    27. 4000Wiggins

      Ok the dude putting the AirPods I’m blown away by the new sound has me ROFLing. Seriously good job.

    28. Nena Chula

      I don't think they listen they just stole the features from Solo pro and instead of giving the features to powerbeats they gave it to Airpods to raisethe price...Genius Apple Notttt

    29. the ginger prince

      THE MUSTACHE THO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LMAO

    30. stupid iOS

      well at least the sponsor isnt raid shadow legends

    31. Matt Lee

      Sorry Linus, you don't do hats very well

    32. Yar Moom

      Apple could've made the best laptops, headphones, computers, smartphones. Only if they had the Steve Jobs mentality, their politics is like: DO IT GOOD ENOUGH THAT PEOPLE DON'T COMPLAIN TOO MUCH. Imagine that, imagine how they would dominate the market which would praise their marketing.

    33. Monil Sharma

      Should i buy it for android

    34. JT TUNAGE

      Srry ill stick with lg headset cause i tried the airpods and there ass srry apple not for me

    35. phizz

      Linus: *casually sponsoring a $1000 gpu..*

    36. Informed Choice

      I imagine they're great, but they're just too damn expensive.

    37. oren bohak

      0:26 That was an actual good segue to the sponsor... probably the first...

    38. Alex Ramcharit

      Next time come up with ur ideas in a video. MB did most of these lines first.

    39. TechMishMosh Adeel

      How you are positive for Apple products? Strange 🤔

    40. CBWAVY

      I didn't really hear the justification for the price difference over the Samsung Galaxy Buds. The Buds never really get their just due.

    41. okami gamez

      Here while it apple clickbate

    42. magrudergrinder23

      I’m so mad I can’t keep the AirPods Pro. They’re painful to keep in my ears for any more than 30 minutes. Maybe I’ll try them again when there are some more fit accessories.

    43. Pr. MCP

      4:08 The Pain of say something good about Apple.

    44. Th3Fizzle

      if apple made a toilet, what would it be called? iShit 👍 Pro i shit like a pro

    45. Rua大的大柴柴

      @Libratone,@Huawei,Send your products for test as soon as possible

    46. xby

      How much did apple pay you

    47. ben Labio

      Hey wat happned to ur face..u look older...havent watche dur vlog for few months and then now...u looke dlike u get 7yrs older

    48. Christian von Tabouillot

      Liked just because of Riley footage

    49. costafilh0

      This proves that Apple could do much better products with all that iSheep money! One can only hope!

    50. Phelix Puan

      I think I just learn the words.. "social status"! what??

    51. Matthew Shiel

      Amazon url found in description to buy the AirPods contains an affiliate tag=linus20, if you’re paid for each viewer buying AirPods using the link it makes me question possible bias

      1. Th3Fizzle

        @Matthew Shiel pretty sure the reviews arent biased because of who buys what. bias always exists. Linus' bias probably prefers high end windows/PC products I think you dont know how to read in between the lines. all reviewers arent allowed to basically crap on the products. or they get blacklisted from future free products or they will get hit with youtube copy strikes or law suits. so they end up saying things like.... this product is great if you have a hole burning in your pocket! that means its overpriced for what it is. if you care about quality to money ratio, look elsewhere.

      2. Matthew Shiel

        I never said it was? I’m questioning how it might affect the partiality of this review of this particular product

      3. Th3Fizzle

        pretty sure this isnt the only reviewed product that gets affiliate links

    52. AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

      5:42 - that shot though!! 👏 😂

    53. Beiron Esq

      Nope. This is nonsense. The APP is nothing as good as the best in the industry, and those silicone tips don’t fit all ears well, which immediately affects the audio experience. It isn’t ‘as good’...

    54. Mohammad Tahsin

      useful #TahseeNation #SubscribeTahseeNation

    55. TheFilthyLiam

      Riley and Anthony are the true stars of this channel.

    56. Raphael Li

      Could you please do a review for the libratone track air+ earbuds? Thanks

    57. M.A.N

      Eminem is looking good

    58. sumudu fernando

      Best offer for apple air pods pro

    59. Kenneth Tanaka

      5:44 is the hands down the best b-roll I’ve ever seen in my life

    60. burns0100

      So... Apple Airpods Pro or Jabra Elite 75T?