Sophie Turner Enjoys Being Quarantined With Joe Jonas - CONAN on TBS

Team Coco

Team Coco

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    Sophie loves staying home, wearing sweatpants, and pouring shots for Joe during his Instagram Live DJ sets. Watch Sophie Turner's full #ConanAtHome interview:
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    1. Gabriel Padilha

      F*ck, she’s hot

    2. Skallia Ray

      Yeah you know it's really hard to stay at home and not leave when ... you know you don't have the type of money that it takes to ensure your bills are paid, your children are getting an education and fed... maybe you are the care taker of a family member... but bc she said it's not hard i agree i don't understand the struggles of 30 million on unemployment and the raising rates of suicide not to mention the chronic pain of someone who was told their surgery they scheduled was not essential. Also you know, the domestic violence calls... like just stop you know Sophie said it's not a big deal just stay home with the person who is physically or emotionally causing you trauma everyday... it's not THAT big of a deal.


      Thank God because your safe during ECQ.idone may part.ppls subscribe me thank you

    4. Wayne Ashley

      I love how Sophie Turner talks about Joe Jonas like he’s a something between a husband and a pet project. It’s hilarious. #Newlyweds

    5. Manshun Neupane

      omg i love this interview

    6. Telios Abraxas

      I banged an escort last year who looked just like Sophie Turner. She didn't know who Sophie is when I told her. She was a total tiger in bed.

    7. Binty CZZ

      Is Sophie not pregnant?

    8. echo winter

      I mean you got a goddess and a comedian part 2. *slowly sheds a tear*

    9. Dr D V Singh

      How to talk to an introvert.!? ... . just ask relevant questions.! And thats how u do it. Sadly nt many people get it though.

    10. Syed Noore Rasul

      She's getting drunk? Ain't she pregnant?

    11. Christopher Hall

      Is that her real name? Sophie Turner?

    12. Brodie Dawson

      I could listen to her all day

    13. tyrone b

      Yea, seeing these at home interviews are cool and fun cause can see stars more relaxed and all. and if like the celeb it even better then can just enjoy the random chatter as to which it seems no topic is off limits knda lol.

    14. Isabelle El khoudri

      I'm Catholic any punishment in that area is fine...😂😂😂

    15. Sweet Lullabies

      I'm also an introvert but this whole situation is making me have anxiety attacks, panic attacks and I've been depressed for 5 weeks. I love staying at home but with my current state of mind, I'm obviously not having any fun...

    16. Megan

    17. Prince Dos

      Sophie isnt insane thats good start for famous person now days Conan your not that bad Salam Habibi 😎

    18. William Steinfield

      This was great.

    19. bananaman

      sophie the baldie

    20. Chew Pacca

      Of course they enjoyed it cause they could smash every damn day

    21. Birdie Jeffers

      Just when I thought I couldn't like Sophie more, I hear her say: "I'm business on top, party on the bottom" 🙈😂 She's the best!!! 💕

    22. ariana ryan

      Is she pregnant or not?

      1. Julieta Salgado

        ariana ryan I don’t know! I wondered that too!

    23. Vicky G

      This was so cute, felt like they were just friends catching up and we got to listen in

    24. Sandi Geer

      She's newly married, of course Quarantine is a welcoming thing. Lol

    25. michelle slym

      This feels strange. She kinda looks miserable but maybe it's just my negativity side popping out. Quarantine is not easy.

    26. Ciara Loy

      I've always loved Sophie she's so funny 😂

    27. Fernando Zapalla

      You dont know why there are people who hate being at home? because you have a mantion for yourself

    28. Swapan Kundu

      She plans everything to look good. actually she is irritating.

    29. 王德坤

      Oh it's Sansa Stark!

    30. Bern Giambuzzi

      I miss game of thrones

    31. Rebeca VC

      some people share a few square meters with too many people, some people have toxic and abusive families, some people have kids or parents or grandparwnts difficult to spend much time with, some people have mental health issues that make staying distanced torture. There are the ones that lost loved ones and are stuck with their own thoughts, there are ones who were on suicide watch and are now in danger. There are MANY reasons why social distancing might be torture and dangerous for so many people.

    32. H B

      Denim trousers 😂😂😂

    33. H B

      “Prison for him, great for me” 😂😂😂

    34. Foodie Wanderer

      She is glowing!!

    35. Elle Desperado

      She looks so much like Diane Kruger it’s nuts

    36. Nick Mason

      Hi too all the introverts 😊👋🏻

    37. Jude Clownworld

      The GookFlu has been a blessing in disguise.... It has suggested that closing down the borders may be an actual idea worth entertaining... Which is something our feckless and criminally evil "leaders" were incapable of or unwilling to do for decades. It has also revealed how utterly useless people like the ones in this video really are to our society and our culture.

    38. martin villaflor

      Lockdown with Sophie Turner for 2 months alone... YES

    39. Kate Daly

      I appreciate loving staying at home. I would too if I also didn't have to be completely stressed about making an income to pay my mortgage while simultaneously taking care of my kids that don't have school. It's really easy when you have enough money to just sit at home.

    40. Angela G

      Joe and Sophie are so good for each other. I give Nick and the JLo wannabe 2 weeks

    41. Gulya Swift


    42. jabringmann

      If I'm wearing jeans at home... it's because all my sweats are dirty. lol still havent done laundry🤣🤣

    43. Freaky Tube

      Am I the only one who is loving to stay home very much???

    44. Poop Mouth Jones

      This just makes me annoyed with Sophie even more than ever. Just an annoying human being.

    45. Pujan Chaulagain

      Noone: Literally Noone: Extrovert's 1st sentence: I am an introvert!

    46. Andrey Teslenko

      I miss her dress.

    47. Ashley Austin

      I really respect the (unashamed) openness she has here and the "realness" of it...She's rockin' the sweatpants like everybody else in quarantine haha. I love it!

    48. aimz0909

      She’s so mature for her age, so quick witted and beautiful, her and joe are so lovely together ☺️❤️

    49. Lindsey Squire

      Sophie is my spirit animal.

    50. BlueSofa

      I'm kind of enjoying staying home too, but I guess it's not the same for everyone. She certeainly have a beautiful big house, a fast internet connection, many devices, maybe a garden, a pool, windows everywhere, she's still young, healty, and she's still totally in love with her husband

    51. Joan of Arc

      Nothing but respect for MY Queen of the North ♥️😍

    52. Isaac Casasbuenas

      Sup Sansa

    53. Alex Lorusso

      Why hasn’t the fact that she’s pregnant hasn’t come up?

    54. Evanstan

      i love sophie

    55. Jessica McCann

      I'm really loving all these at home interviews!!

    56. David Cathers

      They say divorce rates are up...yet how do you get to the courthouse...?

    57. James Lowe

      Sophie is pretty funny

    58. Ria Elaine

      I like flow of this interview it's funny! I like Sophie, she always makes fun of herself on interviews and I believe that's a sign of a good personality♥️

    59. Foodie Wanderer

      How can she be that beautiful!! 😍

    60. Nicky H

      I could never wear denim at home. Never.

    61. Soubhagya Dash

    62. Eric Nilsson

      Well People who are not rich need money and thereby work.. IF not they havent lost thier job already and have no income

    63. Avengers: The Investing Initiative

      Her hair is so thin. Wish her real hair was her Xmen hair from dark phoenix.

    64. Charlotte8591

      I'm like Sophie Turner. I loved staying at home all day for weeks. Now that I'm going back to my internship with social distancing and hygiene rules, I'm not liking it 😂😂

    65. Juliana Briones

      Sophie should live in my tiny house to understand why we are struggling with this situation

    66. Barbie Ann

      Isn’t she expecting? Or was that gossip..

      1. Nicole Pearl


    67. Miranda Scott

      I don’t get it either although I’m not a social person

    68. Sophia Rivas

      I LOVE HER

    69. chelseagrace

      "Joe's a social butterfly" that's adorable

    70. Kirstyn S

      I love her. She’s so relatable. 😍😍😍 “no rules in quarantine” damn straight! Taking tequila shots here too, cheers!

    71. Kursor

      I'm hearing slight bits of American in her accent now.

    72. Wiwi Wowo

      The only new to me during this quarantine is I'll be doing my regular weekend for a month.

    73. Lynette Sideris

      You guys need to stop using the word quarantine ! We’re not all sick !

    74. Federica Galli

      I'm introvert, but hate being stuck at home the whole day. I'm jealous other people enjoys it. I'm not coping well with this situation. I'm stressed, nervous and my partner unfortunately for him has to deal with my bad mood

    75. jacob westman

      I would love to meet Sophie Turner Honestly have the biggest crush on her I'm 22 a electrician. One day I hope to meet her.

    76. Dany

      Sophie is literally me xD. I love that "situation" too. I have absolutely no problem staying at home for weeks or months and i'm also not getting dressed up, for what?! cozy is so much better. But i guess only introverts can comprehend that. just as i don't understand why people can't stay at home and wanting to go out and do stuff and wanting to meet with people all the time. I don't need that.

    77. enrique ordaz

      She is recreating Ramsey's night of pipe laying, but now willingly. Nice.

    78. Farah Nasrawi

      girl, dont u ever say u r bored, U HAVE FRIKING JOE WITH U

    79. Emily G

      She is surprisingly hilarious, isn't she? Love it!

    80. Alikhan Kaan

      She's naturally beutifull..i loved her