Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review


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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order reviewed by Dan Stapleton on PC, Xbox One X, and PlayStation 4 Pro.

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the first new single-player Star Wars game in a long time and is developed by Respawn, the creators of Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends.

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      I had major faults with the game!!!!! Audio issues where I could only hear the lightsabre. The game froze every 10mins and the application kept quiting. My game was downloaded not a physical product

    2. Armando Morales

      Just played Jedi Outcast. It’s a masterpiece compared to this. I can’t believe the developers don’t play past games. With all the jumping and sliding fallen order feels like a crash bandicoot game🤦🏻‍♂️

    3. Amber Outtime

      Cal's the worst Jedi ever.. attacks are slow. But aside from that could used some more things to do. Finish the game that's it that's all. Not much after that. Shoulda added a "new game plus". Or maybe a survival mode. Something. I felt like I got my light saber all fancy just the way I wanted them nothing to do with it. :(

      1. Sheep Call

        Amber Outtime Don’t being such a Casual Pig.

    4. BangoBuck87

      4/10 too many ponchos

    5. Steez Weez

      this is one of the ugliest main chars i ever seen ^^

      1. CheckItOut x

        Same lol

    6. Real Gamer Review

      Nice review but I think that this game doesn’t deserve a 9, definitely a bit overrated!

    7. Gábor Varga

      my 5700 xt run the game at 1440 p around 90-110 fps all the time

    8. Witt

      3:07 CLIP IT

    9. Exodus_Gaming

      The backtracking in this game was tedious! Seriously, if you missed a collectible you are forced to run through the whole entire map because you can’t go back and need to do that same path loop again! Not to mention the accidentally bird travel button because you want to know what it does, where it takes you and the only thing you want to do is scan the feathers or the droid who doesn’t scan.

    10. benboy87

      jedi fallen order is just breath of the wild for xbox

    11. kenshin dalee

      I want the dark side outfit an red saber plus needs more planets....

    12. TheShadokai

      Pretty hard for me to get over how great this game was! It did have some choppiness as the data loads, but it was a beautiful complex game with a great story.

    13. Jared Fuentes

      “Lucky move!” 😂🤣 YEET

      1. CruelCruelWorld92

        Jared Fuentes you moron

    14. GeopioneerGSXR

      Someone needs to tell EA and Disney, that when a lightsaber hits something or someone (other than another lightsaber), it goes right through it/them! They aren't just glowing swords!🤦‍♂️🙄😆

      1. Sheep Call

        GeopioneerGSXR Get over it and Don’t being such a Pig.

      2. GeopioneerGSXR

        @_ TheBigPig _ It could be. They could have a light sabers too and block most hits, until you hit actually hit them; then they die.

      3. _ TheBigPig _

        GeopioneerGSXR I give ea a pass because then combat wouldn’t be fun

    15. Rui Pedro Sousa

      This reviewer is so lame. He sounds like a robot talking.

    16. Shomron

      The only thing that was plaisant in this game it was the opening level !! I think that the game break the Star Wars sprit, because this game is based on so much thinking about what to do instead of getting into combat and duel against the bad people, and excuse me who the hell construct such placement/structures that are impossible to traverse walking through it, those structure in the game are not logical and so for me this game is kind of a joke !! we want a real jedi game !! not these kind of nonsense !!

      1. Shomron

        @Sheep Call sorry but that game is really a wast of time and money, by the way i would rather call it: puzzle-star-wars since the major part of the time you need to search for clues of how to continue on that game, very bizzar concept of star wars game

      2. Sheep Call

        Shomron Get over it and Don’t being such a Casual.

    17. Josh Flora

      9 out of 10 -makes you feel like a starwars

    18. PixelatedBits

      nobody: IGN: JUST LIKE DARK SOULS!

    19. Cr6479

      I really wanted to enjoy this game.... but it really isn’t that fun

    20. DarthJediMasterSadi

    21. George R

      Such a waste of videogame. Everything is beautiful, except the combat system. Jeezus. Most desperating and cheating game ive ever seen. Whats the point on having so many abilities if they are completely useless, most of them against strong enemies or they block you every single attack you do on them? lol. Ridiculous. Im not playing a videogame to fight gods. This could have been an amazing videogame, finally about star wars, and it turned out another trash.

    22. Drew5876

      Picked it up in Nov. and lost patience in the first hour. Really glad I just picked it back up and started playing again 2 weeks ago. The game is fantastic despite some tech issues. My favorite star wars game to date!

    23. Whoopsy

      But once finished,no way will you replay the same thing ever...end of game...and shell life 😁

    24. Game Rec

      Best trailer and best gameplay so far...I wanna play this so much😂🙏🙏🙏

      1. Game Rec

        @George R just my opinion, i just watch other youtuber play and i like it. So its just opinion😁🙏

      2. George R

        best gameplay?? muhahahahaha....

    25. Absolut3gaming

      Star Wars Jedi fallen: sekiro dark souls force unleashed

    26. Derek

      Yeah, but why does it look so terrible on Xbox one S?

    27. Chris Stokes

      The highest ranking jedi... "Ginger jedi"

    28. Anakin Skywalker

      Shaiden rogue is hott

    29. Frozen Lizard

      This entire game alone is better then the Sequel Trillogy.

    30. Nashir Ahmed

      Great game but I hate the ginger jedi guy he is so lame

    31. Abraham Zarate

      “Made my head scratch a bit” 9/10

    32. Andrew Au

      I felt more like super mario than a jedi playing this game.

    33. Apex Gaming

      It's better because of rEAspawn

    34. Adam Goth

      Respawn is such a great game company. They made this fantastic game and the titanfall series. I feel like they need more love shown to them then they get.

    35. Barer

      “Our freckled face hero” ( ._.)

    36. omar

      The map in game drives me crazy

    37. Jmira88 19

      LOVE this game so far, only thing that kinda aggravates me is the respawn loading screen, takes way too long.

    38. Jason Glover

      A 9!!?!?!? that's laughable.... It's cool to be running around with a lightsaber again but unfortunately that's where it ends for me. Horrible and fickle gameplay , poor level design (I fell through so many walls), inconsistent and dodgy character movement, and I would forgive all of that if the story was any bit decent but unfortunately that falls flat on its face. It's like they shipped a game that needed at least another 1.5 to 2 years of development! You know from the start where it's gonna go. Look I will say that it's cool that were getting jedi games again but unfortunately EA has this title and we are not going to see a FLAWLESS jedi game, which is what we deserve. The "It's been ages since we got a great single player star wars game" Let's me believe that people (Mainly the reviewer on this one) was just SO busting to get their hands on something "jedi" that anything would've sufficed. This is one fan that was not the least bit amused and hopes the next installment is redone from the ground up. A very generous 6/10... VERRRY generous. I want my 60 bucks back. lol

    39. Shmuel O.N

      is it just me or he looks like young nathan from uncharted 4, but with ginger hair.

    40. Amila Madhushan

      join the gaming revolution for free forver

    41. duuurr plant

      GOTY 2019

    42. HEL IOS

      online or off?

      1. Sebastian Horton-Vega


    43. Kevin Kohler

      Respawn: Jedi Fallen Order New Game + - Sign the Petition! via @Change Please sign and share. Its for a new game +

    44. Bryan Jurado

      Bro wtf is all this nerd talk just review the fuckin game..

    45. The Dude

      You can play as a jedi in Battlefront. But whatever.

    46. Debayan Kumar Das

      Respawn is the only reason EA is alive today.

    47. Dennis Mudoto

      I love the gameplay.

    48. Merv Cobault

      No arena dlc? It's already there! Just let us access it and pick which enemies we want to fight with incoming waves getting harder and harder. This seems like a no brainer. Without something like this I find ZERO replay value. I don't care about ponchos or colours. I want to he a Jedi and fight enemies. Such a simple update to make an arena with waves but no.... Spend another $70 on a sequel.... I will NOT be buying the next one. The game was just ok in my opinion. Really wish I felt more like a Jedi instead of a tomb Raider. Piss poor job on making replay value.

    49. Subhadeep Mudi

      The best game of 2019. Awesome gameplay.

      1. George R

        Terrible gameplay. You guys really need a doctor.

    50. Mr. White

      Is this a game you can play without having to keep spending more money for essential upgrades to complete it?

    51. ZIm world dee

      The game is not that cool.3,5 out of 6

    52. Raphael Alexander

      This one of the best game I've played. Respawn is doing great.

      1. Raphael Alexander

        @George R I have. FromSoft games. GTA games. Zelda BOTW. Ubisoft games. Bethesda games. Valve games. BioShock games. The Witcher 3. Divinity OS 2. Civ 4 & 6. AoE 3. Forza Horizon 3 & 4. Max Payne. Walking Simulators. Probably more I'm not thinking of right now.

      2. George R

        You really need to play more videogames...

    53. Apocalyptic Moose

      Story: 7/10, same storyline as every star wars story since they stopped making games about the old republic (seriously, instead of the story of a galactic civil war it starts to feel as friends with lightsabers) Gameplay: 3/10, the combat system is so flawed that it'll punish you for even trying to party. Overall a compelling star wars story with a knockoff dark souls gameplay. My score 6/10. Edit: Even 16 later, there hasn't been any star wars game with lightsaber combat such as Jedi academy, the only game where you don't feel like you're hitting someone with an electrified pole

    54. hothamandfauri

      So you can get different colored lightsabers. But can i get different kinds of light sabers? Like maybe Dooku's curved handle saber? Or Darth Mauls duel saber?

    55. Emma b

      Don’t let this distract you from the fact that he gave Pokémon Sword and shield a better rating

    56. Dennis Denneboom

      The main characters look weak and dum. They're no Starkiller. He was awesome. I hope the story makes up and/or I'm very wrong about the characters.

    57. CravedDarkling

      DEFINETELY not worth the money

    58. John Williams

      Awesome game but way to short!!!

    59. Fox McFog

      My goty

    60. doodskie999

      Man if EA could make more games like this, they can win my trust back and have my money