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Star Wars

Star Wars

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    The saga will end, the story lives forever. Watch the final trailer for #StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker in theaters December 20. Get your tickets now:

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    1. Ridhan Hakim

      the only thing that JJ nailed with his star wars movie is one hell of an epic trailer

    2. Filip Orell

      Ngl this trailer is EPIC

    3. VinegarPartySize

      hey do yall remember when starkiller took down a imperial star destroyer with just the force?

    4. Tyler Wcislo

      Who knows Creepio though?

    5. yackawaytube

      Emperor: Rey, I am your grandfather

    6. Mike Reynolds

      Confronting Fear Is the Way of the Jedi :) That hit home. The force will be with you Always.

    7. Mike Reynolds

      C3P0 Made me Sad when he said, "Im taking one last look at my friends".. Thats how I feel every time I meet people I care about and Poof they are gone.

    8. SbinningBoi

      Give it ten years and we will have a fourth trilogy

    9. Bob

      On the plus side, the prequels aren't the worst anymore😛

    10. Mathias s. Madsen Madsen

      i LOVE IT

    11. Chim Ying Jing

      I just wish this is the return of the jedi trailer!!!!

    12. マスタージェダイ

      I'm a jedi. May the Force be with you.

    13. The Lade's

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a> look at the right side its palpatine's lightning

    14. Freedom Tompkins

      Am I the only one who likes this film

    15. Vidhi Sharma

      Uncle palpa is back

    16. Danilo Ljubojević

      Disney making sequels: In terms of idea we have no idea

    17. Luigi Bonvenuto

      Although everything and every angry people, I still love thid movie with my heart

    18. MsClashKing MovieReviews

      If Only The Movie was this good

    19. cristivoiculescu96

      My wisdom tooth extraction was less painful than watching the entire movie

      1. Jac0b


    20. Kney

      Where are full movies I checked in MySpace and I couldn't find it? Im Luke-ing forward for you're reply. Big fan Jimy! 💔

      1. Kney

        @Fischer András Zum-Zum its my brand new lambo! xxKSIxx for life?

      2. Fischer András

        Haha lightsaber goes zum

    21. Tails Seven

      Underrated by sheeple

    22. Kike Colunge

      I just loooooove this movie ❤❤❤❤❤

    23. Phil N

      I can confidently say that imo this Disney trilogy is fanfiction (and stupendously bad one at that) and not canon. For a proper sequel trilogy, I would recommend "Heir to the Empire", "Dark Force Rising" and "The Last Command".

    24. Ioana Teodora

      The trailer was better than the whole movie

    25. Ankuran Das

      That "always" Word was said by Luke in the movie

    26. Jayden Reyna

      The trailer makes me feels so sad I get chills

    27. Lunas Ra

      FAIL. Sucks. No more please.

    28. The Confession Dial

      I can't tell u how many times I watched this phenomenal trailer

    29. nino anurogo

      this is the last movie on earth before corona pandemix

    30. S K Jaiswal

      Watching the new star wars trailer be like: I think i peed a little....

    31. nerdt

      Nostalgia bait everybody

    32. iapprovethiscomment

      Just saw it. I enjoyed it. Disney did OK with the sequels. For me, they are a vast improvement over the prequels. But I don't think Disney has ruined Star Wars, not with "Rogue One" and "The Mandalorian" out there. They unleashed too much SW product too quickly to where the excitement for the films started to wane. Less may be better, at least for a little while. Nevertheless I'm looking forward to the future of the franchise. I hope they maintain the trilogy structure because the stand-alone films have proven to be a mixed bag so far.

    33. Mecsky's Channel

      When the final trailer is better than the actual movie

    34. Ankuran Das

      Wait I will explain how it started A Phantom Sand Attack of the Sand The Sand Wars Revenge of the Sand Sand Solo Sand One A New Sand Sand Rebels The Sand strikes back Return of the Sand Sandalorian The Sand Awakens The Last Sand The rise of Sand Until now, u must have understood the whole star wars.

    35. Jason Sinn

      Disney, just admit you messed up and restart the trilogy with Grand Master Luke from legends.

    36. Eva Noelle Garcia

      Raise your hand if this is the best trailer in history.

      1. Eva Noelle Garcia

        👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Yes!! It is!!!! 🤣

    37. Bradley Foth

      i predict that your here after watching this

    38. marion desiree baamonde navarro


    39. El Tío Pucho

      this movie was suppoused to be as epic as this trailer. Last Star Wars movie and they ruined it completely.

    40. Carrot cake Memez

      The reason Rey didn’t fall to the dark side is cause palps forgot to tell the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise

    41. HaikiTheGreyFox

      I can't think of a more epic endfight than blocking force lightning with two lightsabers, it's incredible.

      1. Thunder Scale

        HaikiTheGreyFox it sucked

      2. RSVvideos

        Wdym it sucked. Rey ain't strong

    42. Ernest ERZ

      sequels are trash

      1. Haikis Zehntkanal


    43. A A


    44. Sydney Broughton

      3po:taking one last look at our friends. That made me cry

    45. Sydney Broughton

      Im not totally sure but I think 3po and R2 r the only 2 characters in every episode

    46. Mr Jynx

      George Lucas needs to stop making me tear up

      1. Mr Jynx

        Sangoku s ohhhh ye he sold it to them a while ago didn’t he I forgot that I meant direction wise

      2. Sangoku s

        @Mr Jynx Because he sold Star Wars to Disney

      3. Mr Jynx

        Sangoku s :( why not

      4. Sangoku s

        It's not Georges Lucas movies now...

    47. Prof Dr Elery Davidem Champion lll hatikun Olam

      HOLOFIL hardware and Quantum hologram

    48. Prof Dr Elery Davidem Champion lll hatikun Olam

      Quantum hologram, and HOLOFIL hardware

    49. Shado Spartan

      i still love this trailer, even if i didn't like that movie

    50. Prof Dr Elery Davidem Champion lll hatikun Olam


    51. Prof Dr Elery Davidem Champion lll hatikun Olam


    52. Prof Dr Elery Davidem Champion lll hatikun Olam

      #robotatlas and spot mini

    53. Prof Dr Elery Davidem Champion lll hatikun Olam


    54. ItsHopingToast 2736

      I remember perfectly the time i went out of the movie theather after watching this movie. When I went in I had no Idea about star wars and what it was all about. I watched the old movies when I was younger, but didn’t really got them. When I got out, I really loved the movie, and that is why I really got to star wars. Then I started to watch the other movies and finally understand why it has so much hate. I learnt 2 things. 1. I understood why the sequels messed up the 6 older movies(prequels and originals) and 2. It was also the toxic star wars fans and community that threw so much hate into the movies. Now, I think that the upcoming star wars movies will make the sequels have more sense. But we also need to understand that at least a little part of the star wars fans are here thanks to the sequels, so that is why the community needs to show more respect. After all, star wars saga is one of the best movie sagas that there has ever been and I think we should apreciate more the people who worked on it all these years, and finally, the community needs to show more respect and end the toxicity.

      1. the real honoka

        THANK YOU for being mature. Even I think the sequel trilogy has some issues, it did introduce me to the saga. So I do think it deserves some credit rather than hate all the time.

    55. Chris Mackness

      It’s sad that they had literally every single resource they could possibly have to make the sequel trilogy great and they still failed🤦🏼‍♂️ I liked episode 7 but then it was ruined. It literally hurts my soul

    56. Rohan Mitra

      Say what you want about the movie, but this trailer with the absolute epic music is a masterpiece.

    57. Stefan 08

      Star Wars is the best film ever

    58. Sheev Palpatine

      We need a Star Wars: The Old Republic movie

    59. Night Thrasher

      Long live the Jedi

    60. I hate sand Anabogi

      "I don't like sand!"

    61. Savish Wanasinghe 10-B

      The music.....

    62. Savish Wanasinghe 10-B

      My skin is dying from all the chills

    63. Scratch

      All dislikes are from people who dont want the saga to end

    64. Seven

      space horses and bows... thank god its over

    65. Tasos An

      I love star wars, and yes!! John William IS a genius (0_0)

    66. Number 6

      I'm 36. I've never watched a Star Wars movie.

      1. TheGoldenMan

        That’s just pure sadness

    67. Krisztián Orovecz

      Geci nézem az előzetest úgy hogy már láttam a filmet és kb egy szinten sincs a kettő hiába ugyan az van benne a filmtől jóval többet vártam ezt az előzetes kb hozta

    68. Oliver Svensson

      C3PO wasn’t talking to them, he was talking to us...

    69. Nick Jefferson

      I have the utmost respect for Ian since he was the only talented actor worth watching, but J.J. took the culmination of decades worth of imagination and consummate writing away from the franchise and destroyed it with one sorry excuse of a film. J.J. Abrams should resort to making YTP videos.

    70. MisterMAYHEM935

      This movie would be nicer with Kal from Jedi Fallen Order and Ahsoka from Clone Wars

    71. Jean Le Roux

      Two words: ABSOLUTE DOGSHIT

    72. Kwanele Nkosi

      Can we plaese download this movie

    73. zZhiNn

      Every trailer in this new trilogy is misleading and overhyping the actual movie. The mouse has truly taken our money

    74. NC VINES

      This had me goose bumps

    75. JupTheNub


    76. Yoda

      Proud, I am.

    77. Sheev Palpatine


    78. Joe Joe

      Hey people! I loved the last three films and i get great satisfaction knowing you are carrying feelings of anger and dissapointment. How on earth cant people like them.

    79. Heppo

      Truly amazing. It may be over but Star Wars will always be within us. Always.