Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer

Star Wars

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    The saga will end, the story lives forever. Watch the final trailer for #StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker in theaters December 20. Get your tickets now:

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    1. Atomic Flores

      I dont know how to feel about this trilogy ending.. maybe bc I still don't understand the main character's motivations.

    2. Melvin Rivera

      I hate the charter pow in star wars hes annoying , and I think that c3po has somthing to do with aniken from episode 1, and samuel Jackson and liam is in the film , your welcome 😁

    3. Nina

      this christmas: c3po goes apeshit

    4. Arief Rakhman

      No Emilia Clarke?

    5. Glen Murray

      I’m not a fan of the newer Star Wars films but the score of this trailer got me hyped af

    6. ihi92

      0:46 lol are they going to make a remake of the anakin-obiwan fight but only in water instead of lava???

    7. agent jair1234

      The endgame of starwars endgame will still be 1000000999999 times bettee

    8. Thomas M

      After the last Jedi, I am not confident with this one. So far a horrible trilogy.

    9. Steve Rogers

      Ngl, the original Star Wars music that plays towards the end made me sad 👀

    10. Sam Perlick

      2019: the saga ends 2020: grido shot first: a Star Wars story

    11. TheRubberSoup

      2019: the saga ends 2020: no ones ever really gone

    12. Peter McKenna

      If they're bringing Palpers back its game over man. Game Over!

    13. Alpha Cat

      Why do people decide to hate on a film because other people do the same? Can't you just enjoy it?

    14. Simba Lions

      Last star ⭐️ wars movie 🎥 with theme last time but more stars wars movie 🍿 continue without them in it

    15. Pastel Cat

      if reylo is real imma cry istg

    16. Евгений Бочаров

      Всмысле можно купить или взять , ютуб ты долбаёб?

    17. Thanos 6.0


    18. The HarryMator

      I think that ray is Luke’s daughter.

    19. Серёга Серж

      Ждём не дождёмся!!!

    20. The Knave

      JJ Abrams used a Beastie Boys McGuffin to defeat an alien threat in Star Trek Beyond. Let that sink in.

    21. hello there


    22. TheBlueEspeon

      2019: The Saga will end... 2020: Star Wars, a Jar Jar Binks story

    23. Royce Sebastian Brown

      This series has been like watching little kids play "Star Wars Dress Up" in the living room.

    24. Katie Braddock

      the music at 1:30 tho is frickin mint

      1. Royce Sebastian Brown

        That it is. One guy that never lets us down is John Williams.

    25. Katie Braddock

      I LOVEEE STAR WARS its so good

    26. SKYHAWKProductions

      2020: The Re-rise of the Sith: Hillary Clinton: A Star Wars Story #Epstiendidntkillhimself

    27. Glory Andy

      Next year - The Story Never Ends

    28. king Anime.

      I think the dark side Rey is a dream or vision because we know how they tease us and why make one of the last "Jedi" turn to the dark side even though it would be cool to have a dark side story.

    29. Ma Imal

      Wait for the George Lucas Cut, leaks confirm he is working overtime to fix the Disney mess.

    30. XXX XXX

      Comments better than this trash sjw movie

      1. Thanos •

        XXX XXX yeah

    31. Sam Perlick

      2019: the saga ends 2020: Rio Durant: a Star Wars story

    32. Mauri Cea

      The Skywalker saga ends, Star Wars lives forever

    33. Maldonado_AD1205

      Why don't they just call it RISE OF BEN SOLO SKYWALKER LOL

    34. Robert Bender

      Fool me once um......shame on..... shame on you. Ya fool me can't get fooled again.

    35. Albert Ortega

      Rey will turn to the Dark Side! Like we all have turned to the Dark Side! We just haven't realized it yet.

    36. Bravalideo Gaming

      1:15 gives me goosebumps every time.

    37. _The13thDoctor_

      “Jar jar is the key to all of this”

      1. gtoss chddy

        2019 a saga ends 2020 people still complaining about the last Jedi a Star Wars story

    38. Aiden Chen

      This trailer had an emotional touch

    39. Barrington Harrison

      Got my tickets on the first day it was available!

      1. Barrington Harrison

        gtoss chddy J.J. Abrams redeeming Star Wars

      2. gtoss chddy

        I'm so lost. What was this series about in the first place?

    40. Nicholas Sales

      Emperor Palpatine has returned i have been waiting for him to return for a long time and now it has come. i wonder if Wired Al is gonna make a song called the Saga ends

    41. Jamin Walker

      "Your coming together is your undoing" Please tell me who thought that was a good line. LOL! It makes about as much sense as the movies do lately.

      1. Thanos •

        Jamin Walker also “confronting fear is the destiny of a jedi”. no, Destroying the sith and bringing balance to the force is the destiny of the jedi. not confronting fear

    42. bobby ottenthal


    43. Ramon Contreras

      I think what "The saga will end" means the main story, not necessarily the spin offs.

      1. Rumo Si Annoia

        It refers to the Skywalker Saga, as they said. There will be more trilogies after this one, set in the past.

    44. Quinn Pillar

      Please don’t die c3pp

    45. teh_oracle

      i hate this.

    46. Ma Imal

      Disney will hide the bad reviews like they're doing for THE MANDALORIAN right now!

    47. Kevin D. E

      omg isnt it obvious the Rey and Ben are bro and sis? they both rise

    48. Tim Smith

      If there ever was a non sexist feminist 🌟 wars this is that series where a female is ur main character

    49. Kaleb Whitman

      2019: “the Saga ends”.. 2020: the lost Ewok: a Jawa story

    50. alextsro

      2019: The saga will end 2020: Jango Fett’s Jetpack: A Star Wars Story

    51. My Bean

      I'm so lost. What was this series about in the first place?

      1. Peter D

        They will tell us as soon as they know themselves.

    52. drangon slayer gamer

      2019 a saga ends 2020 people still complaining about the last Jedi a Star Wars story

    53. David Danielsson

      Say what you want about Disney but this trailer gives me major goose bumps!!

    54. darren bennett

      I won’t be watching this in theaters . I can wait for Netflix, cable or the $5 cut out bin at Walmart.

    55. James Kelso

      Honestly I'm already disappointed. I had low standards because of the last Jedi and I'm still disappointed already 😂. Idk the sequels are just bad in my opinion

    56. Eric B

      I'm excited to see this movie..... In the dollar bin at Dollar General

    57. NobelStudio 33

      Star Wars 9 👍

    58. Cameron Fischer


    59. McBeards パ生ー

      Why can I not recite the plot of these Star Wars movies for some reason I can’t remember what’s going on lol

      1. Joshua Betts

        McBeards パ生ー Because they aren’t good

    60. Hunter Batten

      im crying again