Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review (2019)


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    Star Wars Battlefront 2 reviewed by David Jagneaux on PC. Also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
    "Almost since the beginning, Star Wars has been a story of redemption from darkness. So, in an ironic sort of way, Battlefront 2 is a better Star Wars game because of its initial fall to the dark side and subsequent journey back to the light. After over two years of updates and changes, EA and DICE have redeemed this gorgeous shooter and turned it into one of the best multiplayer adaptations of the Star Wars universe to date."
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    1. Meysam Jafari

      I also played this. it's so cool

    2. Carlos Casanova

      If they added ahsoka, the mandalorian, mace windu, cal, trilla, cere, ninth sister, and malicos as playable characters then I'm sold

    3. Frank Granada

      This is the most garbage let me repeat GARBAGE multiplayer shooter ever to be made and I play shooters all day long on twitch and youtube ! This is utter trash 100%

    4. Angel Maldonado

      Is there something you have to buy with real money like the characters?

      1. Nobody


    5. fisiek YT

      O M G 😈

    6. MrGoofy '

      It's still a bad game, battlefront 2 is not skilled based, when fighting among players occur, skill does not determine the winner. Mostly gunplay relies on skill but then there are some troops that have much more hp than others. These usually costs credit but that doesn't really change anything. Absolutely everything in battlefront 2 is guided. The game was literally made to be played only by noobs. Every single lightsaber strike is just completely aim assisted, you don't hit where you aim instead you hit where the enemy is. Some heroes have better abilities than others which also makes it unfair. You could compare this game to bloom except everything is bloom. I don't need to give examples for everything but literally, everything in battlefront 2 is assisted or guided. It's also extremely buggy, often my game bugs which prevents me from attacking or blocking ( i can just walk around). It also has visual bugs, I sometimes see floating cubicles in the air. People also never hit you with lightsabers in my experience. In heroes vs villains everyone just hits around each other but hit a still register. Sometimes it seems the game prevents you from pushing people off edges, it just makes them fly to the side even if you aim at the edge and they are not moving sideways. But its a really fun game and it has great graphics 4-10. Btw I know your gonna call it skill-based but it's not, even if the game has gunfights and duels. But it's not true because even if it has fights since it guides and assists players it gives some unfair advantages. Also the game is not punishing at all. It doesn't force you to play with intended play styles. For example you would suspect that if a sniper or a support type entered heavy combat he would be heavily punished but not in battlefront 2. There are no tactics because they are unusable in battlefront 2. For example boba fett is a support jet pack type which means he basically shoots you from distance. But he can still fight in cqc and not be punished. It's like in arma 3. You are supposed to use tactics and rely on your skill, knowledge and tactics. If a sniper tries to take on a bunch of enemies in cqc he would be destroyed. Battlefront 2 is the literal opposite. That pretty much sums it up.

      1. _ ItsRagnarRok

        @Daniel Smid any mp game should be skill based bro everyone i talk to despise this game for that reason and wont download it again

      2. MrGoofy '

        @Daniel Smid yeah, like I said I still like the game. it is probably the game I play the most.

      3. MrGoofy '

        @Daniel Smid yeah, like I said I still like the game and is probably the game i play most.

      4. Daniel Smid

        Who cares. Everyone else enjoys the game. If you want skill based game go play DS

      5. _ ItsRagnarRok

        Thank you thought i was the only one who knew this

    7. Raiyan Deenar

      It makes you feel like Star Wars

    8. Player one

      Sigue habiendo cheaters que ya a estas alturas me hace plantearme darle una oportunidad

    9. Desertsniper M40

      Is it only in third or can it be put in frost person

      1. Sidious

        It can be put in first

    10. Fuck Batman

      At this point, the only thing I'm still legitimately mad about is General Grievous not using all 4 lightsabers by default. One of the biggest reasons for why he's so memorable and Dice only reserved it for special attacks? Such bull. He looks so lame walking around with just two lightsabers!

    11. ШИРИШ रमैया

      The reason for this change in EA is Respawn. It is now the studio in EA with creative control to do whatever they want... I knew they had talent when I played Titanfall 2. Jedi Fallen Order is just half of their skills And since they have made Apex Legends, EA won't pressurize them to pump out monetary games

    12. Joshua Carson

      No Mace Windu or Jango Fett or Padme no IG88 no Dangar even though Dangar was in The 1st Battlefront

    13. coolasianbro

      whoever is in need of a fix of that dark vent at campaign, check my work I made a fix for that one so no one else have to encounter that, that vent is frustrating

    14. Josh Evans

      So the game we should have got before then

    15. טבע מילר

      I think its 10/10

    16. Driod

      Can i play it in ps4 pro

      1. Jamie SGlynn


    17. SkyBurst

      guess whom wwants to play this game again

    18. Tekashi 69

      Thank you!

    19. game demege

      Darth vader: you don't no the power of the dark side Luke:i never join the dark side me: join me the GAMER side

    20. Firstname Lastname

      Woooo! Win for consumers and the Republic!

    21. Retro Fuel

      Am I crazy to say that in an alternate universe Sony might have made better Star Wars films.

    22. zh1992

      What if you’re an anti social gamer who doesn’t like online? Is it worth getting?

      1. Keith Krabill

        There is instant action and arcade mode with more content coming to them soon

      2. zh1992

        RexzeroRex no, I like playing alone. Not a big fan of multiplayer.

      3. RexzeroRex

        I don't know exactly what you mean with this. So are you enjoying online as long you do not need to work properly together with your teammates?

    23. Vic

      Played this near launch, NEVER gave this game time or day again. Fast forward to 20202, I’m playing this TONS. They really turned this around which I really doubted considering EA 🤔 though makes sense considering huge name of Star Wars over their head. Really though, great game. Glad Dice has shown they’re capable by not letting this sink. 9/10 from me purely probably because it’s an experience not found elsewhere.

      1. Vic

        PLUS ULTRA The main issue it was hated for was the loot boxes. To get cosmetics, emotes, and others alike, you had to get through loot boxes. Characters had to be bought and expansions to play some game modes. They negated all that and reworked the currency system in favor of earning Battle Points(BP) hit detection(major issue for me), Server Stability, More maps, new game modes. Capital supremacy wasn’t released till Mid 2019 felt like. Heroes vs Villains works a lot better now, so many abilities were bugged along the combat wasn’t fluid. There’s a lot of minuscule changes that added. Ewok Hunt has minor changes that makes it that much more intriguing like flashlight being powered, Gun load outs to find. Overall, this is usually the case for Dice made games. Their games and severs are unstable initial release. Though I’m more forgiving of Battlefront due to it being Star Wars

      2. PLUS ULTRA

        Why did the game changed so crazy in 2 years ? Why did they hated it so much when it got released and now everyone loves it

    24. I H

      You can't just give this a new review!

      1. RexzeroRex

        And why not?

    25. Michael Holmgaard

      If only they had focused more on single player :/

    26. Haborym

      Hnh, the review score actually corresponds with the comments and video likes... I think I'll buy this

      1. RexzeroRex


    27. EC_Reviews

      I sold my bf2 within one month of purchase since launch Now I want my game back

      1. EC_Reviews

        @Xhenoxic not to worry. I bought already

      2. Xhenoxic

        Should of never gave up on it

    28. jaya surya

      Why review this game for later years

      1. jaya surya

        @RexzeroRex ohoh Same game ...

      2. RexzeroRex

        Because it got updated?

    29. Player Slayer

      Damn I might go back to playing this game.

    30. Incredible Gamer

      It would be funny for this to be EA’s plan all along. Make the game appear to be in the dark side at first and then make it come back to the light side

    31. Elias Whitehead

      *It’s treason then*

    32. Jordann_o23

      Just bought the new version I do not regret this 😁

    33. Meat Dragon

      Don't be fooled. This game is still very much broken.

    34. Captain Phasma II

      I think imma download this game since people love it now and also I love star wars

    35. Justin Conforti

      This game makes you *feel* like Star Wars

    36. dylan kim

      Where can you buy this game on pc and how much?

    37. Havoc

      They spelt available wrong in the verdict 4:50

    38. Jan d4arty

      bought it today but download takes sooo long, pray for me im hyped ;:D

    39. Victor Reis

      If only it had launched like this....

    40. VIII Maus

      I'm still going to stick with the 2005 version.

    41. David Malachowski

      So anybody in comments I need answers! I bought the celebratory edition and am having a great time with it. However, if everything is unlocked what is the point of credits? I have so much and am not sure what to use them on.

      1. RexzeroRex

        They are gonna be future updates with more content. This also means new skins which are avaiable with this credits.

    42. Andres Fernandez

      Serious question... is this game better on PC or PS4?

      1. Andres Fernandez

        @TK 146 thanks man... I bought it on PC so we'll see how is it. Thanks a lot

      2. TK 146

        @Andres Fernandez Youll get better experience on PC imo. You can download mods which allows you to play as ashoka, mace windu and other heores.

      3. Andres Fernandez

        @RexzeroRex thanks a lot. I'm looking for the best experience on this game, and it seems to be on ps4

      4. RexzeroRex

        On PC are the graphics better but the starfighter mode is worser on PC than on PS4 and it looks like that the PC Version has a problem with hackers (not that big). But on PC you can also enjoy mods and a ingame chat. (I play the game on PS4)

    43. Daniel

      Here is to hoping they've learned their lesson for future games (lol yeah right)

    44. The Ja#zer

      I play it since 2017, and it has always been the best game out there (except for the first 3 or 4 days lol)

    45. The Guy in the Chair

      8.8 *I have spoken*

    46. Ziyon Jacobs

      I like the story, it was short and sweet

    47. Not Te Moai XdXd

      Suddenly Battlefront 2 is real to you I've been in this fight since 2017

    48. Big Tastey

      So where is battlefront 3? I havent played this since launch.

    49. Doge

      Slow day at ign

    50. Kaapo Pyökäri

      Loot boxes and jet pack cargo were removed a long time ago

    51. CxZILLA

      Is this just the update or the celebration edition upgrade?

    52. Chavrios

      And yet I am waiting for offline supremacy

    53. Dominik Mendez

      Help... should I get this game??

    54. Sean Sheridan

      I would love rougue one maps

    55. monsterbaby 2015

      IGN on time as always

    56. Klayden004

      I’ve had it since Dec. 2017 and I can now say it is my favorite Star Wars game ever! It’s so fun and truly feels like you’re in the universe we all love!

    57. radioadde

      Review in 2019: New weapons for soldier classes added since launch: 0

    58. Lamel Jarvis

      The Dead Speak!... Star Wars Battlefront II: “I’m baaaaaaack”

    59. vøødøø

      Okay, so I have NEVER watched a Star Wars film. But the Lightsaber fights, hero abilities and overall gameplay looks cool. Is it fine if I jump on in without having a clue of anything Star Wars related? Or is it recommended I watch the films to, I guess motivate me to play?

    60. Mav41st

      Been play BFII since launch, here’s some batshit crazy saber moments for anybody interested