Stop This...


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    Seriously... this needs to stop
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    1. Davie504

      leave a comment if you have a big brain and *pp*

      1. JetAmineFire

        I like cheese

      2. Shiny Glitch

        Ok slapper

      3. Baund Sound Levis

        Isn't the most suscribed italian youtuber marzia?

      4. Forrest Hampton

        Wise choice

      5. Micio Spaventato

        Davie504 negro

    2. Tiago Zanette

      E P I C

    3. Oyi tamuk

      Can u send me a bass to India I don't have enough money to buy from india

    4. Damon Abets

      During a therapy session I have never heard a therapist say epic so many times

    5. AP Cuber

      1:53 wdym I saw you take your headphones off in abother video...

    6. Luis Gonzalez

      That like I just gave was for you to fight WWIII with Bass.

    7. Keyla KD

      Wooww you really got a lot of subscribers fast

    8. highplayer highway

      Well i guess i hate you

    9. prazna gautam


    10. Arthur Grandson

      Sabes, creo que no podrías hacer un video hablando en español latino. BRO!

    11. Adrian Brown

      He looks most like an Middle Eastern Sylvester Stallone

    12. Pedro pablo Cano botero

      1:06 it’s a 69

    13. Yalfi

      I have big brain and pp

    14. Mac Meinig

      I got it because I have a very large brain and an even larger pp

    15. Emerson Jack

      People that pay for counselling sessions: Have big pp People that stay for therapy time: Are Big brain

    16. Mohammed MALIH

      Take out the headphones! Pleeease!


      Talk less Davie

    18. Riki Phukon

      At 01:08, the thing at the top is the one we call the 'bass clef' used in writing sheet music, and the thing below is called the 'sessanta­nove', that Italians have used since time immemorial.

    19. Karl Louise Cimafranca

      Yess bass I need bass now!!!!!!!!!

    20. Vega Winnfield

      LOL...that giorno giovanna theme at 1:43 😂😂..good taste buddy, good taste

    21. Heretik Coils

      Stronzo lolol

    22. Rafferty Adams

      me -im hurting myself because i have a deep depression davie -epico do it again tomorrow me -but it isnt re - davie -IT'S VERY FUN

    23. Cristopher Benitez Leon

      U dont look like him u r him

    24. PrestonPlayzRoblox 117

      Davie dont forget about that fridge reveal at 5.5 million sobs

    25. Oz

      You also have a smile brother, his channel in FIsels is El Pister

    26. sexywheels07

      3:21 BEST CLIP EVER!!! Leave it up to an Asian woman to have to be beaten off by the Pope it just makes the whole Asian Community looks so bad but that's what happens assaulting the Pope it's just another day in the life of your typical Asian woman apparently!?! 3:19 - 3:21

    27. V v

      i already saw ur ears, masta davie

    28. Jose Ignacio Roman Fuentes

      On a plain on a plain

    29. mini mrbeast a

      PewDiePie rip off

    30. Yung Swaggot

      Can someone explain the meme with the Bass clef to me? Is it spun like that because someone slapped it?

    31. Krypto Knight

      Liked 👌

    32. Darry Wolf


    33. Cereal

      May i play Bass

    34. Fernando Ramos Gómez

      R E A L face reveal.

    35. Sam Lyons

      Tfw you actually open up in the therapy session and genuinely helps. Davie504 for Italian president.

    36. Little One

      Can you teach me how to play bass guitar??

    37. JANKE

      Sooo okay can i using my BASS? Please i need anwsear 😂

    38. January Embers

      Me: "I seem to always find myself sad for no reason" Davie: "I'm glad to hear that"

    39. Gustavo M. de Oliveira

      The Earth is not flat.

    40. قصي ناصر الزايد

      Marzia has 7.5 million subs

    41. R Carmisin

      I like Bass. I also like Trout and Salmon.

    42. Gianmarco Gaming

      Anche se sò che si chiama Davide

    43. Gianmarco Gaming

      Per chi è italiano A 10 milioni di sub svelerà il suo nome

    44. Ezequiel Gerstel


    45. Gianmarco Gaming

      At 10 ml sub he is gonna reveal his name

    46. Silvia Lorena Gonzalez

      ME : My pet died Davie : thats epic

    47. Analog Girl

      Davie504 I love you

    48. DarthNerdius

      When you talk to Davie504 during his therapy session and feel better

    49. Insert Name Here:

      Do a singing reveal at 7mil

    50. FroggiesAnonymous

      Lmaoooo the fucking bubbling Creek noises

    51. Thibs

      Marzia has almost 8M subs... And she's Italian too.

    52. Tommy H.


    53. ScOp3zTapped

      Me: I just took a shit Davie: I know Me: [Confused screaming]

    54. James Scott

      get rid of therapy time and just play some soothing bass

    55. Sakari Uchiha



      Igual: 6:10

    57. TheBlazingTorchic

      I need therapy time

    58. Philliamdedude

      If you eat pineapple pizza I’m unsubscribing

    59. The Lox

      Stai per superare a favij dai che diventi il più famoso italiano su youtube

    60. Nekotsuki Gaming

      10:00 bromancing with BassMan