Teaching in the US vs. the rest of the world



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    Teachers in America have a uniquely tough job. But it doesn't have to be that way.
    *Note: At 1:09, we misspelled "Sweden." We apologize for the error.

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    From hours worked to pay rates, countries like Finland, Japan, and South Korea make teaching a more respected and sustainable profession.
    A Coming Crisis in Teaching?Teacher Supply, Demand, and Shortages in the U.S.-- The Learning Policy Institute

    OECD Pisa Results: www.oecd.org/education/launch-of-pisa-2018-results-paris-december-2019.htm

    How teachers in the U.S. and Finland see their jobs-- National Center for Public Education (www.nsba.org/-/media/NSBA/File/cpe-how-teachers-in-the-us-and-finland-see-their-jobs-report-july-2018.pdf?la=en&hash=8BB8003186563CA6873C8849F160400FE6049607www.nsba.org/-/media/NSBA/File/cpe-how-teachers-in-the-us-and-finland-see-their-jobs-report-july-2018.pdf?la=en&hash=8BB8003186563CA6873C8849F160400FE6049607)

    OECD Education at a Glance (www.oecd.org/education/education-at-a-glance/)

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    1. SoCalFreelance

      So why is our government giving the apartheid regime in israel billions of dollars every year? >_>

    2. Japan D

      Japan's also faced such a shortage of teacher problem. Childminde's situation is also harsh. I guess politician thought childminder and teacher as a carrot that is infinitely harvested from field.

    3. Julia Cooke


    4. joey .k

      I have an idea spend less on security make tighter gun-control so this way soon as can't get guns spend more on instructional resources and we'll do better that's all we have to do

    5. Nutshell Bread

      Bruh it says that my school has 9 hours a day, when in reality we have 7

    6. Karen O

      I quit teaching. You couldn't give a B everybody had to have As.

    7. ben flamini

      No homework in finland

    8. Nicholas Sanchez

      I'm Peruvian and seeing a big country with a worst education.... Ironic

    9. samtoo2010

      It’s a good thing that this crisis being realized and continue to happening, so eventually teachers would be valued more and better paid

    10. Kaan

      Pray for your situation

    11. Bonzi Fedora INC.

      I'm not sure where you're getting this from but my school is great. Oh, wait, it's private.

    12. thomas magand

      Stop comparing a 330 million with a 5 million country !!!!!

      1. Akihiko Sanada

        If a country with $330M GDP has generally more depressed and suicidal students and teachers than a $5M GDP country, that's really saying something about their governments.

    13. E_Cbuddies

      It’s going to get even worse now that the Trump administration wants to take away Public schools’ tax break and give it to the private schools. Sad.

    14. Peter Gao

      Teachers' teaching hours per day does not mean students learning hours per day, and has nothing to do with students' grades. This is the worst of Vox video in 2020 so far.

    15. Tiger Goldy

      united states was on the OECD list bottom right corner 1:10

    16. Akihiko Sanada

      "American schools generally spend a lot of money on security" And somehow there are still school shooters and gropers running around todays American schools.

      1. 123

        Akihiko Sanada yeah agreed

    17. Erin Jones

      my school is probably going to close soon because a new district is literally driving out all the teachers and kids that used to go there. everyone is trying to get out of the city district because it is so unexplainably awful. it’s so sad.

    18. soulcats

      I’m a high school student, and our final project in English last semester was a partner debate. Our resolved statement was “homework is beneficial to students”, and we argued (and won) in favor of that statement. Because not only do Finland, Japan, South Korea etc. have lower teaching hours and more grading/planning hours, but they also have significantly lower homework hours. Finnish high school students spend something like 2.8 hours on homework per WEEK on average, while US students spend around 6 hours per week. Guess who has the higher test scores. TL:DR US teachers have way more homework to grade and also less time to do it; and it doesn’t even pay off in student test scores whatsoever

    19. SaltyWolf


    20. Ethan Jaworski

      vox does anything to make America look bad.

    21. DublinDapper

      Supply and Demand will work its magic

    22. Константин Георгиев

      All the thoughts and prayers in this world can't achieve what some good legislation can. It's high time America realised this.

    23. Mrs. Dunlap

      As an American middle school teacher myself, I would love to see the difference in student behavior in different countries. What I see in my classroom is a lack of respect towards adults and towards each other. Teaching respectful behavior is not a teacher's job, it's the job of the parents. So my question is, is that also true in other countries, and what is it about American families that is making it so difficult for parents to teach their children appropriate behavior. Okay Vox, go find the answer 😉.

    24. Major Ronald Mandell

      The main problem is the abuse US teachers have to take from their students, and the incredible amount of non teaching paperwork loaded upon us!

    25. The Druid Diaries

      I'm surprised that you don't have Canada on there.

    26. 『ʙᴀʟᴍᴏʀᴀ ʙʟᴜᴇ』

      I won't say US system is perfect but clearly a lot of you never lived in a third world country. Things like free education are not as good as they seem.

    27. 『ʙᴀʟᴍᴏʀᴀ ʙʟᴜᴇ』

      Maybe this explains why a lot of US citizens think Spain is Mexico

      1. 『ʙᴀʟᴍᴏʀᴀ ʙʟᴜᴇ』

        @Akihiko Sanada i knew that one haha

      2. Akihiko Sanada

        7% of Americans think that chocolate milk comes from brown cows and that's just sad.

      3. Alex Siemers

        I’ve heard only half of Americans know the sun is a star instead of a planet

    28. Tomas Tur

      Lol they would try anything but paying them more.

    29. Sofia Summer

      I’m a teacher and I’m thinking about leaving. It’s very unfortunate. America should be the best place for teachers and our education should be the best for our students. Something is broken. Students and parents are disrespectful and that’s just the start.

    30. • peachybee •

      Where is malaysia?

    31. Mykola Kunde

      The fix to the problem is to shorten the school day. And get rid of standardized tests. Since both of them stress the teachers and students. Also standardized tests limit teachers on what they teach their class, sometimes forcing them to focus on trivial and useless things.

    32. Vladyslav Klymenko

      I don’t really get the problem. Is it a problem that teachers are leaving their jobs? If the supply of teachers decreases then the demand will increase and teachers will get higher pay. And that’s a good thing

    33. Z Z

      A part of the problem is that more in America than any other country, it's socially acceptable (to their peers, not to society at large) for students to be disrespectful and/or inattentive to their teachers, and it wears the teachers down.

    34. Lance Hondrade

      This is why people hate Americans.

    35. Red Unicorn

      Can we just point out that college in the USA isn't the same as university in Europe? High school education tends to be so bad and unregulated that it's a bit insulting. SAT math is eight grade stuff

    36. Red Banzino

      Well we have Canadian teachers who just got cut so yall can have them. Problems solved

    37. GoodGuyBad

      𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚖𝚘𝚜𝚝 𝚊𝚖𝚎𝚛𝚒𝚌𝚊𝚗 𝚟𝚒𝚍𝚎𝚘✔✔️

    38. Nora Allies

      I would have said something about all the money going to schools sports teams but not long ago I started to see companies trying to get behind funding school sports because apparently schools across america don't "have enough funds" for sports any more and decide to cut not only recess (that has been cut across schools since at least the early 2000's) but also sports teams. So the question is, where is all of this "most funded schools in the world" money going? It's not to sports, extra curricular classes, lunches, teachers or security.... Who wants to study the budgets real close and see who all is lining their own pockets at the expense of millions of kids' futures?

    39. Dimas P

      Meanwhile in Indonesia, teacher only get salary 1/10 of minimum wage.

    40. Ya boi Juan

      Do US teachers get summer vacation paid or not? I'm surprised I never asked before.

    41. Kero Kero

      usa: our educational system is broken! brazil: hold my beer

    42. LiveAtPompeii74

      Wait till you see public schools in third world countries, yeah, everyone suffers to keep Americans happy.

    43. Alvin Abrenica

      In 🇵🇭, teachers work more than 12 hours per day with average of 40 students per class..

    44. Joel Lim

      I never understood why america never banned guns in the first place? Yea sure its for security of the citizens but many countries have done it for many years? With the easy access to guns brings along school shootings which: Most of the money spent on schools are on the security aspect. Simple as that

      1. Alex Siemers

        At this point, getting rid of guns is a futile effort since the amount of guns in the US is in the hundreds of millions. And a disturbingly large amount of Americans have an obsession with said guns being in their hands.

    45. Sealion

      Logic of this video If you can't do something, do it

    46. kim jong un

      and i’m thomas i graduated in canada queens university lol

    47. AirPods Jones

      But we’re merica

    48. David Bauman

      US teachers have minority students and Finland doesn’t thats the difference.

    49. Edge

      America spends a lot on items that other countries don’t: diversity administrators, sports programs, etc.

    50. Mr Hyde

      That’s ALL? Disappointing, what about how Finland turned its educational system upside down to achieve these results?

    51. abi johnson

      Let’s be real. You clicked on this video for the cool paper cartoons

    52. Sophia Madison

      American children are entitled brats who dont bother with school and show 0 respect to their teachers. My local highschool has a graduating rate of 13%. Kids just dont show...

    53. Eddie Bibby

      US celebrates idiocy so not surprising education is underfunded. It’s a huge whirlwind to be reaped as China, India and other wealthy nations sail past the US in terms of educated populations.

    54. Spartan Life

      Well I’m not changing my major I think I’d rather try to teaching get discouraged then never try it at all.

    55. Mx1air


    56. Rasmus Hautamäki

      As a Finn who has moved to the United States I couldn't agree more with this.

    57. Angel Rivera

      Our teachers work 7 hours

    58. Angel Rivera

      You misspelled Sweden

    59. My Phone

      How come Vox doesn't know how to source correctly? If you did a research paper and just listed all your sources at the end of the paper (like they do in the description) it would be laughed at and thrown in the garbage. Vox needs to learn how to source! You have to source after each claim. JC.

    60. Arjel Dela Peña

      As a high school student, I hate the education system