Temtem - Official Anime-style Trailer (Pokemon-Like MMO)


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    Check out the launch trailer for Temtem, a very Pokemon-like monster collecting MMO.

    Animation: Sunshine Animation Studio

    Music, Lyrics and Production: Damian Sanchez
    Vocals: Liz Anne Hill
    Mix and Mastering: Pau Paredes (Estudio Fluxus, Madrid)
    Band Recordings, Guitars and Bass: Guillermo Sanz (Carcosa Studios)
    Drums: Ben Wirjo
    Orchestra: F.A.M.E'.S Orchestra

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    1. IRONHIDE 150

      0:28 Assasins' Creed reference?

    2. Low Budget Spiderman

      This is not Pokémon, it is just so similar it might as well be

    3. MHBarney

      "Pokemon is going to be worse and worse every Generation from now on? Gamefreak and Nintendo are already evolved into shameless cashgrab Companys with no effort in there games? HOLD ON MY FRIENDS! WE TRY TO SAVE THIS PROBLEM!"

    4. Fire treeup

      Pokemon 4.0

    5. xXDragonTribalXx

      0:18 - So Smazee is using a fire attack, huh? Thought he was more like Mankey not flampivian.

    6. DrawciaGleam02

      I think we should make covers of the song! Who's with me?!

    7. Jhonelkys Torres Dominguez

      Pokemon white other name Pokemon con otro nombre

    8. Taco empresario


    9. John Kitchener

      Not going to lie, I'd watch the anime of this.

    10. Jonny Boi Studios

      First time watching this: Eh Second time: Ok, cool Third Time: Nice Fourth time: Awesome! Fifth time: WE’RE READY TO START THE COMBAT! IT’S TIME TO REVEAL OUR TEM CARDS!!!!!

      1. joe smoe

        lmfao yo this is so accurate

    11. Itz Gold

      I love thaat it says pokemon like mmo

    12. Ekumataru

      No pls pokemon is better though ..

      1. Vox Mekkatorque

        for now...

    13. HypercatZ

      0:54 Link! Link!

    14. Balthazar


    15. Aftab Ali

      If pokemon was watching this gen 9 could come a little faster than we thought

    16. skellifur

      Playback speed x0.25 0:30 she's breakin her back

    17. skellifur

      The tems be so kawaii

    18. Blackhole

      I love this intro, OMG dude

    19. Nguyễn Đình Kiên Đạt

      This just straight up saying: "Im the new pokemon." and I love it

    20. Actaeon

      Have to give credit to the tamer at the end who knocked out a Earth/crystal type temtem (mudrid) with an electric attack from Raignet. Mudrid takes 1/4 of the damage from electric attacks, so that is one well trained Raignet!

    21. thays hartmann

      I wonder what's under the sky island

    22. L. Clay Manley



      You got DEMONITIZED

    24. RT_Clxud

      They want to be Pokémon so bad

    25. Lourdes Alarcon

      Are they gonna Launch this in switch? I will definitely buy it if the do it xd

      1. Lourdes Alarcon

        Pokémon vs Tem Tem That is gonna be a epic battle xd

      2. CEDL0W

        It’s coming to switch

    26. aqee1

      So far Sun and Moon3 looks great

    27. Kayel

      I want à full Version of this T.T

    28. IDoNtKnow IDK

      This song is better then pokemon not gonna lie

    29. horse2933


    30. now gaming

      I’m going to join the temtem fandom they put more care then gamefrEAk

    31. WelshGiraffa93

      Would I choose you apply here when sending out our TemTem’s into battle or would it be something like Platypet Crystle TemTem Up!!!

    32. perla salasar

      no loco en serio que pusieron a ese ornitorrinco de agua pero si es de pokemon reloaded literal le robaron él diseño y todo por que penseron que era un pokefanar que se había filtrado de los juegos de pokemon espada y escudo se boludos eee ......aaa y también estuvo re piola él tráiler

    33. jelised _

      Wait this isnt swsh shiny hack

    34. Fnaf Ref

      Ça va tellement se faire Counter Strike par Game Freak XD

    35. Carolina Silva

      Me copiaste

    36. BaggedTreptune

      That one in the thumbnail is the fake sun and moon starter leak! Awesome!

    37. Gmail UserE

      So um...are the tem tem creators going to make this an actual cartoon or...

    38. Jonesso

      I need a full vertion of this song

    39. hollowguy

      I love it to much I mean the trailers music not the game I have yet to play it

    40. GhostWolfy

      When they show the 3 people what temtem is the first one called

    41. langston Stubbs

      Atleast this is better than digimon

    42. Mega X Sonic 18

      I'm not interested at all

    43. Corranhorn122

      I'm glad that you decided to title this as "anime-style", rather than being lazy and adding to the confusion for people about what the difference is between anime (from Japan) and other anime-influenced art from around the world.

      1. Jonesso

        well anime is just the japanese word for animation, and technically everything animated is anime just through that.


      This is hard to watch when you play temtem on 240hz monitor with 240fps

    45. Jon the Wolf

      Oh no...i'm starting to get interest from this game than Pokemon

    46. jas Jewel

      Pokemon is best than temtem

    47. GeminWanzo

      Love this game

    48. Naief Alromi

      Wait so platypet (the platypus fakemon) is actually in a game now? I am very much happy now. Thank you not pokemon.

    49. Papas Fritas

      See those happy kids in the airship? They got completely trashed by Max just a moment ago..

    50. Reptor The dragon

      Everyone:*saying that this is a pokemon killer and other stuff* Me:guys. Chill

      1. Marvin

        Hahaha so funny and original

    51. Strategy Scholar

      if we only we had anime styled pokemon trailers too

      1. animedude8712

        Strategy Scholar They’ve made a few of those.

    52. breno Borges

      Ai que lindoooo

    53. Jamie Duncan

      This needs to come to Netflix like if u agree

    54. Nurasyl Muratov

      Didn't understood. But very interesting.

    55. Primal Werewolf

      i can smell the lawsuit

    56. Crow /oficial

      Que es esto?😕😕😕😕😕

    57. Vexuro


    58. No-.-no

      And now we wait for an anime

    59. kaiju maximus


    60. Phasa rico Erdiyanto

      Are you sure this is not Pokemon? Btw, the theme song is EPIC! 🤣

      1. Ben Baxter