Terminator: Dark Fate BOMBS & DESTROYS Franchise! - Angry Rant

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    Tim Miller just explained in his own words WHY HE JUST DESTROYED one of my favorite franchises as Terminator: Dark Fate BOMBS at the Box Office. I couldn't sleep till I did this Therapeutic Angry Rant on his own words and discuss why the movie flopped at the box office.
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    1. Marsyas01

      "Terminator: Dark Fate BOMBS & DESTROYS Franchise!" Uh. So it did the same thing that Terminator: Genesys did? Though honestly, the franchise has been bad for a long time. The only good Terminator movies are the first two. And Dark Fate *is* the best Terminator movie since Terminator 2. It's just that isn't saying much: it is slightly less bad than the other totally unnecessary sequels.

    2. GESSO217

      Okay, for those still going one about John Connor being killed here's something you should keep in mind. John Connor has been killed four times in the past Terminator films. I know what your thinking. "WHAT!? When?" Let me explain. T3, T-850 explains that prior to his reprogramming and being sent back in time he Terminated John Connor. Terminator Salvation, T-700 stabs John Connor Through the Heart. yes he gets Marcus's Heart but where in a Post Apocalyptic are you going to get a consistent supply of Rejection drugs? In Terminator Genisys he was killed Twice. First by the T-5000 when it converted John into a T-3000 and later by the T-800.

    3. Sensei Mike

      Get woke go broke

    4. TheWorld21

      The terminator that killed john also managed to kill the franchise.

    5. FreedomXa20Z

      You can blame Hollywood and their Sjw agenda.

    6. Akinokaze Haruichiban

      If they were serious about making good terminator 2 sequels, they would just license the S.M.Sterling trilogy of books and make them. They span the breadth of time between the end of T-2 [a few months after, I think] all the way upto the future war and smashing the defense grid and using the time machine [I think they went past there, but I'm not sure, it's been a few years.] How does skynet continue past T-2 destroying the chip and arm from T-1? Simple, offsite data backups of cyberdynes research and the arm that the T-800 loses in the foundry gears during it's fight with the T-1000 [which is actually even more complete than just the forearm that they destroyed.]

    7. marc v

      @angryjoeshow 22:48 absolutly...very sad for linda and arnold and of course the terminator series itself to end it in this way... after this fail the only thing that would make this trash a happy ending is: find a GREAT screenwriter...a single one!!! and stop trying to make transformer style terminator movies. have a smaller budget...lets say 90-100 million...this is still a huge budget to make a great sf film and have a brilliant script that explains the dark fate plot and bring john connor back....and i mean edward furlong as a grown up. make it more like a psychological sf horror flick instead of trying to be marvel and then END it... but i guess that wont happen and thats very sad but it could even now. if it wont happen we have a cartoon female version of john conner that no one cares for and a lonely alkoholic sarah connor and a dead john connor....thankx for that....

    8. Nathan Lamb

      I thought the CPU was physically set to Read Only in T800 models? There's that scene in T2 where John and Sara adjust the chip manually so the Terminator can learn outside of it's parameters.

    9. marc v

      14:40 sry guys...at this point you dont know 100% what u r talking bout ^^ first of all dark fate doesnt make more money in the us...Genysis had a midweek start (!) and made arround 42 million end of sunday first weekend. at the end they made 89 million dollar in the us. Dark fate made 29 million end of first weekend and it looks that they wont even make 70 million in the States... Dark Fate also struggles in china and almost every other territory worldwide. Plus t5 was "cheaper". it costs arround 150 Million dollar and made 440 worldwide. Dark Fate budget is 185 Million dollar and it will make 290-330 million Dollar. Thats exactly the COMPLETE Budget including marketing costs (100 /110 millions) plus the movie itself(185 Millions) Lets say they make 320 Million Dollar then they earn from this around 150/160 Million dollars after that they have to make 150 Million dollar or more with streaming, selling rights or whatever to make its money back without making one cent profit ....thats impossible

    10. Santroff

      Joe 3.0 needs to shave or something. I'm constantly distracted by Joe always making videos with his doppelganger.

    11. Winterx69

      Watched the latest Preview and the lasers were in fact purple. =)

    12. danny moon

      Got woke. Went broke.

    13. Mandy Karevicius

      Terminator 7: McGuffin Cyborg Revenge.

    14. Ray Hopkins

      One night i sat down and turned on the TV and was like "Sweet T2 is just starting" and as i watched i sensed something was amiss. Next thing i know Arnold is in front of a gay male stripper who tells him to "Talk to the hand" and then Arnold proceeded to steal his Glitter star sunglasses. I turned it off right there and haven't watched a 21st century Terminator movie ever since and that my friends is where the Terminator franchise truly died

    15. Masta6801

      It's me too woke shit. Just like Star Wars, Ghost Busters and 90% of the shit coming out of Hollywood these days. Man bad women good. All this woke ass shit is getting sickening. Being straight, white and a guy is bad..............

    16. Filip Skotnica

      Tim Miller > Skynet > obesity

    17. Filip Skotnica

      Joe was acting so dramatic this episode, HE should have played the resistance leader in new Terminator (and he acted this way for good reason, I completely agree)

    18. lukaszborcz

      They killed white boy and replace with immigrant girl. What part don't you understand?

    19. Dante Sherman

      Salvage the trilogy with the og terminators aiding the resistance against legion? I'm thinkn t-101s sending legion poser bots to the scrap heap in future war? Sounds cool to me but it ain't my job to clean up Tim's mess. Maybe I'm just nieve? Skynet and Judgement Day are inescapeable!

    20. Gilafax

      The SJW's feminist agenda is destroying our beloved movie franchises one sequel at a time.

    21. Serguei Tcherkassov

      "Women at the power.".. there we go..

    22. Steven Bell

      Stop dancing. We all know why we didn't go see the film. We are suck of them ruining everything we made, to pander to the woke demographic. This will continue to happen until it stops. GET WOKE, GO BROKE.

    23. TheErnieforss

      I could have seen john working building cars in mexico. Hiding from the law with his mom.

    24. Alex Fraser


    25. jup1828

      Oh I can rant about John Connor being dead, but clearly u miss the point of the theme of the entire series. It has nada to do with John and everything to do with that no matter the time line and no matter the savior of humanity, mankind with be both their own downfall and their own savior. Smdh. Oh joe...get over it bud lol

      1. Luke

        I infered from the movies that the theme was perseverance and surviving the inevitable war, only with t3 and beyond did they introduce that the battle with skynet would always happen. Thats really nihilistic and frankly nonsense for you to say.

    26. Jasenko Zubcevic

      I don't get why people are upset. This is not canon. It's just bad fan fiction.

    27. Redmist 2004

      Joe correction it was James Cameron that chose to kill off John Connor.

    28. BlackSmithWolves

      What? Social justice woke bullshit ruined another movie? You don't say

    29. Charles Luciano

      Why is it when men make great and fun things, women have to throw themselves in the middle of it and mess it up? Why cant you just start your own shit and leave us alone? Here's an example. Every year in the NFL men have to dress up in pink pussy colors for a month for breast cancer. Have you ever thought: why not testicular cancer or lung cancer that isnt gender specific? This type of shit is everywhere now.

    30. spaghetti yummy

      it seems like skynet started producing terminator movies

    31. From Ashes

      they done it to bring "diversity". and to switch from male character to female. and to push some feminist talking points on viewers.

    32. Gus McCrae

      WOKE is killing everything. That is the main reason I voted for Trump. I am tired, tired, tired of everything being forced SJW PC. Put men in little girl's restrooms, be woke. Make all the heroes women, be woke.

    33. Jim Nacosta

      Remember...you voted for Hillary you're part of the problem of this SJW, feminist bullshit destroying franchises.

    34. Daves GoldenDuck

      Terminator had two bad movies before this one, and mainstream audiences have given up on Terminator

    35. 3 of 9

      My guess why the seats didn't fill, in America. The economy is sucking dicks for the target market, before an election year. The terminator story wasn't going to top anything, or complete a story. It's not a hopeful franchise; given the massive gaps between movies. But it was probably not helpful to have the immigration sub plot; it's too political.

    36. Jonathan LS101

      Honestly man, I gave up on Terminator when they couldn't choose one timeline and follow the fuck through. The follow through would have been making it to the actual war and pushing forward, maybe Genesis actually followed this, but Dark Fate is just more Terminator crap by this point. I liked many of the movies, but the newest one just didn't interest me at all. They needed to move on instead of pulling back.

    37. Jon Adamson

      They could have had John become the new protector, and sacrifice himself at the end, passing the torch to the new Leader vs the New AI, since he realises he has done all he needed to in living beyond Judgement Day

    38. T- Mills

      Joe, I hope you didn’t have to see the movie to know that it was bad. Once I saw the stupid trailers, I knew this movie was going to suck more than the last one. I hope the views you get from this video helps get your money back from seeing this terrible movie. This franchise was over with Judgment Day.

    39. silversobe

      Disney needs to be broken up and dissolved.

    40. Michael C

      Why can't these movies do a main female character without fucking over lore or other main characters? I don't fucking get it.

    41. Darkness Light

      They killed off John to cater to the subhuman trash that are: SJWs, feminists, metoo, and other groups of man-hating, self-proclaiming "victims". It's another one of those bullshit "Take that, men" tactics that's been going on in the media for years now. Only THIS time, it's finally starting to backfire back into their stupid fuckin faces. Edit: ...had to fix a spelling error

    42. slaymyface135

      I got a very good easy explinations...all the high end movies are in hollywood....what lives in hollywood? Soy bois, SJWs, feminists, and the PC culture bullshit. They let one of the best framchises burn cause they wanted to check every fucking box to be "woke" i see the next victim to be either james bond or back to the future, imagine that a jamison alexa bond, and martica mcfly

    43. James Crossley

      This is what happens when you cater to liberal morons and replace well known and liked characters and storylines to please these people. This series should have stopped at Judgement Day

    44. E.A.U /

      Here's why I think it tanked (Not in my Book though...guess I love the Franchise way too much😉)....It is way too bleak because it cements that the FUTURE IS SET (Rise of the Machines Ending illustrated that) There is no Control....no Hope for permanent Peace despite EMP as a storytelling Device which is difficult to acquire (In Real Life you would need a Nuclear Blast for a large Scale EMP Burst just to put this into Perspective). By offing John Connor it illustrated the absolutely random Nature of War....who survives...who doesn't. It is the age old Narrative Trope of the everlasting War between universal Good vs. Evil no matter who the involved Factions are. EVERY Movie is a Stopgap Measure in an Uphill Battle. Tim Miller got that that's why he deserved the Funding he got plus has anyone seen what he accomplished with BLUR STUDIOS?!? It is mindblowing...those Guys might cross the Uncany Valley. People go to the Movies because they want to escape Reality not have it play out in the worst hyperrealistic Way possible. They want some Measure of Hope and Dark Fate gave them too little of it. This isn't COD!!! (Plus it is perfectly reasonable to bring back Arnold as T-800 as long as he feels up for that Task. There is one Deleted Scene in T3 Rise of the Machines where it shows why he is based on Sgt. Candy...definitely a Must Watch) And I think the new Leader of the Resistance will grow into it....rarely anyone is a Natural Born Leader.

    45. Robair

      So someone FINALLY smacked the wokeness outta ol Joe?

    46. Kris Dangsurisri

      Wait...I can feel one of the Joes is woke.

    47. TheDeathwalker86

      I love it

    48. abdullah islam

      This movie was straight trash they killed it like the walking dead I gave up on walking dead and now the terminator and COD

    49. TheSharkshaw

      Joe you never seen the deleted scene in T2 where Sarah operates on Arnold and removes some internal chip so Arnold's then able to learn to be human?

    50. Treasure Cave

      Can hollywood just go to sleep...AND STOP BEING WOKE???!!!

    51. Matti Music

      Can we not let simps run Hollywood

    52. Tierre Jevon

      Seriously, how many more movies do we need about John Connor? John Connor was mentioned or a major part of every movie’s plot. Also Joe, Tencent Pictures co-produced this film. To say that China doesn’t care about this film is grossly inaccurate considering a Chinese company helped produce Terminator: Dark Fate.

    53. AACMBirdzilla23

      I'm kinda happy and sad that this movie bombed at the box office, I didn't want the Terminator franchise to end this badly and horrible, but it's time for Hollywood to stop making shitty, stupid nonsensical terminator movies let the franchise to sleep

    54. Principe Yuu

      I like they kill John. Who the fucks want a happy ending for T2??? Are you guys idiots?

    55. Pierce B Ren

      Purple lasers FTW Joe

    56. Veera

      I wanted so badly to go into this movie and just completely shit on this review of it. I seriously hate 95% of the shit that comes out of AJs mouth, but he’s right about a lot of things here. The one thing I whole-heartedly disagree on is his statement that this film killed the franchise. It’s not going anywhere, and he came across as someone that doesn’t seem to really be paying attention to box office trends - which is strange for a movie critic. That aside, he’s right. I’ll add though that the movie wasn’t awful because they killed John Connor - it was awful because it was a fucking terribly written dumpster fire of a film. They really need to put this into the hands of someone competent. Terminator 1 and 2 were not “action” films to me as a child. They were horror films about killer robots, and I remember hiding behind the couch because of how much those movies terrified me and my sister. Everyone since T2 seems to believe that these are action films though, and I really think this is 90% of the issue. There’s nothing funny about Terminator. It’s always been a story about a robot from the future that is on a “hunt and destroy” mission of a CHILD. There’s was even a terrifying scene in the second film of people getting their skin ripped from their faces from a nuclear explosion - FUCKING TERRIFYING. the idea that THAT somehow evolved into a film where a t1000 retires, married a Mexican woman, starts a business where he helps people pick out curtains, and goes by the name “Carl”...what in the fuck happened?! All this to say, Joe is right - this movie is fucking SADDENING to sit through

    57. Michael Martin

      Another Ray crappy thing.

    58. germa9090

      So... No Robocop vs. The Terminator ?

    59. Tac Del

      How can you still have a voice ? Dude don’t get to filosophical about it. The movie was action packet and fun, I will def watch it a bunch. How can you milk the skynet saga even more. T3, Salvation and Genisys fuckedup the whole franchise as a hole, there is no coming back from that. And they still gave us a badass film. A new timeline was NEEDED. People don’t love the franchise anymore, thats why it failed. Thank the three films after T2.

    60. Robert Chan

      if its not broken don't keep on fixing it until it becomes unrecognizable.