Terminator: Dark Fate BOMBS & DESTROYS Franchise! - Angry Rant

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    Tim Miller just explained in his own words WHY HE JUST DESTROYED one of my favorite franchises as Terminator: Dark Fate BOMBS at the Box Office. I couldn't sleep till I did this Therapeutic Angry Rant on his own words and discuss why the movie flopped at the box office.
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    1. Benjamin Hildebrand

      Oh, and it was shit.

    2. Benjamin Hildebrand

      But, it WAS Get Woke Go Broke

    3. snapdragon64k-47 Orbital


    4. Luke Voorhees

      DUUUUUUUUDE... I want that fucking Nvidia hoodie...badly

    5. cfcreative

      I really think all you reviewers are just paid shills. Terminator Genisys was just such an amazing movie. It almost seems like reviewers are submerging fan favorites and just working off some agenda. I liked Terminator Genisys as much as any Terminator movie and more than most movies I have seen in the last 5 years.

    6. Mr. Irrelevant

      They kill all the old characters for the new ones. And pushing girls in it. Hmmm sounds like star wars

    7. DrShrine

      MoFo transformers isn't a pg movies its a pg 13 movie and you are awesome joes and alex

    8. Borsalino Kizaru

      Probably the biggest mistake they ever made was trying to make Terminator a franchise. The most they should’ve done is a “prequel” in the original timeline about sending Kyle to the past, but the actors were too old to do that.

    9. QuangtumGamplay

      Miller is comedian, wtf people expect

    10. Someone

      From the future, it made $260 mil. China came through for them. They must not honestly give a shit what is pooped out for them.

    11. JD Pragmatic

      Excuse me, I’m going to go watch The Sarah Conner Chronicles to get this “Dark Taste” out of my mouth

    12. David Smith

      *Joaquin Phoenix Joker laugh* Ha ha ha ha! Feminists fail again!

    13. BrontoSmilodon1

      Let's not also forget that this movie looked bland as hell

    14. Thedarkbunnyrabbit

      If he wanted to put the kibosh on the chosen one story and yet insisted on making Terminator, a franchise built on the concept of a chosen one, then he should have killed John and then jumped into the future in a grim world where there IS no John Connor, no savior of the resistance, and watched a random person struggling in the hopeless war eventually rise up and become the leader of the resistance simply because someone had to do it and no one else did. That's the story he claims he wanted to write. Instead he wrote literally the same story as T1 and T2, savior character included, but swapped out the names. The biggest difference is just that Legion was too dumb to go after Gabby's mother before it went after her.

    15. Thedarkbunnyrabbit

      Everyone, Dark Fate included, seems to forget that the reason "Uncle Bob" Terminator is able to learn 'hasta la vista' and 'why you cry' and etc is because Sarah Connor removes the chip that inhibits learning. Without removing the chip, a terminator can't expand past its base programming.

    16. JoJoKiwi

      1 second of future John Connor more exciting than Dani in a entire movie LMAO I'm dead.

    17. Consequence No. 62

      They probably killed John Connor for the sake of having a "female minority." Some SJW shit.

    18. The Sorrow

      joe i want ur hoodie

    19. Max S.

      I have one idea on how they can save the series. In say another movie they start the movie right before the classic hero gets gunned down in the tropical area, but this time someone destroys the Terminator sent to kill John Conner. And continue some store after that.

    20. Michael Paul Mwasa

      i have now seen a couple of videos on this channel and i really like you guys and your topics. but do u always have to scream? since i am tuning in to the video i am already sold on the subject so i dont need the convising of screams when touching the topic. please. and also dont interupt eachother.

    21. Commander Codyson

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="723">12:03</a> Alex, I am from the future. It turns out Terminator Dark Fate did not lose $120 million. Instead, they only lost $130 million.

    22. D Cabral

      The deadpan from Arnold was funny, but not as funny as the idea that after killing John Connor, the machine ends up feeling bad and starts developing a conscience. Although, if they intentionally wanted to destroy the original legacy of The Terminator, then bravo!

    23. D Cabral

      The Terminator was never meant to become a franchise. The first was great, the sequel was excellent going full circle and finishing the story. Everything after that was pure money grab, and fan exploitation.

    24. D Cabral

      I just can't believe that the ONLY movie of this type that I've seen of a truly strong female as the main character, was Wonder Woman written and produced by Zack Snyder!

    25. D Cabral

      The lesson to be learned, don't kill legacy characters, just because... If Hollywood wants to truly push a pro-feminist agenda, how about letting competent female directors present relevant stories that feature strong women, instead of portraying strong women by depriving them of their femininity, and replacing it overly masculine attributes. Sarah Connor was a strong bad-ass since the first movie, and she never lost her identity as a woman.

    26. gareth devlin

      If all t 800 look like Arnold Schwarzenegger wouldnt people catch on in the past and the further where these people look the same and killing people that there something wrong wouldn't the police catch on if you kill John how is the born he's sent his father back in time to save him

    27. JersyDvl

      Don't kid ourselves. They killed John Conor solely so they could replace it with a woman to please the PC crowd

    28. Bernd B


    29. WishYouWereHere

      Sorry, Alex. This turd ended only with $261m. LOL. Alex has no clue about how box office profit distribution works. This movie easily lost over $120m at the box office.

    30. Nikhil Chandran

      It made around 300 million just like Alex said lol.

    31. Richeal Frost

      😖😭😭is sad that the terminator was build to "kill"😖.There no right to claim back what is good and gone...how sad was tat...😭🔥😭🔥😭🔥

    32. Joshua Neff

      I could have fixed the franchise and i might still. My idea was to go back write three screen scripts for a prequel series before Kyle Reeves was sent back in time to save Sarah Connor. It would depict the true John Connor and would take the fans through how the real war went down. James never got back with me on the idea. I was willing to give the ideas and story line to him to help revive the franchise. But he decided on destroying his franchise himself with the release of what ever the hell Dark Fate was suppose to be.

    33. nayib Hassan Diaz

      I didn't liked they killed John , but the movie was great as Linda did a great job so as Arnold , I liked the guy who did the "bad Terminator" he was great, only the story was poorly written that I agree, but it was fun and action packed , people should have given it a chance and then criticized it later , that's what I think as a big Terminator fun , the REV-9 wasn't that bad , it was great IMO

    34. nayib Hassan Diaz

      Why , I liked it

    35. Yayo Elías Girón

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="520">8:40</a> OJ's got a point.

    36. Kefka

      Worldwide $261,119,292 (as of this post on Box Office Mojo)

    37. MidNiteR32

      Bad CGI and very bad writing ruined this franchise.

    38. MidNiteR32

      I gave up on this franchise after T3. Shit went downhill. Let the franchise die. Salvation was trash, Genysis is garbage, and so it this new shit. Fuck it all burn it down. Let it die. Greedy production companies just trying to get money for the Terminator franchise.

    39. War Machine

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="690">11:30</a> Pacific Rim Uprising was not R rated your friend is very desperate to protect a shit movie when Joe hit the nail on the head Get Woke Go Broke!!!

    40. Genuine UK

      Terminator Salvation is the best terminator movie

    41. Joe's Reef

      I actually liked the movie I wasn’t disappointed with it at all. I didn’t care for the way how they made the girl the leader of the resistance...only because she really didn’t seem like a leader. Other than that I thought it was a great action movie.

    42. John McKenna

      Tim Miller and James Cameron really f*cked up on this one.

    43. Arindam S. Roy

      Grace was way better than both Danny and Sarah Connor in this film

    44. Harley guy 68

      One word "woke". Stop trying to feminize traditionally male leads Hollywood or keep losing money.

    45. Sam Malone

      I hope a terminator goes back in time and terminates Tim Miller or the script.

    46. Zakir Abedin

      Terminator salvation was the last one i watched that too cos of Bale....damn! Feels bad that we won't get a decent T movie anytime soon.

    47. KingTairun

      Enjoy you SJW stuff Joe just keep in mind and count how many franchisees they destroyed so far.

    48. intense_pickle

      Calm down you fucking baby...the game is actually good

      1. Chris Martinez

        Too bad this was about a movie

    49. Greetedfox

      Terminator Genisys: makes John Conner a villain Terminator Dark Fate: Kills off John Conner

    50. nicholas zirkle

      They just wanted to make a female movie expect with Arnold

    51. Mc Lovin

      It made 261,1 million dollars and the movies budget was 196 million dollars which means they only made a profit of 65,1 million dollars. But they don't count the marketing budget the companies does so it made definitely less than 65 million dollars. I would guess 20-40 million dollars in profit only, maybe even minus in profit, i don't know exact the amount a marketing can cost so.

    52. Mario Fernandez

      John was a fucking hacker video playing kid, he could have been a creator of technology and his own company is the new sky net and betrays him. Some shit like that. Why an accountent ?

    53. Baby Chewbacca

      They’re purple lasers!!!! Make that a t shirt lol

    54. Wisconsin Rebel Homes

      This would of worked if terminator dark fate aka remake 3 plot went like this. 1998 Arnold Schwarzenegger saves John & Sarah from the new terminator. We find out that skynet had other facilities we didn't know in the 1st two flims. Arnold, Sarah n John go to Texas that explains y they are in texas now. We find out dani is John's daughters but shes not born yet she takes over the resistance after john retires. We see future Arnold is John dad like in 2 then it make scent to do that instead of what they did.

    55. Alex S

      Every feminist/revisionist movie out there has been a massive failure. Every single ONE! The feminist ghostbusters, birds of prey, woke/feminist "terminator", new Charlies angels, and female version of ocean 11's etc..... every one of these films has FAILED and will continue to fail because people are sick and tired of Hollywood forcing their political views and propaganda on us. Majority of people do not agree with transgender movement and "gender fluidity" and no matter what famous Hollywood blockbuster you take and use in your propaganda PR people see through it and resist it. Terminator DF is a completely retarded movie. I literally mean this... as if it was written and made by bunch of retards. Character development non-existant, CASTING SO WRONG IS FUNNY, non-existed storyline, recycled action scene from previous films, and the heaviness of feminist/woke stench is present throughout the film making it impossible to watch. It is such a rarely bad film that I would be completely ashamed to be inovled in such a monstrosity. IT is simply SO FUCKING BAD!

    56. Admiral54 Barns

      Why do you think Tim Miller got kicked off Deadpool? Ryan Reynolds knew what Tim was. Hence he told him to fuck off.

    57. Emily Apricot

      Joe, you used to sit equally next to your co hosts so you don't have to turn around to see them. And do you all really need helmet mics ?

    58. Xantheus07

      They killed John because of the patriarchy they couldnt have a man save mankind it has to be a wuMAN.

    59. SavageGamer60

      How did dislike this movie a lot but loved Genesis? Dark fate is a masterpiece compared to that piece of shit movie.


      They wanted to piss off the small subset of individuals who think ethnicities and females should not be stars in movies or the ones who want every movie gender swapped by using a female mexican/Latin American actress and setting but if they wanted to go there why not make her a Sara Connor terminator survivor who is witness to a terminator attack maybe make legion a creation of skynet we left genysis open ended why not have skynet pretend to be human and create legion then in the future it sends back older model t800 models that humans slowly begin to develop new technologies to battle these cybernetic machines that keep appearing at random so eventually they turn to this new tech called legion tech to battle skynet sent terminator t800 models then only when it's to late do they realize that the tech they are building is the very same tech that's been attacking them all along and Dani could be a child soldier trained by Sara after a t800 kills John and in the battle between it and Sara Dani losses her family and is rescued by Sara and protected by her and the next movie can detail the war of humans vs these machines sent by skynet to make humans create legion tech AKA skynet .

    61. Playr One

      next time in other siquel this babe kill to and human savior will by hobbit or somting like that )

    62. Reichenfaust099

      It's absolutely hilarious that the movie Linda Hamilton came back to after she had her meltdown in 2003 about how there was no reason to go back to terminator, then she comes back for this... I will default to what Mrs's Brown says in this situation. "Oh? That's nice."

    63. JustJosh

      This should be shown in school as an example of what not to do to a franchise.

    64. A. Silvermane

      Nearly three months later, its still a massive bomb

    65. TonyV

      Alex: "Theres no way this loses money" Movie loses $120 million dollars

      1. crackerjackbund

        TonyV lal

    66. bLOCKbOYgAMES


    67. UnquantifiableQuest

      How do you mean, why? The crystal clear answer is sjw and feminist madness

    68. mensah talk 2

      first the predator movie, now this

    69. The Movie God

      great movie 10/10.

    70. Young Anthony

      Once the missions complete they can finally get that latte at starbucks

    71. Jorge Lopera

      Those 1.2 thousand dislikes are obviously from legion, skynet is actually also 1.2 thousand times better than legion. Dammit Tim Miller!

    72. Unbox Fresh

      22m14s - Earl is a homosexual Terminator - t800 comes out as openly gay and is now living a FABULOUS life after finding out John Connor is dead and he literally has nothing to do... btw, why does SC have to 'hunt' terminators after JC is dead? if JC is dead, wont the terminators just do nothing like Carl did (or become like a human).

    73. Danny Dan

      The game was awesome i shit you not.

    74. Danny Dan

      Linda hamilton was pretty okay in this movie arnold did his part good its everything around it that made this suck a 1.50m tall mexican girl saying we should fight the machines... everyone: oh yeah lets try that... she seems she knows stuff... ugh

    75. Jesse James

      Don't you know in today's society men are the villains and women are perfect. Case in point the upcoming invisible man movie.

    76. Sissy Turds

      I dont understand why critics hate so much on the terminator movies after t2. I think they all where good. And last 2 gave debt. T1 had a 80s horror feel like christine with bad effects

    77. Konrad 29

      Let me rank the Terminator movies: 1. Terminator 2 - 10/10 2. Terminator 1 - 9/10 3. Terminator Genisys - 8/10 4. Terminator Dark Fate - 7/10 Terminator Genisys , for me , is better than this one . I love Sarah Conner in this one and I like Grace character , but Dani .... it's just bad ! This movie is just T2 again , only much much worse ! Terminator Genisys has 2 wrong actors cast : John Conner and Kyle Reese , but Sarah is amazing , the character Emilia plays is believable , I believe she is a young Sarah , she is such a great actress ! On the other hand , Dani is a wrong character ,, Chosen " for the Terminator movie ... ! Arnold is amazing in Genisys and is amazing in Dark Fate to , but here his contribution is less ! And in the end , I don't understand Alex , Joe's friend , how you can catalog a movie : Terminator Genisys : it's a weak movie or bad , if you haven't seen it , just by looking at the trailer ... , come on man this is stupidity !

    78. Omar Bartolini

      I really don't get why people is so pissed by john connor getting killed, THAT WAS the purpose and objective of the terminator movies ""To Kill John Connor"". And of Skynet it got defeated, but in the end technology and AI were not going to be completely wiped out of existence. Now Legion is far cooler than Skenet, skynet was just a prototype AI mainly as a military operating system that got out of wack; Legion on the other hand was designed as a ""Cyberwarfare AI"" and that makes it a greater threat than Skynet ever was.

    79. sjoerd kalischnig

      start new after T3 where they end up in the bunker go 20 years from there and show how Jonh conner becomes a leader and how he sents the terminator back in time and have interacion with Skynet that would be a movie everyone will wanna see.

    80. offir arafeli

      from google the movie made 261m. that's not a lot.