The Best Games of the Decade (2010 - 2019)


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    From Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim to Breath of the Wild and The Outer Worlds, here are some of our favorite games of the last ten years. Check out our complete list of the best games from 2010 - 2019:

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    1. IGN

      This is just a partial list of our favorite games of the decade. Head over to for the complete list.

      1. Alperen Abacı

        I thought you guys didnt put UNDERTALE

      2. DawgMayne

        The fact hearthstone is on this list ❤️ it made me undislike


        IGN where's Sonic Generations?

      4. dj ikr

        Yep I hate IGN

      5. dj ikr

        no your list is trash just like your reviews you just give movies or games bad reviews because it doesn't benefit you or your bad at the game. or the movie is boring to you like really. Just like Jurassic world evolution you gave it a 4.8 and nobody agreed with you I'm just telling the truth lmao please do better at your jobs that's all I'm asking thank you

    2. Miguel Palileo

      Can't believe they didn't feature any of the Bioshock games smh

    3. Partha Sarathi

      Where is doom??

    4. Joshua Betz

      Knack 2? Its not here!? The archives must be incomplete... Why is there Tetris Effect and no Red Dead Redemption 2?

    5. Dante XE

      worst list ever

    6. GoChang

      i dont understand how ' The Vertigo ' doesnt make it to this list, bought it from steam the first day

    7. G O D

      Witcher 3 deserves top spot

    8. In Perspective

      Horizon Zero Dawn


      I am a common man I see neir and Zelda I click

    10. Fartrel Clugins

      9:39 why do i keep seeing this sexier version of the witcher 3 on top 10 lists? like the menus and health bars look so much sleeker than mine. i thought that it was a pc thing so i bought it for pc and it looks almost exactly the same is it does on ps4 and xbox but with better graphics. can someone please explain????

    11. Woodrow Oneil

      How much money blizzard gave y’all to include heartsone in the list I was ready to throw this list out if Dark Souls didn't make it.

    12. Ayman M Bhih


    13. Jairus Eli Jasmin

      Dota 2. Really? DOTA 2!! REALLY???

    14. / Lockuhma

      Um skyrim HANDS MF DOWN

    15. Ronak Nikam

      Dutch I have plan to kill ign

    16. White Mo

      If Black Flag, Dota and Hearthstone were replaced by Dishonored, Stick of Truth and Portal 2 we could talk. I suppose money rules.

    17. 777 777

      I really hope more people would like dishonored games...

    18. Henry Jiang

      Lets go Black flag! It is the best for sure because of the story!!

    19. Jaap Berends


    20. Ramakrishna Appicharla

      Hey!!! You forgot to mention MGSV...

    21. None None

      1 like for ME2.

    22. NyuuM

      Horizon Zero Dawn ain't on the list?!

    23. Tyrel

      Doom 2016. Brought FPS games back to where they belong. And it brought DOOM to a new era effectively. It cuts to the core of what we really enjoy FPS games for. Visceral, unadulterated, maniacal, shameless fun. Also with one of the most technically unique soundtracks to any game this decade. It moves and grows with your actions in real time and it is expertly produced. DOOM 2016 might as well be the best reboot of the decade (not counting a remake like RE2 which is also stellar)

    24. Cold Toast

      I'm surprised that meow meow meow meow.

    25. Kyle Kirkpatrick

      No Tomb Raider (2013). Seriously?

    26. warren byrne

      96? Odd number.

    27. Artie Araiza


    28. Raul Cordeiro

      I never heard of What Remains of Edith Finch before

    29. thevideo gamehit

      Ya gotta check the rating of the games Before playing it

    30. noodles :3

      I came here only for Witcher.

    31. Vujnovic634

      Only 3 PS exlusives???

    32. MrGeometres

      Any love for Puzzle games? Portal 2 (2011), Antichamber (2013), The Talos Principle (2014), Stephen's Sausage Roll (2016), The Witness (2016), Into the Breach (2018), Baba Is You (2019) + Zachtronics games.

    33. Gamer Slander

      I say only a thing to 2015 :kill me... but Undertale

    34. Koricu

      Nier: Automata?

    35. MuhammadFarid

      damn no NIER AUTOMATA 😢

    36. Dylan Spadafora


      1. The unprofessional


    37. Fearful Tuna

      I hate when people say no other game has a sense of freedom like Breath Of The Wild.....literally every single open world game has as much freedom.....ffs

      1. Fearful Tuna

        The unprofessional all games have that, including Breath Of The Wild. The areas you’re talking about in Horizon though are places you don’t need to’s pointless

      2. The unprofessional

        Invisible walls, areas blocked by quests, smaller maps etc

    38. Fearful Tuna

      Horizon Zero Dawn for me! I also played Breath Of The Wild, but in my opinion I don’t think Breath Of The Wild can even touch Horizon. I also tried Skyrim twice....once the day of its release, and the second time a couple months ago, and both times I couldn’t get passed the first few hours just because of the horrendous gameplay and graphics. I also tried The Witcher 3 and just felt overwhelmed as I don’t have the time to sink 400 hours into a game with everything going on in my life right now.

    39. Aditya Gulhane

      I mean really!! No Csgo?

    40. Aditya Gulhane

      Shitty list. No csgo

    41. Karl Franz , Emperor of Mankind, chosen of Sigmar

      Shadow of Mordor anyone ?

    42. Adam Melhuish

      Picked a lot of gems but Portal 2, Resi 7 VR or Resi 2 Remake and maybe even PT.

    43. Angus HallFord

      My Top Picks: Skyrim, Minecraft, The Witcher 3, Doom, Animal Crossing New Leaf, World of Final Fantasy, Bloodborne, Stardew Valley, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Odyssey, Rocket League, Super Mario Maker 2, Breath of the Wild, Octopath Traveller, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, FF XIII, Gran Turismo 5, Bayonetta, Farcry 4, Shadow of Mordor, Pikuniku, Littlewood, Mount and Blade Warband, Dark Souls, Just Cause 3, The Quest, Terraria, Wolfenstein the New Order, The Yawhg, Undertale, Dusk, Delver, Trine, Infinity Blade 2, Oceanhorn, Reigns, Fruit Ninja. Games I’m looking forward to this decade so far: Animal Crossing New Horizons, BotW2, Bayonetta 3, FF VII remake, Doom Eternal, M&B Bannerlord.

    44. Phobia Falls

      Dead Cells that is all

    45. Ace_421

      Okay guys, hear me out Wolfenstein x Doom crossover...

    46. hoochiemoochie

      Brian Altano looks like he's put on some weight. Thank goodness because he got to the point where he looked emaciated.

    47. Great Fisher

      Weird how basically no competitive multiplayer games make lists like these when they are arguably the most widely popular in society (any of the earlier Cods or Halos, fortnite, Destiny, Overwatch, rocket league, etc.)

    48. Apanatchanka

      this is clearly a big publisher shout out

    49. harvinder singh

      Devil may cry 5

    50. Stefan Hell

      Edith Finch is on this list? Come on 🤣

    51. The Sky Walker

      Just go for Nier: Automata in the thumbnail

    52. Memoon Khan

      There is no fun in a list without rankings. So not gonna read your list sorry

    53. Sandeep Das

      Skyrim just that rest is .... Matters? Oh! Witcher 3 & Odyssey best ever ofc with Skyrim

    54. championchap

      This list is nothing like my list.

      1. The unprofessional

        Maybe because opinions? Nvm company bad knack 2 wasnt on the list

    55. Connor Stoltzfoos

      No Metal Gear? Hrrrrg

    56. Sreesha Siri

      Wt about mafia 2

    57. Pablo Giles


    58. Atletix _

      Where is Uncharted a thiefs end?

    59. YongKang Chia

      Borderlands anyone?

    60. Nets Tomb

      if they started with tetris i would be closed this video 13 mint earlier