The Biggest Games Coming in 2020


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    On the cusp on the new year, we're looking ahead at the biggest games confirmed for 2020, from The Last of Us Part Two to Cyberpunk 2077.
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    1. zereth muller

    2. Reitz 1

      Mount & Blade Bannerlord

    3. NikolaiPLAYZ

      Anyone else freak out seeing half-life

    4. WMB 101

      2020 looking like a great year for gaming

    5. Efrain Vazquez

      Looking forward to new Zombiez!! Win a date with Deep sliver....LoL... double fine or sucker punch...maybe even people can fly..LoL

    6. David Liggins

      Doom Eternal & Dying Light 2...2020 looks absolutely garbage then..Gaming has got boring with too many sequels & remakes...

    7. ichigo himura

      I thought cyberpunk was moved?

    8. j.k. 123


    9. Hayden

      Chill with the music.

    10. Saman Lama

      My wallet ain't gonna survive this year.

    11. Joshua Wagner

      Just to let anyone no the last of us and cyberpunk were delayed

    12. Mohammed Ahmed

      My anticipations for 2020 are 1. Final Fantasy 7R( my favorite) 2. Nioh 2( better than sekiro) 3. Cyberpunk 2077 4. Last of Us 2( to blow my mind) 5. Ghost of Tsushima

    13. The Circuit


    14. Logen M

      Potentially a new Bugthesda game as well.

    15. my mind is blur

      Where is Biomutant and Witchfire or Atomic Heart

    16. _Repus_47 _

      My boy Watch Dogs: Legión???

    17. Adnan Ashtar

      Halo infinite, Doom Eternal, and Resident Evil 3 is what I’m most interested. I’ll wait for TLOU to come on PS5.

    18. SUPER

      I am waiting for botw 2

    19. Shark LB

      I’m most excited for cyberpunk tbh

    20. Lucas Barros

      Cyberpunk, tlou and ff7 are my go to's

    21. Jacadac

      Here I am looking forward to Persona 5R and Xenoblade

    22. Mikkallestad

      2020 great for gaming, bad for society

    23. The Dude

      There's some awesome-looking games where the heck are they??

    24. fuhbloom

      So basically not that many decent RPGs... It's sad that after the success of The Witcher and how successful Cyberpunk will definitely be, there are still so few decent RPGs coming out.

    25. Airbus Bombadier

      Fliht sim 2020?

    26. MainUkraine

      IGN forgot the most ambitious game of them all, Elden Ring, by FromSoftware you know the studio that won TGA 2019 GOTY for Sekiro. They partnered with George R.R. Martin to make this next masterpiece....

    27. bennies fried chicken

      im still waiting for a game thats not as dumb as no mans sky where you can actually fly about space, trade and have space battles

    28. Alfster W08

      Elden ring?

    29. Gravy Spin

      Halo is infinite, and DOOM is Eternal.

    30. Salty Omega

      Why is no one hyped about Desintegration? 1:47

    31. Fearme04 Lol

      This years video games are trash

    32. Cem Ata Kıvırcık

      Ghost of Tsushima we wait u

    33. dicey

      I aint' finding any comments about dying light 2. Where yall at?

    34. Auxmub

      Watch Dogs Legion?

    35. Gísli Þór Gunnarsson


    36. Archit Soni

      Soundtrack is amazing if you watch at 1.25x

    37. cedric roels

    38. Gon Freecss

      Sadly Cyberpunk got delayed but at least it’s still coming out 2020.

    39. THEknight TWIST

      if there wasn't cyberpunk,Doom and Last of us! it would be a Depressing Year!

    40. Akashi Seijuro

      I look forward to 2 new IPs still in development by Platinum Games. I heard they’ll be releasing it this year. PG’s action gameplay what makes my game hype up.

    41. CianOneill

      Read Dead Redemption : Quality Assassin's Creed: quantity Fifa:pure shite

    42. Water Cat

      From the I saw on this I'm waiting the ori and the wilow wishes

    43. Jose Rodriguez

      Im getting no mor heros 3

    44. Jose Rodriguez

      DYING LIGHT 2 YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    45. Jose Rodriguez

      Roller champ im getting it

    46. Jose Rodriguez

      LAST OF US 2 NO WAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    47. Jose Rodriguez

      I like the predetor one

    48. xKeNniii

      Last of Us Part 2 and FF7 Remake is what matters most. Looking forward to Resident Evil 3 Remake, Cyberpunk 2077 and Ghost of Tsushima as well.

    49. Rafael de la Roca

      Hi my name is Elden Ring and I'm the got winner 2020

    50. Nickiel Q

      90 percent of these games are gonna flop big time esp Avengers and Cyberpunk_ 10 percent LOU 2 gonna be lit

    51. ultra dan

      Im not sure if i should get some of this games like cyberpunk, ff7 remake, and avengers on release date cause i know they'll make a ps5 version😖😖😖🤯

    52. The13Bot

      Where's Dreams in this?

    53. Sam Adams

      Damn cyberpunk got delayed agai.

    54. ssyba

      Cyberpunk delayed to September. Depression.

    55. GenosectKingRevived


    56. Krisy Black

      No Metroid Prime is saddening, hopefully the wait is worth it

    57. Alexei_is_god

      I’m excited for last of us 2 and marvels avengers

    58. Samuel L Jackson

      The first half of the year is probably the best six month period in gaming of this entire console generation. Guessing Ghost of Tsushima, Dying Light 2, and Outsiders will fill the summer months this year. June through September. Nintendo probably has something aside from the Pokemon DLC too since they generally release a game in June or July. And then we're pretty much guarenteed to have games this holiday season since new consoles are launching. Are we actually getting a year with steady releases throughout the entirety of the year? That hasn't happened since like 2013.

    59. SKY _ EARTH 2020 upcoming Game enjoy my friends

    60. Everything channel

      You should have included Gods and Monsters.