The BROFIST is declared a HATE SYMBOL! (this is bad)



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    1. Rainbow Dash

      Me: what brofist a hate symbol Pewdiepie:dose not talk about the brofist Me: clickbate

    2. Thomas Time

      I love how he just showed crabs being slaughtered like wtf

    3. ya boi J Smith

      I thought 1288 was the hate symbol?

    4. Iyoow Abukar

      This is just ludicrous.

    5. Dapper :I

      The OK looks more like WO

    6. Nicholas


    7. sleepy sheepy

      Hi I'm Pewdiepie and welcome to my TED talk

    8. baconclown

      OK, *boomer.*

    9. SV Moment

      More of these please

    10. Chris G

      Crybabies everywhere🤦‍♂️

    11. Radelaid

      Can we get more of these, so good.

    12. Risky

      Montreal banned Bonjour/Hi

    13. Risky

      T-Series is a hate symbol Everyone Liked That

    14. Rambunctious Raccoon

      👌 Ranger

    15. Jackson Taylor


    16. lee jones

      The 21st century is fucking hilarious. I love it!

    17. reLik

      I feel like I'm watching Internet Historian

    18. PoDog694

      👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 u mad bro

    19. 1000 Subscribers With No Friends Or Videos

      Wow this is what Americans are concerned about?

    20. Hoes Mad

      Pepe doesnt need to be saved. People should start to not give a fuck about offended snowflakes. Actually, i encourage everyone to offend snowflakes more and more until thet become normal people or "Hikikomoris" LUL

    21. Psyla


    22. Bonnie Belle

      I can see the appeal of why it would be fun to troll the media. They are kind of idiots who are so easily angered. It's like, "Hey, let's see if this dumb idea can make it on the news lol!"

    23. Vlad1m4ra

      the ok sign has become a literal symbol of the ADL's hubris to declare random things hate symbols. That's what it is now and It's hilarious.

    24. Red Devil

      0:46 Pepelangelo 😮😍

    25. spartan9035

      *Poopie Docs*

    26. sassy late

      Idc the ok sign is just an ok sign to me 👌

    27. Jakey P


    28. alexandria Lecompte

      Weird that Pewds didn't talk about the Christchurch shooter.

    29. Michelle Quade


    30. whydoifeelsad

      Well then i guess ill brofist everyone one i know

    31. John D

      This is more accurate and informational news than ANY news station 👌👀

    32. Josiah Carpenter

      If pewd’s viewers are really under 10, he’s raising a fantastic generation of aware individuals.

    33. Charlie the Champion

      Why can’t 👌the ok sign just mean the ok sign

    34. Patrick Bateman

      You can’t just change a symbol and make it refer to violence. It’s like if I made the peace symbol some niche group decided to turn that symbol into some hate thing. I hate People

    35. XBOTX

      This is why I hate Americans

    36. Sbe 1

      This is what i imagine america to be like all the time.

      1. Ninja563


    37. Midnaitz

      I guess the Christchurch shooter was "just trolling" then. Nice one Felix

      1. f44.

        Midnaitz Truuuuuu, a guy called vaush made a video in it

    38. Bog Or

      But what if a non white person do that hand gesture?

    39. Andrew Der

      This makes me want to play jet set radio so bad

    40. DarkFireMonarchy

      These people give white supremacists these symbols cuz they want something to complain about

    41. ken shamrock

      So over the media and everyone else making out like white power is even a thing.. How many Kkk Members yall see walking about? none... Its not a thing... Media is Lieing to you to try and scare your. 99.00 Of people are good. Stop letting them make you think otherwise... The way they tell it everyone is a racist... How many racist do you know? none i bet. ( fuck off with this Shit)

      1. Dave Rubin Is Cancer

        "99.00 of people are good" Dude, shut up.

      2. Dave Rubin Is Cancer

        I see a lot of them walking about. Do you actually think kkk members walk around in white robes in public? You're so stupid it's palpable.

    42. Noongar Dandjuu

      Donkey Kong Country 2 theme

    43. frank di maio


    44. Huzi

      loling at the dkc 2 song

    45. Mike

      ok boomer

      1. Mike

        @Dave Rubin Is Cancer -- who?

      2. Dave Rubin Is Cancer

        Ew, Mike Pence is 💩.

    46. John Wick

      Pewdiepie doesn't understand how hate symbols work.

    47. John Wick

      This entire video falls apart when you ask the question: "what's the definition of a dog whistle?" Another bad take by Felix.

    48. Gabriel lazy Bones

      👌Im asian but still. 👌

    49. Ken Lui

      maybe a BROFIVE

    50. Noah Jule

      This is one of my favorite videos you’ve made in a while man. Keep it up 🙏🏻

    51. Gmodiscool15 Backup Channel


    52. Cammy D

      This is going to get claimed

    53. Soraia Cintra

      Well rip riot games

    54. Silas Moon

      *watches Pewdiepie video* *after video * *gets a Pewdiepie ad*

    55. ka lai chan

      t-gods: destroy FIsels once and for all everyone: declare War everywhere every single government: ah shit here we go again

    56. Dorky Kunicorn

      0:17 in school boys do that to girls which is like gay cause its a pssy. Also girls do the italian pasta gesture to the boys to symbolise their gay? Just weird school ;-;

    57. Ege Yiğit Pişkin

      Media: 👌 is now a hate symbol Me: OK boomer

      1. John Wick

        It's a legit hate symbol that's used by some people. It shouldn't be, but that's what a dogwhistle is. Look up "dogwhistle".

    58. willow 01


    59. Don’t Watch Gay


    60. SGaming7000 _

      This is weird, but at the end of this video I got an ad, and this ad is about a PewDiePie figure, yes an ad that's made by you.