The Deranged Cult Of Onision | TRO (ft. Pinely, j aubrey, Mista GG, Fainted, & Internet Historian)

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    The Right Opinion: The Deranged Cult Of Onision | TRO (ft. The Squad) (@Pinely, @Internet Historian, @Mista GG, @JAubrey & @Fainted)

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    1. The Right Opinion

      (PART 1 OF 3) EDITING CREDITS BELOW: Definitely one of my most ambitious videos, maybe a few things I wanna improve off in the future, but hopefully I'll perfect them. PLEASE CHECK OUT ALL MY COLLABORATORS BELOW. Apparently I can tag people in titles now so hopefully that explains the title change. In order of appearance: - Pinely: - Internet Historian: - Mista GG: - J Aubrey: - Fainted: Check out the editors: - Coniptuous: - Kringeh: - Chloe: - Lanooski: - Onion: Post-Editing: - Lanooski: Character Stills by: - HessDaBest: - Special thanks to my Patrons: a vdl, Low60, Mac Maunder, Jade Rose, ColossalKiwi, Ash Black, Darren (Barcrest Plays), Light, Marc, RistrettoEva, WilliamThatch, Adam VIllareal, Ashley Butts, Adam Goetz, Bryan Langley, cloudfruit, Connor, Divinireigns, Miru Kado, Neo, Brandon, Emily Yoder, Megan McCallion, Mikey K, Miru Kado, Neo, Nipple Man, Ristretto Eva, Michael, Shane Reese, Mama Fujo, Yuliya Terekh, Spoonie The Rogue, Natasha Gray, Bruhreallysnapped, Darren Barcrest Plays, Ellie, Nassim J, Spoonie the Rogue, Gravidea, Lena Zhivun, Valerie B, Shelby Schulze, Kie, Austin Clothier, Bob Jazzypoo, Emily Jane Willems, Philip Wesolowski, Neuwwington, MuglyfuglyThug, Nico Mendoza, Sydney Plasky, puking dog, Isabelle Pond, Jacob Matthews, saberfang, Casual User, Ella Elric, Jennifer Stachuska, Maria Diamantoukos, Seth, YarnWitch, York, Paulina Joensen, Julia Fesst, Ammene, Leslie Miller, Ambros, Emma Hinniger, Hillary Dryer, Kathryn M Sorroche, Mirthe, triangulous, 10$+ Patrons: Adam Goetz, Ashley Butts, Elizabeth Looby, orkfighta, somehulabaloo, The Derbinator, William Thatch, Ursula Holm, Eduardo Pedrero, unknown_hat, Al Graham, The Spectre Angel, nella, Jessica Thomas, Harle Quin, Jenn Sulana, Ella Daniels, Ariana McScribbles, Chris F, John, Declan, MentalllyHandicapped69, Yuri’s Fat D, Declan, Brett Mueller, CLM_?, C9 Love, Tabitha Leister, Adam Granger, Dawn Foxx, Iser Doriano, Nicholas, Poofy, Tepi, ジュリアン, Hunter Special Thanks to My 50 Dollar Patreons: somehulabaloo, Niko Deschamps, Caroline Very special thanks to my 100 dollar Patreons: Brandon, Stanton Twitter: Facebook: Discord: Instagram: References:

      1. Blueb4ry Z

        @Alisia Montes De Oca JMB My critique is not regarding whether or not it is his real voice because that isn't really an argument (ex: the real voice argument implies that the voice we perceive as his voice is not his actual voice). My comment expressed that I recognize his natural voice and that I think his voice sounds a tad nasal and the audio recorder he uses might be what makes it a little difficult to listen to. I know a lot of FIselsrs improve their audio over time, if the The Right Opinion does I would like that. His videos are already nice to listen to and watch. Since they are so long I listen to them like a podcast and am more sensitive to sounds that bother me.

      2. Alisia Montes De Oca JMB

        @Blueb4ry Z I'm sorry, and I wasn't trying to be unfair, but only think of it as how I would feel. But you are right, and he may not think of it as a hurtful comment. I sing and so I hear when people use their nose and it bothers me, but that's his real voice. Don't you think it is, or perhaps are you saying that it's the sound may be with an effect. I mean like a pitch that they made it sound like this? Anyways, I'm sorry! I was wrong and only thought of it as my opinion which is not the Right Opinion's.

      3. Blueb4ry Z

        @Alisia Montes De Oca JMB I don't think it's really fair to say that @The Right Opinion would be hurt by my comment as he seems like he's been fairly transparent with us. As I stated it is a bit of an unfair criticism, although perhaps he feels the same? Or didn't notice it? Its not easy to say from my perspective. But I wanted to leave it out there regardless.

      4. Alisia Montes De Oca JMB

        @Blueb4ry Z WTH! How can you ask him to change his real voice? He's a singer, so he's not trying to have that nasally sound. I'm also in that field and haven't heard it, which I pick up right away in songs and artists who use this method to either reach higher notes or not show their real sound. He speaks fast like a Sherlock Holmes, so I would imagine if he saw your comment, even if it wasn't intended to be offensive, he might get hurt. I also love TRO and because of this, I wanted to know more about him and if he went to college, because he's brilliant, and well yes he has and majored in many fields. He also has low self confidence. Although he is very good looking, I guess he doesn't see it that way. He most likely won't see what you wrote, but in the small chance that he does, perhaps you could edit it and go and watch a video that shows who he is, and you will see for yourself, that it is in fact his real voice. Just my opinion seeing you are a fan of his channel.

      5. Blueb4ry Z

        Hello I noticed this in your videos. Maybe an unfair criticism because it relates to your natural voice. But sometimes your voice can get really, REALLY nasal. I love your work, your format, and listening to your opinions. But it's a little hard to listen to... maybe you can do something in post?

    2. rigvee

      Ohoh can you look into Nikocado Avocado

    3. Janzorn

      15:42 bro why the fuck did I just see Lil Lano in your Video??

    4. notsosuperhero

      fucking LOVE Mista GG

    5. patriziapie

      I regret the time I spent unironically watching onision in 2014

    6. Sarah Sutherland

      His face freaks me out in an Uncanny Valley sort of way. It doesn't help that his actual personality is like a sociopathic robot trying to blend in, either.

    7. TheHollowJester

      This worm isn't even worth mentioning his moniker as it only blows him up further. Teens are in a volitle state and still figuring out who they are, and it's disgusting that he exploited this to great monitary benifit. Have a nice fall from that albino clydesdale greg, we'll be laughing the whole way.

    8. Murphy's Law.

      Big up Mista GG

    9. ravey23

      Literally all the points he made about calling out Shane Dawson a pedo fits onision himself lol

    10. ibuki fan

      Came for Internet historian.

    11. Enygma Enigmatic

      Trying to figure out who is more toxic to FIsels, Onision or Sons of Kojima. Tough choice

    12. Jimmy KrabKlaw

      I feel like Onison keeps coming up in the public eye every couple of years.

    13. It's what You make it

      It's such a TOOL. how does anyone over 10 watch this tweeker?

    14. Faith U.

      Damn I’m subscribed to all these ppl 😂 love that you guys collabed for this video!

    15. Geonosian

      sisesca looks like scp

    16. David Brown

      Yooo Mista GG colab was nice since I enjoy both these channels anyone else follow GG

    17. gabbymae7

      And now his 2 year old daughter fell out of a window

    18. Noah Ingram

      Make a video about bald and bankrupt, lots there

    19. PixelLightShow

      he is a pedo and a child rapest if he is not locked up soon the public will do justice for the law that will not.

    20. dirtnbloodnotherkids

      I never liked this fool, I saw some of his stuff when I was in high school but I always got bad vibes, he just comes off so full of himself with no substance behind it, like he just talks so much but says nothing. he clearly thinks hes so much smarter than he actually is and that's why he can only get with emotionally vulnerable 15 year olds. hes not funny either, like at all, I'd rather stare directly into my cats butthole than sit through his trash videos.

      1. Shy Shinoda


    21. Guy McPerson

      This man pulls out j Aubrey and Internet Historian to not just make a content cop on a dude, but nuke him into the core of the Earth.

    22. casey r


    23. AstraVex

      Omg, the pacing of this video is sublime!

    24. M P

      I really like your videos. Sometimes I didn’t even heard of the topic but I love when people make scripts and just starts talking and evolving the subject to something deeper. I personally watch/hear them while drawing on my computer, it’s very nice, I can’t make anything without listening to something. Sorry, I think what I’m doing is disrespectful to the editors effort in some way :(.sorry. But I swear I see the video on itself without doing anything else sometimes :D. Anyway, just wanted to say they are nice, and your voice is cool to listen to while I draw

    25. Bruwer van Vrede

      Internet historian is why im here. Sorry

    26. maggot man

      onision is so cool

    27. matt Walter

      I honestly only remember onision a couple times a year see what shit hes been stirring up then forgot for another 3 months

    28. caitron neery

      He talks like a homeless crackhead yelling into oblivion on the street corner. Like the way he forms his sentences is unsettling.

    29. Minilla

      鬼4 4月偉い人側不安な時間に合弱ファニチャーホテルボイスバードレス I feel so bad for a new science kid when he grows up he’s going to find out how terrible his father is

    30. Liam Kelley

      That's surprising. The Groomer hasn't falsely copyright striked this video yet.

    31. Randombeann

      i could listen to yall all day

    32. PixelLightShow

      semi unrelated but did anyone else pause at that old top subed youtubers thing at 16:53 and search the names you don't recognize to see what they where about and how many still exist. Some of these people have roots in the beginning of the site,and major internet events of the time and after.

    33. GGaming 360

      Can u do about Unbox Therapy???

    34. Mistica Davis

      Chris Hansen is on the Greg case. Chris contacted the FBI and they are starting an investigation against Greg and Chris contacted the Communication CEO of FIsels because Chris isn’t allowed to use the word “Predator” along with numerous other words. Which has Chris pissed. Chris is interviewing Greg’s victims on his FIsels channel “Have a Seat”. Chris went to Greg’s house last week instead of talking to Chris, Greg called the police on Chris. The audio of the police call has been released to the public. Greg filed a restraining order against Chris and Repzion. Greg is in serious trouble when he goes to court. Chris has his attorney but Repzion doesn’t so a few other FIsels channel creators are setting up a GoFundMe page to help Repzion with his court costs. Here is Chris Hansen’s “Have A Seat” showing the audio of Greg calling the police on Chris. Here is Chris Hansen on his FIsels channel interviewing Shiloh. Chris has interviewed Billie, Sarah, Sky, Regina and a few others but here is Chris’s interview with Shiloh.

    35. Anneide

      Onion just cleaned out his twitter lol, as if there aren't thousands of screenshots of the gross stuff he's said out there on the internet already

    36. Natty Bear

      dude creating an onision timeline would be like someone making a successful legends of zelda or fnaf timeline XD

    37. doombuggy123

      I love you, TRO, your videos are so damn good and this issue really needs more attention than it’s getting. I mean yeah, Chris Hansen is helping and the law is involved, but we still need to have a broader discussion about the predatory things he did that weren’t necessarily illegal. He was able to skirt around the law and be an enormous piece of shit to so many young women and girls and I think it’s important that different audiences are made aware of how troubling all of this is. You know what I mean?

    38. Jedd Jurilla

      I thought he was a goner by now. Didn't he have a sexual case against him? Something related to grooming an underage girl?

    39. ashhASPHYXIATION

      Thank you for breaking down why Onision appealed to people. I never watched him and I've never understood why people liked him as I only really heard about him when the hate started. This doco is great.

    40. Xavier Smith

      God damn onision is fucking psychotic

    41. Komato$e

      I wanna dropkick Pinely into a vat of acid.

    42. Marciline Thomas

      make a video about Kaitlin Bennett uwu please

    43. ruddiko

      onision says he's dropping talking about eugenia like pepzion says he's dropping talking about onision haha

    44. anny05

      If Onision never faces true justice, I hope he at very least loses most of his hair. I hope his hairline recedes just far enough that no way of combing it can hide it. I hope his weird hold over young girls recedes with his hair and one day soon he wakes up powerless and mostly bald.

    45. Hippity Hoppity, I want my Life to Stoppity

      Is there any actual record of him in the military?

    46. Whimsy Crow


    47. Almost Famous Unicorn

      Always a fan TRO cant wait till part 2. I've worn part 1 out on replay💛

    48. OllieRaptor

      You should do a video on the rise and fall of Smike.

    49. Christopher Burr

      Why do I feel onision will be the american Jimmy savile

    50. The Almighty Chubs

      For real man, you should be a lawyer. The skill and detail you display when arguing your point is so prolific; i dont think ive seen it anywhere else.

    51. OphiuchusSentinel

      TRO, my dude, your defeated little sigh at 11:29 broke my heart and makes me want to wrap you in a blanket with a nice hot cup of tea. That is a really harrowing subject to get into so good on you for that.

    52. James Hughes

      Legit just came here for the internet historians RAID AD

    53. Inbar Ofek

      My school was built next to Washington wetland and every year our Environmental Science class would clear invasive species (Himalayan black berries are the worst) and plant native ones because these ecosystems are important! They sequester carbon and provide many unique niches for our local fauna. Seeing an idiot destroy such beautiful, pristine nature is a personal insult and breaks my heart. His neighbors are model citizens, please show love to the wetlands.

    54. harmlessratz

      first time even heard of him, didnt miss much i see

    55. Jeffery Woods

      I was a oniosion fan. I'm the nicest person you'll ever meet. I use to watch him a lot as a kid. crude humor made me laugh. Kind of like shane dawson old videos. After watching him destroy himself it wa difficult. Watching all the people that wont leave him alone is even harder

    56. Destiny’s Anthem

      Its great how Chris Hansen is on onisions case now for pedophilia and the pussy called 911 on Chris only for the cops to show up on the side of Chris and to start making fun of him.

    57. Lauren F.

      Ah he got caught nice

    58. cereyza

      omfg! jpmetz!

    59. Sundrysun90

      Onision literally can’t muzzle himself to not get into trouble. I honestly hope he gets taken down and punished for his actions

    60. cool beans

      i just want those kids to get out of that house