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J. Cole

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    J. Cole & Puma - The DREAMER
    Agency: Dreamville
    Directors: Amber Grace Johnson, J. Cole, Scott Lazer
    Executive Producer: Justin Benoliel
    Producer: Whitney Jackson
    Production company: Object & Animal
    Director of Photography: Danny Hiele
    Editor: Roberta Spitz
    Colorist: Joseph Bicknell
    Labi Siffre - My Song
    Composer: Labi Siffre
    Licensed courtesy of Demon Music Group Ltd.
    Billy Joel - Vienna
    Composer: Billy Joel
    Connect with J. Cole:
    Connect with Dreamville:
    Connect with Puma:

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    1. Langie K

      "I think we're sorry!"

    2. Clint Eades

      Work me

    3. Jashaun Murrell

      Dreamer till I die, been playing football since I was 7

    4. silasvirus

      love him🤧🏀

    5. Tray Miller

      please give me back my basketball, Corona....

    6. Swish Mamba

      I watch this at least 2 times a day for motivation... Every day and night.💯 #ColeWorld🌎

    7. Deveondi

      Another great video. Good Job!

    8. Estephan Guerra

      watching this to cure my corona🦠 depression.

    9. Estephan Guerra


    10. AirJordan5 Yes

      This slowed version is one I prefer

    11. kimberly gonzalez

      I love you Cole 💓 so happy for all you’ve accomplished and am beyond grateful that you are willing and able to share your art with the world. You’ve helped me in countless of ways, never stop being amazing. Much love 💓

      1. WUTAE

        kimberly gonzalez I don’t mean to bother you, but I would love it if motivation strikes you while you watch my video ❤️❤️👉🏽

    12. Nasty Flamez

      1. WUTAE

        Nasty Flamez 🔥🔥🔥 good job Now enjoy !👉🏽

    13. Lidor Reuven

      Until this vid and all the comments I didn't know Kanye at all (beside he is kim's husband and that MAGA hat), but after watching this vid I got the chance to listen to one of the best artist ive ever listened to. Ye is a GOAT. thank u Cole.

    14. angel Ada

      2020 still lit

    15. jjay109

      Best ad I’ve seen in a while

    16. Mikayla Broussard

      the fact that he put the song vienna in this makes me tear up. i love that song so much

    17. ronish bista

      At least he ain’t have to fake it like Roddy rich

    18. Leon Taderera


    19. carmenlidia13

      🔥 🙏🏽 #BeSafe We will Beat This Covit19 💯 FR for REAL

    20. Sunus Holloway

      Say cole people don't even know this shit and don't care bros I been had FIsels for years and years this the only time I posted a clip but you no subscribers people want even look when I'm the only one telling this shit but they say I'm tripping they wanna still well this funny to me check it out just want input from someone that know something our youth don't know shit and don't care

    21. Chandler Norwood

      Fireee short film

      1. WUTAE

        Chandler Norwood My own creative visual 🙌🏼, please stand

    22. Alex Capwell

      Why y'all complaining? The song is actually good

      1. WUTAE

        Alex Capwell something similar to this video 🤲🏽💡💡🤲🏽

    23. Turnupblock 299

      Go to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="291">4:51</a> high-key cuteness little jermaine cole lmao💀😂💀😂

    24. Lexus Bradbury

      Thought Cole was dropping something, Scurries back to record player with first hills drive I’ll be here

    25. Ostyles23

      Kanye West - I Wonder !!!!!!!!!! Bring memories huge throwback and best album

      1. WUTAE

        Ostyles23 be real with me, how do you feel about my video?👉🏽👉🏽

    26. Saull_rd Almanzar

      @realcoleworld I like to think that “THE OFF SEASON” was really your features run in artists albums, and singles ,right? In the midst of that you weren’t completely on album mode and that feature run “WAS” indeed “The Off Season”. In the description of the video “Album of the year (Freestyle)” Referring to the (KOD Album) Uploaded on WORLDSTAR FIsels page you said: The Off Season coming soon... All roads lead to The Fall Off - Cole... since then you hopped on everybody’s album and doing a bunch of collabs; since you already gave us The Off Season with the features, now we’re just waiting for THE FALL OFF album, I could be wrong a thousand times but this is what I just think 🤔 💭 👀💀

    27. Kiarash Sherafat

      j cole aka god

    28. YrNThe PRO

      I love everyone. I wish the best for all of you honestly man. We're all on the same team

      1. WUTAE

        YrNThe PRO that’s the mindset that NEEDS to be mainstream ✨🤲🏽. I hope you get all the blessings . And hopefully this will motivate you to reach your goals even more 💡👉🏽👉🏽

    29. Adira Ifidi

      That guy that took the ball was so mean 🙁

    30. allanbedramatv

      THE FALL OFF 2020!!

    31. Llewellyn Mkhize

      How ironic the NBA has been since this corona shit been going around so we not gonna see anybody dunking crazy any time soon

    32. Anwar Gaming

      Y'all realize That J. Cole Has NO Tattoos? cause He doesn't..

      1. valdo, the creator

        Coz Issa sin

      2. Jay George

        How astute.....

    33. annakay whyte


    34. A Plate of Tacos

      Piano- My Song by Labi Siffre

    35. Denis Pepic

      Laughing at the fact that one guy wore Air force 1s in a Puma commercial

    36. dijon the digger

      I don’t know if I wanna forget who I am and grow old or remember who I am and stay young

    37. Just Flow

      High key inspirational tho shit is kinda emotional

      1. WUTAE

        Just Flow let me put you on to some more shit like this G🤲🏽✊🏽🤲🏽

    38. awalls962 !?

      I respect that Cole implemented Billy Joel's - Vienna in this. Fits so well and awesome for one legend showing another respect by putting his song in this

    39. Laulie

      God, I love J Cole and Kanye West. This is almost like a small collab between them :)

    40. u p

      new soolking cover corona :

    41. David French

      damn if puma drops some dreamer shit might have to get back on my 2008 puma grind

    42. Jon Robinson

      This is Billy Joel’s song ~Vienna Ain’t your song at all what even is this

    43. Emege ONE

      Es un hermoso video..

    44. Creme

      can someone tell me how he slowed down my song to make it sound like this? I prefer this over the original :)

    45. Marcus Brown


    46. Internet Gratis com Adimilson Leo Pastrana Santos

      MOBBERS FT J Cole 🙏


      🔥🔥🔥🔥 how many of us still listen to this every day This video fabulous <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> 💛💖 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🔥


      4 minutes and 55 seconds of my life well spent.

      1. WUTAE

        DeAndre Williams We have the same last name 😂. Do me a favor and motivate your self while watching this😌👉🏽

    49. elf-amazon 500

      J Cole: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="18">0:18</a> Kanye West: I Wonder (Song) Kanye West: "Are you sure about that"

    50. DominicSoooLive

      He had us in the first half...

    51. Danye

      Don't forget to subscribe my channel

    52. Danye

      Don't forget to subscribe my channel

    53. Danye

      Don't forget to subscribe my channel

    54. manwell c

      Mans is lowkey the biggest ye fan

    55. Tonice Mon’a


    56. peyton wolfe

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    57. Mia Brianna

      come on guyz don't waste your time go for *AUTHENTIC VIEWS D O T C O M* to get youtube Views LIKES

    58. Denis McInerny

      i wouldn't be caught dead in some pumas :-)

    59. Wilfred Donn Desaliza

      j cole is my inspiration coz i got no role modelz

    60. Luis Juarez

      the first song is called (My Song)

    61. Luis Juarez

      the second song was by billy joel (vienna)

    62. Detroitsniceguy 313

      Simple and plain I loved it......

      1. WUTAE

        Detroitsniceguy 313 I’m just trying to motivate people ✊🏽.👉🏽

    63. derek wilson

      Stopped watching but gave it a thumbs up didn't want to cry . Why j Cole why do u like piercing souls with your music

    64. Antonius Goge

      J Cole, Vienna waits for you! come and pay us a visit, I am still waiting for my favorite to see him live on stage 🙏🏼

      1. Methisfaction


    65. Mike Luch

    66. alex g

      Through the first few mins I was like damn why are all these hoopers wearin pumas tf

    67. NamaWave

      Kanye fans all going back to i wonder 😂

      1. Ostyles23

        NamaWave yes best album 🔥🤧🤧

    68. Gary Thompson

      LORD SACC not jumping off no porch y'all drop off in the yard and porch and I don't have nothing to do with the bullshit y'all got going nobody will see me then just leave me alone

    69. Monkeyboy165

      Billy Joel !!!!

    70. SossaGold

      J Cole wants to be Kanye sooooo bad

      1. John Paul Rodriguez

        @SossaGold Lmao yall Kanye stans really thinks Kanye invented everything🤣

      2. SossaGold

        SatanicokapiTM I Wonder sample, fashion moves, movie like add, cant keep ye’s name out of his mouth, should I go on?

      3. SatanicokapiTM



      🔥🔥🔥 does this song make you happy every day This video Wonderful <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="119">1:59</a> 🧡💜❣ 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💛

    72. Metallion Valley

      when is the album dropping Cole?

    73. Quadri Salahuddin

      Kanye West - I Wonder

    74. Spider Juan

      Vienna is such an underrated song. Glad J Cole put it in this amazing short film

    75. Dub2davis

      This is a good commercial but it could have been used for an NBA player not a rapper .... I guess Cole is the biggest name puma signed , shout out to my boy tho

    76. lashona Moana

      the best thing about this video are the comments below!!!! I'm motivated

    77. Nicholas Martinez

      Pure art 😌

      1. WUTAE

        Nicholas Martinez if you like this art I can bet you will love my art 🙌🏼👉🏽

    78. Jasmine

      Now both of my favorite rappers have used "My Song"

    79. KingCole The III

      The fact Cole get it millions of people to watch an ad which is more views that most rappers get on their entire album is beyond me

    80. Tiffon Jones

      All the dislikes are from people who thought this was a song