The Last Person You Want to Get Rear-Ended By - Key & Peele

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    A man struggles to get insurance information from the guy who rear-ended his car.
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    Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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      1. Slambrew

        Lmao smosh is still pretty funny, it’s just insanely different, signed OG fan who started watching again after defy media went under.

      2. Ni66a 1AM

        Mann people really out here blowing steam.. you guys really dont have lives.

      3. EddieGee TV

        Y’all really put the pussy on the chainwax on this one 💯

      4. roddy PROF.E.T.

        William Hunt lol one look at his channel and it’s cringey try hard thumbnails like every typical nonfunny youtuber. You have to be 12 to find that stuff good

      5. roddy PROF.E.T.

        What the fuck that dude is not a comedian. He’s the equivalent of the blues clues guy

    2. Michael

      Take a pic of his plate and call the cops

    3. alan phan

      This happened to me, that's when you just whip out your phone and film them and their license plate and that they're trying to get away.They stop real quick.

    4. Timo Cruz

      Lmao what?

    5. Karan Singh

      *Why didn't he just get in that guy's car and remove the key*

    6. CheeseyTaco Time

      The little hop over the car he did


      These guys are not funny.

    8. Brittany Queen

      OMG if Matt Cox would have been black

    9. Taylor Robert

      An old Central American dude swerved into me and smashed into my car. He’s speeding up while I am blowing my horn and signaling for him to pull over. I then force him off the road, he gets out his truck I tell him to look at the damage he’s done and he just looks me in my eyes and starting calling me crazy, saying I’m on drugs cursing at me in Spanish flailing his arms. Cops show up he tells a cop the same story while I’m showing a cop my paint on his car. Next thing you know he’s getting cuffed. Undocumented and over the legal limit of alcohol

    10. King Tshilobo

      Should’ve written down the license plate 😂😂

    11. dispinoylovzyou

      Should just record the license plate

    12. Leilutsuki Vazquez

      I mean jokes on him cuz a hit and run is a felony lmao

    13. Chad Olsen

      There was that one guy who rear ended Mike Tyson. He might be the last person you'd want to do that to

    14. John Keith

      All you need is his license plate number & your insurance will track him down.

    15. Devourer 671


    16. thebullybuffalo

      This is liberals dealing with iran

    17. the dank dogo

      Key looks wight and peele looks black Evan though both r mixed

    18. HadesOmega Moto

      I would have definitey take out my phone and take lots of pictures before the dude takes off

    19. ALPHABET

      Add me on snapchat 👻👻: Alphabet1700 For 200+ follows guaranteed . Get your clout up

    20. Whisperistic

      Lmao, it got me when he said it gave him chills up his fuckin spine thinking he was gonna take off.

    21. Darrin8112

      Love the sound of a SBC with a gear drive old school :)

    22. Martial Law


    23. kobby

      Dashcam in front and at the back of your car so even if they run you still got what you need to find them

    24. ADHD Vision

      U good I got his license plate number it’s... 2IBA333 but he decently doesn’t have insurance also the cars not inspected. Thank me later

    25. Maxim Reilly

      I would’ve GTA style jumped in the car or grabbed the info out of the glove box on my own

    26. loopa lopel

      This wasn't funny at all it was annoying.

    27. Louis Friedli

      Frat boys from Towson be like.....

    28. Hunter

      "I am a sociopath" Sounds about right for California

      1. Abe

        yea, the real right-wing crazies hide here.

    29. Ajay El click the link (it’s worth it) lmaooooo

    30. Lola LaChunk

      Oh yeah? License to shred.

    31. Lawnchair8

      They started off strong with "you came out of nowhere" but then kinda fizzled into the guy just has a weird personality. It's a shame because IRL the guy would have started redirecting the blame and getting offended at everything - anything but apologize and take accountability for their actions.

    32. Bodybag Dotzip

      1:54 Lmaooooooooo that should be all you need to tell buddy is gonna head out.


      🙏🙏🙏 1:41 ❣ 👇🔥

    34. Fear's Pack of Wolves

      Lol he’s kinda sounds like Steve-O

    35. Jacob M

      Surprised a guy like that even got out of his car in the first place rather than just drive off, haha.

    36. dedric bullock

      This happened to me in Houston word for word shit still pisses me off!!!!

    37. niggabenis

      not the 4th gen t topppppppp

    38. DS Purnell

      This is people in the state of Florida 😂😂😂

    39. Omar Lopez

      Dude I don’t like their comedy at all

    40. Sunil Zala


    41. Adam Blister

      I can't believe we went from Chappelle's Show to this unfunny crap. The bald guy is just loud and annoying and the other guy is just not funny at all. Awful. There's a reason these two get booed off stage in a live setting - they SUCK!

      1. Kid chaor

        poor baby gonna cry don't worry chappelle love you too

    42. PhyZeik

      License to fart 😂😂😂

    43. ecsyntric

      for the first time ever..i hit like with reluctance

    44. Joshua Kaeser

      Litteraly any gta5 player vs. computer

    45. shyam sundar

      Jordan Peele in real life is a race baiting sociopath. His niche would lose its luster and he will fail spectacularly.

    46. Proto Maverick

      You do know you could just take the recording to the police. Jk

    47. Erykah Lewis

      “I aM a SocIoPaThhhh”

    48. ihate Johnwick1

      is this a new skit?

    49. Jellyfish

      My dad got in a crash and I was in the car so then the lady came out and started yelling like a man which I knew she was a girl bc she was a teacher at my school and then when the police came the lady was like “THIS OLD B***H JUST CAME OUT OF NOWHERE AND THEN BOOM HE HIT ME”

    50. Austin Romano

      I am a SOCIOPATH!

    51. Ameliorist

      Fun story. I was with my sister sitting at a stop light for 3 minutes when a car rear ended us going 30 mph. My sister and i got out and the guy got out too. First thing he said was "were you guys braking?".

    52. KnightsManagement Diyer

    53. tear lowk

      Should have used a shitty Mustang, not a fucking 4th Gen F-Body.

    54. SpinOnAllFours S3/Ralliart

      Meeghen get an ugly Camaro

    55. Yoda


    56. yaboyshelz

      Get his license plate number. And always get a police report

    57. Jonathan

      Shit like this terrifies me. That’s why if I ever get into an accident, the firsts thing I’ll do is get their license number, if possible

    58. Roman Empire

      I’ve always been lucky enough to hit someone without insurance so we both kinda just drive off an act like it’s straight.

    59. Brad Bradleys

      This skit doesn't make sense. That isn't jake Paul driving that car at the end

    60. Charles Ramirez

      Just take a pic of the license plate 🤷🏽‍♂️