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    From building one of FIsels's biggest empires to becoming the most hated man on the planet, Logan Paul turns to boxing in order to find himself again.
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    I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.
    Music Credits (In Order):
    Skin - Alaskan Tapes, Chantal
    America - The Shoes
    A Giant Dies - Zack Hemsey
    This Feels Like Home - Zack Hemsey
    The Calm Before the Storm - Zack Hemsey
    All Was Quiet - Alaskan Tapes
    Hunger Of The Pine - Alt-J
    Let Them Come - Zack Hemsey
    Seeing is Believing - Zack Hemsey
    Drifted - The Shoes, Sage
    Views from Tower Two - Alaskan Tapes
    Speaker - Alaskan Tapes
    A Wounded Giant - Zack Hemsey
    Arise - The Siege
    Rise and Fall - The Rigs
    Methods of Madness - Zack Hemsey
    No Place for a Giant - Zack Hemsey
    In the Wake of a Giant - Zack Hemsey
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    Additional Credits:
    Second Camera -
    Nate Mennel
    Ari Abraham
    Brendan North
    Sound Recording:
    Anton Wisbiski
    Sound Mixing:
    Bradley Denham
    Colin Kast
    Ari Abraham
    Soundtrack Playlist

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    1. AsianDoggo ALEX

      Bruh I love the newly filmed ‘unreleased’ vlog footage man really shows your tru colors ‘maverick’

    2. Samantha Carrier

      Good thing he had boxing. I feel like it saved his life

    3. M00nTh Star

      29.30 music ?

    4. Mr man dude guy

      Ur bad kid

    5. sake soo cool

      how do he get over kong im teering😟😟😟😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😓 and worried please put up posters please im begging please try yuor hardest

    6. Zest

      Holy cow this dude needs to get himself together. So many L’s he’s taken. Wonder how he can change for the better

    7. EZ Money Productions

      Can anyone please bless me with the song at 39:04

    8. Edward Hernandez

      No nody cares logen works hard every single day no body works as hard as logan dose he only dose it because he cares about his fans and his family.

    9. Ragnar

      Song 21:17 ?

    10. Alice Kirby

      Logan should of won both the matches especially 2019 one-ksi did t even fight properly and logan did

      1. liltbone22

        Alice Kirby Lol no he didn't and KSI did fight properly even Logan said he did 😂

      2. Zexkay

        Alice Kirby what the fuck is “real fighting” 😂😂😂😂 it’s boxing and Logan is the one who did illegal punches

    11. Kool one

      There is some smack talking about this guy in Florida Zak Bagsby youtuber (Catchemall fishing). He claims he can kick your ass he said so on instagram. Looks like everyone one on that chat wants it to happen.

    12. Hassan


    13. Lindsay's life

      Watching this and looking at the attacks at Logan is disgusting but that’s just my opinion and I don’t think anyone who makes a mistake deserves to be ridiculed like that and one more thing is I’m pretty sure that tell someone in any form of way discussing, stupid and depressing and some take it literally and well it ends badly

    14. Prod. By MDOTDASUPA

      This documentary was so 🔥🔥🔥

    15. Y o u

      I mean like...this made me cry

    16. Jonathan Ramirez

      Wack ass shii

    17. Jonathan Ramirez


    18. Albin Norlen

      Love u♥️♥️♥️

    19. gamer comedy

      Nigga you lost fucking pussyo

    20. guy sumpthin

      Everything logan is awsome

    21. Joe Watkins

      I am not saying that what he did was great but i feel bad for him cause i understand the i did one thing wrong and now everyone hates me. If u see this support logan cause that was a great video

    22. Min

      NO ADS



    24. The language of football

      Nash mate. Kai won

    25. Mathew Boban

      Someone pls tell me what was the song at the end! That hyped me up! QUICK HELP

      1. Mason

        Mathew Boban Are you talking about the one when he was walking out to the ring in the first fight?

    26. blue gaming


    27. Ivan Buenaflor

      Jake paul vs deji he won but you are his brother why did you didin’t win loserrr

    28. Airflake

      Guess he predicted the outcome of the fight in the thumbnail

    29. Harry Smith

      He lost

    30. Sumit Vish

      lets go champ

    31. Vince Anthony Jumao-as


    32. adictbloxer 2002

      Tbh logan kicked the shit out of KSI but KSI only won becuase he has more matabalosm

    33. Kynan Serne


    34. Red dead Dan

      31:48 how come this dumb referee dosent take two point away for KSI hitting him in the face but in the rematch Logan gets a punch on the back of the head of ksi the head only ksi lands one in the face they don’t even take away points

      1. Red dead Dan


      2. Brandon GX

        Also headgear

      3. Brandon GX

        Logan did 3 illegal moves, JJ did 1.

    35. Ricardo M


    36. Brian Robbins

      The title of his documentary about the second fight is "three sneezes"

    37. Zep McCormick

      What’s 10+10

      1. FL11MEGAMER

        My Bad 20

    38. Zep McCormick

      At boxing

    39. Zep McCormick

      Your bad

    40. Oyun Tutkunları

      Adam da yirmi milyon abonesi var amk

    41. Retroplayr

      For fucks sake. We really have to see another sad video about Logan and the forest video? Like we didn’t already see that. At this point he’s definitely milking that shit which is just as disrespectful as making the video in the first place.


      Love Logan bro

    43. chinmaya wagh

      12:09 the guy in white shirt has Bhagat Singh tattoo full respect to the guy jai hind

    44. Petter Habtu

      logan would win the rematch with milton as a coach

    45. Jujo.

      I'm just here because of Pyrocynical

    46. legolas1st //\\

      Dis is the best part of the video 39:56



    48. BDRyan // RetardedRiolu

      Maverick from rainbow six

    49. OperationBlackOut vids


    50. Kurxqt


    51. Trenton Piper

      All this just to lose

    52. Subscribe to PewDiePie

      16:38 until he fought KSI

    53. Bailey Brennan

      You Lost😭

    54. Cantdothis212

      Lmao trash

    55. Funkow

      KSI Like Logan comment

    56. Md Yadh

      L bro🤡🤡🤡

    57. #1hero

      1:38 is that the part where they hit there head as a child?

    58. Kid so close Perfect

      Don’t feel bad we love you but if not I do

    59. Dyami Ramsey

      This is supposed to be about boxing not the fact that he thought it would be funny to record a dead body

    60. Yousef Habeeb

      Fuck Logan Paul