The Sims™ 4 Discover University: Official Gameplay Trailer

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    Enrolling is just the beginning in The Sims™ 4 Discover University expansion pack*! Decorate your dorm room or off campus housing and decide on your collegiate outfits - will you go school spirit or comfy chic? Pick the major of your choice and then decide if your Sims go to classes. Or not! Enjoy extracurricular activities, join clubs, and much more. Learn all the ins-and-outs of going to school in our latest trailer.

    Available November 15, 2019 on PC and Mac and December 17, 2019 for Xbox One and PlayStation®4.

    Learn more about this Expansion Pack:


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    1. The Sims

      Simmers, classes will be starting soon in The Sims 4: Discover University! 📚 The expansion pack is coming to PC and Mac on Nov 15, and to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on Dec 17!

      1. -softii Panda-

        I brought this pack but i dont have it in the game any tips

      2. eli 1412

        We dont need u a universerie we need better babie

      3. Dont Eat My food

        Generations, and hotels and resorts. Give it to us, RIGHT NOW. please.

      4. Bee

        hello, I wanted to ask you if it would be possible to make a pack on the period

      5. Mario Bowser494

        Just release packs on console at the same time as PC

    2. Slavo Ashur Knight Of Templar

      Discover university? More like Discover EAs Disapointments

    3. cory6266 what twisted version of reality is going to college while raising a child alone, "life goals!?" That's insane! That's something you _avoid_ having to do, not treat it as something you push to obtain! What kind of bullshit is this?

    4. Peach

      If only the sims didn’t take so FREAKING LONG TO GET ACROSS CAMPUS

    5. Anika bojja

      why is the guy she was dating kissing a boy????

    6. Little Luci

      Wait.... can we talk about the fact she transferred schools just because no one believed her when she said robots were gonna take over the world?

    7. Animation Chan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="16">0:16</a> I literally thought that the dude with blond hair is Morgen (the sage of the untamed in the sims 4 spellcasters)

    8. RX 1000

      So I got this pack. Not worth it. I expected a lot more for how much they were charging. It takes forever to even get into the colleges. The dorms aren’t worth it. There’s hardly anything to do on Campus. Your sim is stressed and tired all the time. And it just costs your sim more. I wouldn’t get it.

    9. Saphira Plays

      My exam paper You get a D- Me dose not really care just imagine teacher barking bc her name is miss barks

    10. MatthewDoesMapping

      That lady had a gram of Coke

    11. NinjaOutfitInTheWash

      The slang in the latest voice over trailers is pissing me off.

    12. Tiffany Steele

      When you can't go to university well 1 solution get sims University yeee

    13. Serena Plays

      Its a sea bass! No wait its at least a <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="63">1:03</a>

    14. Ilwad Mohamed

      Can you make the sims 4 mobile? Please!

      1. Ilwad Mohamed

        @The sims

    15. RnKProductionsCo


    16. Cali's Spoken

      Having a kid while attending college is not life goals. Don't listen to her

    17. popcorn pop

      Ewww who wrote his? I have the urge to burn

    18. Tyler Gay

      I got a little distracted, lost my scholarship and now... I sell my body for money. Come on EA, where's the sex workers expansion pack?! Give the people what they want!

    19. Alexis Steele

      who needs real school when there sims university

    20. Anouke Sinthasomphone

      funny how well-received this is in the comments compared to the new eco living

    21. itsafish MAN

      My bruh

    22. Victor Guerreiro

      I Love

    23. Lobster named goose ꨄ

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="17">0:17</a> I got way to exited when I saw this scene, the bold inclusiveness in the sims fuels my soul

    24. Suzette was here

      Either this sim is speaking in english or I played so much of it I can understand their language

    25. Izzy H

      Trailer: “had the worst roommate. Now we’re besties.” Household description: “Julia and Becca have been best friends since kindergarten.”

      1. Animation Chan

        Lmao, I think it was a small typo

      2. SUPER SARA qxz

        We all know storytelling is not a strong point of TS4 😂

    26. Adele :D

      omg WE NEED MORE TRAILERS LIKE THIS!!!!! i love the personality it gives to the pack when theres a voice over

    27. Andi V

      I just bought this hope EA enjoys my 20 bucks while it's on sale

    28. Jtg 529

      Wow this pack was released six months ago. OMG

    29. Chloe Cheng

      guess we all got catfish by the discover university trailer lol

    30. Super Fish

      Omg I need

    31. Minu Mansoor- Mckee

      this is definitely the best sims 4 trailer even though its not like the real game at all

    32. Bloody Chloe

      oh the poor person who had to voice this.

    33. Mirkwood Koopmans

      Sad that in the real expansion, Universities are practically ghost cities xd

    34. viitenkaa vii

      who the voice actor though 👀👀

    35. Rosie Lindley


    36. Marmitee

      K but the clothes in this pack were actually amazing

    37. Glen Theo

      ''switched housing, a lot'' hahahahaha yes, I would like to see how that was possible since my game glitches and keeps me stuck in an endless cycle of 'moving out' when I've tried this.............

    38. Karter

      You should make a sims show or movie it would be so cool

    39. Claire H

      I want this soooo bad but its 40 dollars

    40. Shanen Audrey Perez

      aaa are there japanese anime like sims version of this?? 😍😍😍

    41. AmyClaire Mager

      HELP! I can’t seem to play any other household once sims go to uni because the term just continues and they fail if you’re not playing them. Does this mean that when you put a sim through uni you can’t play any other household until they graduate?? Also means you can’t make multiple student households without them failing. Is there anyway to change the settings or freeze the term for people you aren’t playing (like sims 2) !? This feels like a massive development flaw.

    42. Noah Leopold

      Did you guys release this just so people will shut up about it?

    43. Steff R.

      I don't understand, what language is she speaking? By the way juefug smelo bak!

    44. Snowy Snowy

      Can we just appreciate how good the trailer was?

    45. swager dager

      Ok now I see why they speak gibberish.

    46. Lila Pawlak

      Mega fajny

    47. Grim Pasta

      Is there a way to stop some classes cuz i put like 5 classes and now shes just at class the whole time and i hardly play her

    48. astqicle


    49. Какой-то Банан

      На самом деле если вы записались на 4 предмета то с утра до ночи вам пздц. Нужно делать ДЗ по 4 ПРЕДМЕТАМ. ЭТО НЕ ТАК ПРОСТО

    50. SimFlim

      If you're a Simmer and a fan of Sims voice over series, drop by my channel! ❤️ FIsels has started removing likes on small channels and I need you to help the Sims director community grow! 🙂

    51. Drielly Gomes

      Disappointed with this expansion, I expected more! They did it grudgingly.

    52. Zari Veres Royal

      Can this please become available on legacy edition???

    53. Alpha Sims

      The sims will never be as good as Paralives!

    54. Elen Korkmaz

      I can't believe this video was 5 months ago

    55. Hmsquid

      I LOVE THAT SO MUCH!!!!!!!

    56. Ninni Vix

      povera me 😖 Addio vita sociale👋😂

    57. Charlie Playz

      My brother goes to uni and it sounds so cool and he always mocks me saying I’m not old enough but now I can say to him I can go to uni

    58. Asylum Escapee

      Finally, people will stop saying "wE wANt uNIvErSitY"

    59. smhirene

      I swear this is the most stressful expansion pack so far!! I could literally feel the stress my sim is feeling through the screen

    60. TheAntagonisticKitty

      It's not in Simlish 0/10

    61. Babas art9

      I love english

    62. Babas art9

      I hate simlish

    63. Hi I'm here

      It says in description of becca and Julia they met in kindergarten

    64. WarChief781

      I play to much sims..I understood everything she was saying

    65. Muhammad Athallah Arsyaf

      I see that the developers have excluded medicine as a a choice. So what doctors in sims just sprung from trees?

    66. Shrekina Fiona Serena

      One day, if i have a laptop, have money and a sims 4 for laptops i will buy these packs with cc i play on ps4 and sometimes its boring because i dont have cc or any packs

    67. Juliahope •ᴥ•

      Cries in Legacy Edition lol

    68. вилка

      Ссори, ай донт спик инглиш

    69. Traci_Angels

      Imagine if they are speaking simlish we just understand so we simultaneously translate it to English

    70. bblailey

      My only real con is the fact that you can’t actually go to class with them I would love if you could play out there day in school or even Tackle bullies

    71. idk

      I want to back in time and fix sims 4

    72. Die Reptiloidin

      I kinda ship Julia and Becca together 😂🌈

    73. AuraBless

      sucks that classes are rabbit holes, would love to see hands on learning! also cafeteria and the robot club/class

    74. flavia jesus

      “Lost my scholarship” so that means there’s actual consequences if you do bad and miss class?! Everyone: Sims 4 University! EA: finally takes out an airpod Since when am I understanding Simlish this perfectly? Weird.

    75. Katarina Bergqwist

      The house at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="14">0:14</a> looks much better than the house that we got on that lot in the game. The trailer-making team should begin to upload their stuff to the gallery!

    76. ALuzia07

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="56">0:56</a> "Daaaang she's doin' all this and has a kid? Life goals!" She acts like being a mother is just a walk in the park, and you never run into problems, like your mother-in-law telling you that you're too young when you're thirty-one.

      1. Havilland Savage

        Lmao chill

    77. Ceroletta

      *motherlode exist*

    78. SadasticaFuntismo

      Oh yeah, my immortal mage vampire sim superstar, who currently owns several businesses, needed to go to a university.

    79. Bee

      hello, I wanted to ask you if it would be possible to make a pack on the period

    80. Klementynka

      Ale fajne