The Try Guys Build Ikea Furniture Without Instructions

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    Y'all asked for it, but can we build it?!👷‍♂️ Watch us attempt to build this crazy Ikea furniture without instructions Let us know what you want to see us do without instructions next!
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    1. Miranda Babcock

      Omfg YES do a without instructions for dressmaking. Even just the design phase would be great content

    2. Ava H.

      I love this please make more

    3. Thomas Tank

      This was honestly such a good episode

    4. Cassie

      I think you guys should make shoes. Like for realz

    5. Ro Go

      They should do a Without Instructions video about building Wes a playhouse or swing set or something. I just feel like it would go hilariously wrong. And then they should definitely bring in an expert before Wes gets on it telling them all the appalling things they did, lol. OR... chemistry experiments without instructions. Ned would cry.

    6. nela

      design a piece of clothing without instructions!!!!!!

    7. Xanaria Jackman


    8. Kaitlyn Wright

      Sewing a pair of pants without a sewing pattern. Of course, they need to have an elastic waistband, and pockets.

    9. Noémie Claire

      Why do I have a feeling that Zach is to the Try Guys what Chandler is to Mr. Beast's boys

    10. Fari Wu

      Ned Fulmer Interior designer by marriage Love that title 😂

    11. alex chua

      I love this

    12. En Ay

      Fun fact thats my dresser. Random fact of when your reading this.

    13. Derek Hodson

      Try sewing a garment without instructions. You can try to figure out what it is intended to be or make something different and original.

    14. GamerTommy

      Build lego vehicles without instructions.

    15. Persephone Pomegranate

      The alcohol keeps coming to Eugene

    16. Annie Laura

      Ooh a large hemnes bed would be probably difficult my mom has that bed but she had instructions, but they try guys don’t.

    17. Ashley Beee

      It would be fun if they made dresses/clothes and then had a fashion show where they each wore their own creation

    18. Amritha I.

      Something about Eugene's work ethic is so satisfying and slightly inspiring. He might not be as bright as the other guys but idk what he does always feels... meaningful

    19. Heidi Sketches

      They should build a lego house without instructions

    20. Cassis Vermillion

      the Geminis bluffing their way to the judge's head hahahhaa

    21. Mozzarellaa Pizza

      Try guys build a pc without instructions

    22. Dani

      You guys should try designing and creating an outfit

    23. Martina Joanne Gonzales

      Imagine if the next time was “The Try Guys build a house without instructions”

    24. Tove Magnusson

      Yes! Design and sow a dress!

    25. Kayla Kaufman

      So when watching this video I was eating strudel, and I think you guys should make strudel without a recipe. Or just go enjoy some, it is really good.🍽

    26. Lara L.

      Maybe I just really wanna kms, but I thought Keith was gonna say coffin ⚰️😂

    27. LezzBeHonest

      Eugene is so focused and then there's the three clowns in the background (11:55)

    28. Caio Reckziegel

      If you break this down this is just a competition about 4 guys making furniture in exchange for their dinner.

    29. Ellen Golton

      Anyone else hear and appreciate Great British Bake off tense music at 8:38

    30. Barbara Plaskett

      One more thought; find 10 Videos that show you how to change your carbon footprint, or reduce your impact on our environment. Implement the techniques and gauge whether or not it’s feasible in the modern world to maintain. Example: bringing bags and jars to pick up groceries, to reduce the amount of plastic you bring home, making homemade versions of stuff determining how long it takes to get the ingredients create the items and how fast you go through it before you have to do it again, etc. etc. etc. I have long been curious about all the self-help tips and all the DIY stuff and how it impacts daily life and time.

    31. Hoiboi

      making meatballs without instructions

    32. Amelia Rose

      To be fair to Eugene: 1. Didn’t have proper tools, rest of you were using screw drivers. 2. I don’t think ikea furniture is mean to be able to withstand moving like that. (Very end of the video)

    33. barrett loki


    34. Helios Ash

      Design a dress please

    35. Barbara Plaskett

      In the video you requested suggestions about things you could try. I believe you once took a class where you played with clay on a pottery wheel. I would like to suggest that you take a stab at hand building clay. With very minimal instructions.

    36. L1ME T1ME

      Legos without instructions

    37. Michelle Chen

      YES!!! Please design dresses 😎

    38. Jenny VanderPas

      I've never experienced putting together IKEA furniture (I don't have one near me) but I don't think I'm missing out. Also, you can see the dresser came with a mini screwdriver 18:42 (it was taped inside).

    39. D R

      You should create your own dress patterns, use sewing machine you have to put together yourself. Then, sew a muslin dress.

    40. D R

      One day eugene will fail miserably at something he's never tried before....besides children. Hes not good with kids

    41. D R

      I love when Keith makes up a song and zach is always right there to fanboy

    42. D R

      This is the one time I don't want alcohol....that one thing eugene said I thought I'd never hear from him

    43. ritaray11

      If you guys want to go the clothes designer route. I would love to see you guys create womens clothes that are as functional as mens(especially office clothes)... basically piggy backing off the womens clothes not having pockets thing. I totally loose my cell alot at the office cuz I have to carry it my hand. And the belt holders are just so 90s workaholic dad lol.... Plus not all womens clothes have belt loops.... you see with going with this lol

    44. Kawaii Chan

      SPOILER WARNING FOR ANYONE CHECKING COMMENTS BEFORE THE VIDEO!! I love how 3rd place got a meatball but 2nd place didn't 😂 (Ik that Eugene shared at the end, but Ned didn't ACTUALLY get a prize)

    45. Hazel Peng

      They should try painting each other HDJDJD

    46. Nija Ni

      zack got all the help & still didnt use it😂

    47. Nija Ni

      i love these series they are so funny 😂 cant believe eugene dont want alcohol & he did that without tools wow

    48. PhotonSquad PH

      Build a geometry dash lvl in 5 hours get viprin GDjuniper GDcolon or me dm me @Darknova246#8841 on discord also I’m Korean korea 4 life

    49. MMAP 95

      eugene, it has the same energy like you don't choose to babysits the babies but the babies chose you.

    50. Uchiha Rye

      The hardest thing I ever had to make was a traditional indigenous Star Blanket. But I seriously doubt it they would finish it. Like, ever. Haha. It took me a whole semester to finish. Sooo I’m thinking a large dreamcatcher. Or a little children’s clubhouse. Children’s swing set. A bike. Those were soooo difficult as well😂

    51. zelda hylian

      I went to Ikea today

    52. Mercedes Willis

      Please make more of these!!!!!

    53. Baylee Walker

      Complete a large Lego set without instructions!!!!

    54. Berry Bestfarmer

      And the gay man rocks the manscape!!!

    55. Angela Masdary

      Omg wait PLEASE actually make dresses without instructions it would be priceless! each of you could make one for one of the other guys.... and then you'd model each other's creations

    56. Fen

      Eugene is bob the builder.

    57. Avianca 747

      My dad and I trying to build ikea furniture:

    58. Juliana Behme

      Dress. Please design a dress

    59. Hannah Britton

      Put together bunk beds!

    60. Alista Wikle

      Follow a sewing pattern!