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    You can't outrun destiny just because you're terrified of it. Henry Cavill is Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher arrives December 20.
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    The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.

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    1. Oisin Fitzgerald

      I know it's for tv and all, but Geralt seems way too serious...

    2. highihiggins

      But will he play Gwent?

    3. Viking Shaman

      WTF!!!!!!??? I gotta wait a month for this, come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. شريف الرشيدي

      I love the series, which is about a single hero, but the question is when the movie will come to Netflix

    5. itty bitty titty committee founding president

      this would be so fire if Henry Cavill could act.

    6. Julius

      Can someone explain to me, if there is no africa in witcher universe, where does black people come from??? Im not being racist, just trying to understand story.

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        it is fantasy world which has nothing to do with our world and if there are elves, dwarfs why not blacks ?

    7. wendy wadford

      my man

    8. Александр Сергеевич

      Wakanda forever!!!!!!

    9. Kris Paul

      I hope he says, “Winds howling”

    10. Ratheesh KK


    11. BMagana 788


    12. noobmaster69

      Majority of The Witcher fandom are from the video games, so WHY THE HACK did they base this show on the novel? They haven't learned anything since The Warcraft movie.

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        cuz for the fans who play only games is this new fresh story and more it is you could say prequel for the games ... and for fans who played games and read the books they know the story in the books is better... and the games are adaptation of the books and they do not want to do adaptation of adaptation ... and most important reason for netflix if the characters do not look like in the games they can say well of course cuz what we do is the adaptation of the books ... The Warcraft movie lose cuz it was only movie they do not have time to tell the real story this is a show

    13. Star Kurt

      Let's create a movie about middle age african tribes with caucasians and asians dudes !

      1. Star Kurt

        @Jaroslav Mihok lol, okay.

      2. Jaroslav Mihok

        @Star Kurt i read the books and it has nothing to do with europe or poland

      3. Star Kurt

        @Luis Alberto There is a plot beneeth this fantastic world. Have u heared about books ? And these books also based on european continent, indelicately, Poland. Do u know how xenophobic this world that they trying to film ? Actually it's funny to watch how people of different races are throwing rocks at man who just have a little different eyes. That's how u need to unite ppl all over the world: just find another target to discriminate it together.

      4. Jaroslav Mihok

        @Star Kurt yes this is "MOVIE" about "AFRICAN tribes" i wait for this movie about "my" black cousins from future Trump city :D

      5. Star Kurt

        @Jaroslav Mihok Did I say something about I like or not ? I'm glad u think that skin color doesn't affect a story and atmosphere in this movie about african tribes.

    14. H A

      I seriously hope that netflix doesnt make him a trans

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        @Tyko Brian in the games he defenetly wear for while a womans trousers :D

      2. Tyko Brian

        H A he's trans in the books?

    15. Carla Pelicari

      Even though I still don't like the cast, it looks good.

    16. Stephen Bennett

      You need a different actor and it to not be directed by Netflix and I'll watch it but other then that heck yeah great idea but not on by or for Netflix

      1. Stephen Bennett

        Except the game company I buy games from

      2. Jaroslav Mihok

        then do not watch it that will be win for everyone :D

    17. Abhishek Narange

      Hemsworth is perfect for the role

    18. Kunal Bahuguna

      "Wind's howling"

    19. King Solomon

      Damn BEOWULF need a series or remake movie

    20. OneHung Low

      I better hear "How do you like that Silver?" at least 5 times an episode

    21. Иван Раевский

      Who is the man with beard? I don understand((

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        if you mean this man at 1:18 it is druid Mousesack

    22. Heinrich

      Wtf is going on in the background at 1:02? That's not how you strangle someone.

    23. vinci94

      itll be cool it Roach pops up on a roof when Geralt summons him as a joke

    24. ceerw buty

      The show ought to focus on his life as a Gwent hustler.

    25. loren lolita

      Look up swedish actress Malin buska. She would've been the perfect Yennefer.

      1. Vikkeh

        Hmm, nah.

    26. Rafal Zado

      It seems actually good oO

    27. Social Network Asia

      i love it..

      1. ceerw buty

        LE LE LEEY

    28. Noctis FFXV

      Where are cursed ones,draconidd,elementa,hybrids,necros?

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        showrunner said ... they hide monsters for trailers cuz they want to surprise they have even a some new monsters based on polish folklore

    29. Ryan McCormick

      I love it. Im so excited!

    30. Александр Любимов

      Ох курева

    31. Bryan

      “After they Witcher I hope someone makes a Lord of the Rings reboot that only focuses primarily on Ewoyn” Nobody

      1. Luis Alberto

        Your review is incorrect. Books are not all about Geralt but about Ciri mostly

      2. Provoking Truth


    32. SlavBaster

      Кто фанат Цири с вас лайк *оцените канал*

    33. Zoe M

      Netflix please make this good or I swear to the Gods il put up a petition for a vow that good trailers, shall lead to Good scenes.

    34. Allan Survo

      I hope the dlc are gonna be included in this

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        nope :D

    35. DWadeTIG

      I haven’t played the game. So, what are his powers? This trailer showed none

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        he can use like baaasic magic ... you can say tricks ... push someone WHICH IS IN TRAILER 0:18 ... he can use basic fire magic called Igni ... he can use like magic shield "quen" he can use also Axie which is something like Jedi trick :D he can use it againts weak mind they do what he want or calm horse ... and yerdan i think it is like magic trap

      2. Provoking Truth

        He can fly

    36. DWadeTIG


    37. Koibito The Scrublord

      This looks like Trash. The casting is God awful. This dude couldn't cut as Superman so now he's gonna ruin Geralt. Thank god for the games. By far better than the books and this show by a mile.

      1. reVieced

        better than the books? what? *facepalm

      2. Jaroslav Mihok

        are you kidding ? games better than books? are you read the books?

    38. Lumi Vaudiel

      Can't wait for the "real" episodes music...

    39. John Rizzio

      This looks like a mid 2000's syfy movie

    40. Jessica

      I'm really not expecting much from the Yennefer actress. her lines and laugh made me cringe

      1. Jessica

        To each their own. there's a good chance she'll blow us away

      2. Aurora Mikkelsen

        Funny, that line is a exact moment when I fell in love with her.

      3. MrWulfric1

        True, but the accent got my tip hard.

      4. Jessica

        Provoking Truth "ehhh heh heh"

      5. Provoking Truth


    41. FlyersFan028

      Hope there is a big focus on the different kinds of monsters.

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        showrunner said ... they hide monsters for trailers cuz they want to surprise they have even a some new monsters based on polish folklore

    42. Pars Yıldırır

      LE LE LEEY

    43. Marvin Mora

      Se ve muy interesante , pero en realidad no sé si es una película o una serie , si alguien me puede informar le agradecería

      1. Luis Alberto

        Serie. La primera temporada es de 8 capítulos.

    44. WhisperChi

      no i tak sie kuźwa robi seriale :)

    45. Wuselmann

      this looks astonishing close to the games/books :D this could finaly start the long overdue needed adaption of PC Games(and I know there are also books on which this story/universe is based but the primary focus is clearly driven by the look of the games) into badass movies(my hopes are also up for the warhammer 40k one)

    46. Killionaire


    47. Stewie P

      So how often is he gonna be playing gwent?

      1. Stewie P

        Provoking Truth I’m legitimately asking, I liked it in the game and I hope they at least make a few references to it considering how much you play it.

      2. Provoking Truth

        You do know that's been said about a million times? Try something more original

    48. Brad

      Did anyone notice the orgy in the background like what the hell?

      1. Raifsevrence

        you should read/listen to the books.

      2. kamıl eren

        Brad what are you expecting it is The Witcher

    49. Brad

      This looks as boring and cliche as every show about the Middle Ages that’s ever existed. No thanks.

      1. Provoking Truth

        You'll still watch it

    50. Stelios Halkias

    51. foopyu nooui

      It's extremely unhealthy how many times I rewatch the trailer 😭😂

    52. KatalistProductions-Kozzy-Sasha

      Season 2 already confirmed before season 1 airs :)

    53. Paul Cook

      Each actor and actress had to platinum the game before they could actually be in the series

    54. 张程

      It’s really not Yennefer

      1. foopyu nooui

        just came here cuz i forgot to dislike it. This is gonna be a shitfest

    55. Dschimmieh

      I was sceptical. Very very sceptical. Now I just boarded the hype train :D

    56. brandon c

      Please be better than GoT, please yall!!

    57. Grace Futrell

      What part of the books are they doing because I just finished sword of destiny and the last wish and I’m on the blood of elves ?

      1. MrSilaneo

        Its going to adapt Last Wish and Sword of Destiny in first season

    58. George Quiroz

      Not mentioning the video game. Seems like someone is ashamed of their biggest fan base.

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        no cuy if the characters looks different compare to the games they can say : "we adapting the books only" and books have much better story

    59. Talitemjen Imchen

      Opened FIsels to see whether there is a new witcher video game trailer coming up and I found this. Interesting!

    60. GRAMADINA Play

      Играл в Майнкрафт хоть раз??? Лайк=Да ✅ Игнор=Нет ❌ Очень надо 100 подписчиков, пожалуйста ❤