Tiny Style 2 - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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    Did somebody say... Tiny Style??
    Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on explosm.net since 2005!
    Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
    Directed By: Mike Salcedo
    Screenplay By: Mike Saledo
    Story By: Mike Salcedo, Rob DenBleyker, Joel Watson, Connor Murphy
    Voice Actors:
    Lil' Jil - Elizabeth Del Rosario
    Doctor - Lorraine Bett
    Mom - Denise Magdale
    Girl - Autumn Soeder
    Animation Director: Bill Jones
    Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
    Animation: Seth Gordon, Digitoonz Media & Entertainment Private Limited
    Character Design: Jerald Lewis, Mike Salcedo
    Background Art: Shawn Coss
    Animatic: Chance Kubesh
    Editor: Taylor Ransom
    Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale
    Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
    Music: Steve Lehmann
    Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
    Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
    Production Assistant: Michael Stewart

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    1. Ansleigh Xian Adaro

      Shrink rays: UwU Every Virus:0_0

    2. Richie Kkg

      One does not simply Cyanide and Happiness with good happy ending lol

    3. Tibor Deák

      Wanna be friends

    4. Euphoria

      Why did she fight the bacteriophages they’re the good guys.

    5. Ygo playz

      Everyone:*finds out about Tiny Style* Also Everyone:Tiny Style is a gift from God Tiny Style:No,I'm not a gift from God


      Tiny style is getting smaller

    7. الوردة البيضاء


    8. Huuj Uuuu


    9. Addamm 2009

      PLS make tiny stile 3

    10. The PROfessor

      "stop talking about bacteriophages how do you not see anything wrong with pushing tumours out of someone's ear" you're missing the point this is misinformation it's not that hard to see that pushing tumours out of someone's ear is ridiculous that's just plain common sense it's just hard to explain that not all viruses are bad and bacteriophages are the friendly ones

    11. K. L

      Why is everyone talking about bacteriophage though ?

    12. Sanuka Kithnula

      This felt less like an episode of Cyanide and Happiness and more like an episode of The magic school bus

    13. Dylan Epp

      More tiny style

    14. Tasty Jason

      Lil Jil is gonna kill god

    15. Jack Hoare

      Anyone else wonder why tiny style was Killing good viruses

    16. Zach Temoro

      “Uh lil jill, what were you doing in her hair?” “Waiting for the perfect moment”

    17. dagamerguyofawesome

      I suspect tiny style may become a villain in the near future due to no recognition

    18. Nick XD

      How did she able To Breathe in blood?

    19. DoPe PaNdA

      28% of the ocean has no bacteria because od those cells

    20. DoPe PaNdA

      Whyyyy!!! The tall big virus you call its actually a helpful cell it kills bacteria

    21. Jacob C

      Nobody is talking about how virus and blood clot meters don't actually exist?

    22. Bolt the Super-Pony

      Tiny Style meets Mothman when?

    23. adamx66

      Something bad happens: its gods plan Something good happen: iTs a MeRiCal fRoM gAwD

    24. Ben Holcomb

      Love it

    25. Napoleon Francisco

      Why are Phages being beat up if they terminate germs?

    26. The Obscure

      Episode 3: Lil' Jil gets corona and no one can save her and she straight up dies. Screw happy endings.

    27. Napoleon Francisco

      Wait aminute

    28. Bean_Boi 64

      Tiny Style 3 weeks later *Did Someone Said, Titan Style?*

    29. Napoleon Francisco

      When god creates a perfect world: Lil Jill:Oh hey there's more tiny people

    30. Kyle

      This is why we need nanobots.

    31. Clayton Stewart

      That was the only shitty one I've ever seen. They are almost always awesome.

    32. JDACST

      Call tiny style to cure covid 19

    33. Alex ocampo

      Can you get another tiny style

    34. bofooit gojo

      When you save a life, they thank God, but when the patient dies, they always blame you.

    35. Vice K. Konster

      Tiny Style: Cyanide and Happiness Sad Larry: Depression and Sadness

    36. Degenerate

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a> wait but those are bacteriophages, they kill bacteria...

      1. bofooit gojo

        Not to be a dick or anything...

    37. Matthew Delgado

      When she said virus she's talking about the coronavirus

    38. Demonologist

      Looks like someone is gonna fight God

    39. ian amnesia

      cyanidevirus :v

    40. the_person_that_playz_gamez

      The "viruses" shown are actually bactariaphages or how ever you spell it anyway so they don't harm humans. reported for unrealism

    41. Nate Burnside

      Her arch nemesis is god


      Lil style vs stevie mcshortstuff MAKE IT HAPPEN

    43. Zaim Ismail

      People don't get it, Lil' Jill (Tiny Style) might have a dark secret cause those are bacteriophages that confronted her. She might be, somehow, evil in a way.

    44. Psychotic Sy

      Thank you, god??

    45. Jackie Chan

      The Mom Is Such A Karen Her child is full of tumors blood clots viruses and her spine is broken and her hair is *yellow*

    46. Trigerred Ninten

      Just Wait Until Lil Jil Put Corona Virus In A Death Bed

    47. A Y

      thanks god

    48. XxKRItoMoNiCxX

      It was god who sent lil jil

    49. Classic Speeder

      God is next for taking her credit

    50. Ajgaming 563

      Why have I watched this so much

    51. Fry 4 guy

      I wonder what would happen if they actually say tiny style?

    52. Tyler Rafferty

      Not to be a dick or anything...

    53. Drist _

      The point is don't depend hope on god too much cuz the hope you depending on is a living people cuz god doesn't exist it's just a human creation

    54. DiscordMarauder

      Why is she attacking bacteriophages? I mean riding a blood cell was a bit weird and so was pushing out the tumors, but phages are good.

    55. Hassan Ali

      I hope FIsels doesn’t ruin cyanide

    56. Hello_Im - COOL

      Plot twist: Tiny Style is god

    57. Topaz Nebula

      Next time on tiny style: Tiny Style Fights god

    58. N Naval


    59. Just Vr Stuff

      She’s our only hope from coronavirus

    60. Matthew 9518

      It's not virus it's COronaVIrusDesese 20(19)

    61. Kool Killer

      That’s the same doctor from crazy straes

    62. lil Russian official

      Why does this suck I don't know why it just sucks I didn't laugh there was no dark joke there's some sort of sj message This channel isnt the same as it was

    63. RainAngel111

      Poor bacteriophages, always getting painted as the bad guys even though they only attack bacteria and are actually beneficial

    64. Smoke King

      Thank you god she so cute

    65. A Bowl of Rice

      If nobody thanks here she’s gonna snap

    66. karieasnapback

      those viruses with the diamond heads are not evil viruses they kill other viruses to help you.

      1. Minecraft Nostalgia

        They kill the bacteria and he good bacteria the good bacteria helps to develop your body

    67. Jounzey

      I've been noticing more positive animations from you guys while the pandemic has been flipping up the world. Thank you for spreading such positivity during a time where the world really needs it. It's greatly appreciated :)

    68. Joshua Akamnonu

      Make a video of Tiny Style 3!

    69. Vlad fire

      Spoiler: Tiny Style hates God

    70. Fenix Trite

      More Lil Jil and Tiny Style please!

    71. eliisjack rawr

      When will Tiny Style 3 come out?

    72. Crescent_moon

      Let’s hope she can kill coronavirus

    73. Jagdmacio Ż

      Na początku T4 bakteriofagi

    74. niduoe stre

      I'm already seeing her turning into villain because they're thanking god and not her

    75. KiwiFunPLay

      I hope she is going to try kill god

    76. Cornelis Nord

      Why do she kill bacteriophages? I know they are viruses but they kill bacteria.

      1. niduoe stre

        everyone: BACTERIOPHAGES ARE GOOD FOR YOU Me: First of all it’s a cyanide and happiness short enjoy it, and second of all nobody asked and nobody gives a shit so

    77. Bob Bambo

      We need MEDS vs the Corona Virus

    78. Realkill2018 Woohoo

      Finally a good video about cyanide and happiness and that makes me feel good

    79. Seif Taha

      That was really satisfying to watch

    80. Zangetsu Gaming101

      Wow, what a bunch of assholes, actually, if you think about it, what happens if these so called miracles happen in everyday life because a microsopic bieng was there to stop it in time?.......EH ITS PROBABLY NOTHIN!!!!