Tobi & Manny - Destined For Greatness (feat. Janellé) [Official Music Video]


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    Destined For Greatness by Tobi and Manny featuring Janellé.
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    Directed by Konstantin
    Produced by ZDot and Krunchie

    "Started off with nothing, you could do it too."

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    1. Michael’s Lawyer

      Manny should make more song he is the MAN

    2. jess emily

      loool he’s better than KSI

    3. Daniel Fernandez

      Tell me why Tobi kinda sounds like 21 Savage

    4. JFM Squid

      This is actually sick tho

    5. Kurne Ash

      R they brothers??

    6. DXG

      this song bops hard Tobi keep it up

    7. yagami 456

      why is everyone sugar coating this tune

    8. Retro Piggy

      Im not even from england but this is what i can call great. Because its not all about drugs, money, guns, and women. Its like kinda just..... I cant use grammar correctly at the moment but great song Tobi and Manny..

    9. yungneil 66

      Can’t wait to hear more songs by Tobi and Manny

    10. Andres Hernandez

      Manny has a nice voice

    11. OnlySkillUsed


    12. Im Not Like The Others

      Have a drink everytime they put their arms out

    13. Da_BloodyTank TF

      deji must be jealous that their relationship is on point

    14. svien.

      I like this it's very *smooth*

    15. sweaty Xbox god

      This is the best song from sidemen.its funny how jj is actually a rapper but your way better

    16. Pavan Choenni

      One off the best FIselsrs songs

    17. Angelo and Epic miner

      I have a soccer trial and I was nervous,but manny and tobi made me a legend so I knew I had a chance This trial was my life

      1. roouit patan

        The black jake Paul and Logan I love you my bro

    18. Charlie Larner

      This is really good tobi keep it up

      1. roouit patan

        I rate Tobi the most out of all the sidemen really came out the hood now look at him

    19. Asher Wilson

      Listen on 0.75 it's a vibe bettttttt

    20. crazyrider 123

      Why does it remember me of I love you bro by Jack pool and Logan but a this is trillion times better thou

    21. Chicken Boyy

      যনদনক কননদ রনির কনক রাগ রিশ রিক নানর I don't know what I wrote

      1. Niki Khan

        It doesn't mean anything

    22. B and D plays

      Nice diss

    23. CTCuberHD

      Very impressive but this morning I was thinking what if the shard was an ocatgon. Don't ask. Its such a dumb thought. But it's Been playing on my mind all day. What would an octagon skyscraper look like. So while watching this I was literally just looking at the shard and trying to imagine it as an octagon rather than focusing on the music.

    24. Archie Hawkins

      Get on a drill beat

    25. Deividas

      Tobi is good, but Manny is great! Nice job bros

    26. flynn aldecoa

      I want to see more, but there needs to be more energy with your raps. A real sleeper....

    27. Hayley Bourne

      Mad song

    28. Ratch

      Whos about to sleep cuz school starts tmrw in england and just came here

    29. Sonny Jim

      ‘Used to pay for the games now the games pay me’ OOOOOOHH 🔥🔥🔥

    30. SnackDemon Gaming

      I missed when people who can’t rap didnt

    31. A1shooter_ Kamz

      I rate Tobi the most out of all the sidemen really came out the hood now look at him

    32. Luis Memes

      The black jake Paul and Logan I love you my bro

    33. blackpanter 1983

      bruh all the people who disliked are 100% jealous cause they dont have that good of a talent

    34. Dominic Behan

      Great work, love you bro, keep up the grind

    35. BiDdieChAseR

      This is better then all ksi music👍👍 keep going

    36. Rasmus

      This bangs!

    37. xdkoky OW


    38. Ethan T09

      This song is so inspiring and good to listen to.👍💞💯

    39. Snake Juice

      The beet becomes so much better with headphones

    40. Chef Trainee

      Bruv this guy needs to be featured in the brit awards

    41. Vitālijs

      People who disliked are the people who never are late

    42. Indrek Loigom

      Manny is fire but Toby kinda ruins it for me

      1. Indrek Loigom

        Yes way

      2. rxnse

        No way

    43. Niko Huston

      Overall good just that fifa and wii lines arent good i mean to use those words it just doesnt fit for rhymes in my opinion but other lines killing

    44. Maisy Thomas

      You should do a song with all of your siblings

    45. Mathilda Flower

      You have no idea how much the world needs this kind of music right now

    46. zrunxzrun

      KSI's done for.

    47. SirevillPT

      could be better

    48. Kamil Demir


    49. Josue Arroyo

      I love this tobi its amazingg

    50. Thurrock Nightshelter


    51. dylan dickson

      what a song !!!!!!

    52. Xpert_Clan !

      The people that disliked because janellé didn’t get a longer verse

    53. Ur Clapped

      That back to back with my bro gives me shivers and idk why

    54. Saud Aljohani


    55. Jamie Mac

      Fire 🔥

    56. **-

      Now these days im known for my earlyness -tobi

    57. Radar

      I wish i had a brother

      1. beedsj roiue

        Tobi should do more music with his brother I wish I could play football with tobi

    58. ayCasii

      Ded tune

    59. Bupe Chama

      KSI: *claims to be the best rapper in the sidemen Tobi and his apple juice: So you have chosen death

      1. beedsj roiue

        I feel like Tobi is a more talented rapper than jj right now

    60. Gizem Berkay

      Toooooo goooooodddddddd😍🤩🤩