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    Here's James Rolfe's Top 10 Reasons Blu-ray Sucks on Cinemassacre. Well, except for the new AVGN BFG collection Blu-ray which you can get here:
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    1. Cinemassacre

      Get the new AVGN BFG collection Blu-ray here:

      1. Someguy On The Internet

        But does it have a dope menu?

      2. Channel X

        The irony.


        Was the PS3 Remote Recharged like a controller? Anyone....Thanks!

      4. Jeremy F

        AppleTV has search across streaming services. iTunes on AppleTV organizes movies in a grid, not a horizontal scrolling setup. You can rent or buy movies on iTunes, and they have almost everything.

      5. Its Okay To Be White Nationalist

        All the more reason to go to switch as sony and microsoft go woke.


      nice video

    3. That Guy

      Echoes and hisses all over the place 🤣

    4. Nya Stclair

      James go buy a PS4 and the blue tooth remote for it

    5. Avery Wayland

      Also. I haven’t watched an actual 4K disk but apparently it’s only really works if you have a 4K TV if you have a 1080p screen the resolution will de-scale. I also herd that 4K disks play movies at 60fps instead of 24fps. You can see examples on youtube. But I’m honestly not sure since I haven’t actually watched a 4K disk before. For fast moving action movies I think it’s a good idea, like you could have all the visual effect heavy movies like marvel play at 60fps and then normal films at original 24Fps

    6. Frank V.

      Go ahead and support streaming if you think it's so convenient. Once they have everyone on the bandwagon, they'll start adding trailers and commercials up the wazoo and you can complain about that then.

    7. mike LJR

      Can't we buy and own movies digitally?

    8. aidanlongtheultragamer

      I miss the menus

    9. sakuraglenn

      Criterion, Arrow, Eureka ... Sure are dumb releasing movies in better quality on blu than you even got in the cinema ...

    10. Stereotypical Nerd

      If you Google a movie or TV show, it shows what you can watch it on.

    11. Rishon TM

      T H E N A M E

    12. Matt black


    13. Mokujo

      Pro-tip: After the FBI screen just press the "Top Menu" button

    14. DLGV Radio

      Your video has some echo in it

    15. AustNerevar

      I just rip all my BDs and DVDs and host them on my own server via Plex. It's great being able to stream my DVDs and extras to my phone or TVs anywhere I might be.

    16. Pruthu Chauhan

      Have you covered VCD's ??

    17. Ben Lantz

      Awesome that you've got a physical copy of Coven

    18. Yanick Gendron

      Hope you know that it is name Blue Ray because it is a blue laser who read the media.... I hope, somebody like you....

    19. James Walker

      I agree with you partially. You disliked are essentially the same as mine. I like handling the product, though, and I'm not sure I trust storage of my purchased movies. Further, I think $3 is to expensive to rent a movie. But I'm a cheapskate, so that's on me.

    20. Jeremy Thompson

      The house of 1000 corpses menu was the best and most memorable thing about that movie.

    21. J. F. D. Smit

      I got the AVGN movie on GoG! The best cheap cheesy movie ever!

    22. Mike Wilhelm

      Streaming sucks. The video quality and sound quality are 100x better on 4K

    23. ThisguySL

      5:03 I have a D that person can C. I had to and I'm not sorry for it.

    24. Funky22022

      Also with streaming, even with the fastest connection available, you invariably lose picture quality. I talk too much

    25. navad108

      I like movies on iTunes as they generally include the special features (not the cool menus though) but has the convenience of streaming and are in 4K if it’s available.

    26. MarioandSonicfan04

      I actually like watching the logos and trailers on dvds

    27. TØP clique boi

      Ok boomers in the comments

    28. Wizard Kelly

      The bookmark system & resuming where you left off is much better on the PS4 & Xbox 1.

    29. Remy

      Never thought about the day the nerd said Streaming over physical copies.

    30. Marcel Gonzalez

      Wish you kept your avgn persona, even at conventions. It's weird seeing you calm and smiling, just saying.

    31. Sukhbir Sekhon

      Right on man. The medium is the message

    32. Dante Li

      Though not a justification in any way, but physical media and the capricious nature of streaming shows why torrenting high def movies to one's hard drive seems like the best way to preserve and watch movies. (Not endorsing, just an observation)

    33. dmn1n


    34. KF

      I find your lack of faith disturbing. Nerd.

      1. Straight Sapiens

        Enough of this! KF! Release him!

    35. xrellerx

      You WANT problems.

    36. Erik Lindahl

      The main risk / issue with streaming is not owning media.

    37. Snake of Rivia

      I have to be honest. I miss Blockbuster, streaming ain't fun since you don't own jack shit.

    38. The Sentinel

      Who here thinks James should start his own streaming service?

    39. That One Dude

      There's no good reason for 4k

    40. Bethany Prosperi

      Bloody hell talk about complaining the only thing I agree with him on is the discs how they are setup in some boxsets where u actually have to touch the discs other than that get over yourself 😂

    41. shogun7p7

      Nah! Blu Ray's all the way!

    42. David Haynes

      I love Blu-rays (and 4K UHD), but I rip all of mine to MKV (then organise and play them using Emby) instead of playing from disc which means that most of these 10 reasons are not an issue. Minimal bonus features compared to the DVD editions can be disappointing at times, but I haven't come across this often enough to bother me.

    43. Automatik

      How many Mega Power do the AVGN Blurays have?

    44. yorkmog1984

      So many incorrect statements in his list of grievances . I thought these got researched a bit rather than "old man yells at clouds"

    45. Jared Angel

      I used the program DVD shrink and ripped my DVDs to my PCs HDD. Then I put it all on a WIFI Enabled NAS drive. Now I can pull up any movie and stream it anywhere in the house. If I'm away, i can remote into the home PC and download it from there. It was time consuming to set up, though. Took several months.

    46. XZV Spark

      When I watch Sonic X on my xbox and turn it off. When I come back to it it will play where I left it

    47. Uncutcannuck

      You know what's bullshit? The fact that this wasn't an episode of "You Know What's Bullshit?" 😊

    48. BLAQ JOKER

      You should blame streaming channels my friend.......stayHI


      i always wondered what those colored buttons were for!!! thanks for teaching me! too bad its like 5 years or more sense ive used a blue ray.

    50. Stephen Conger

      What's wrong with blurry discs? I hated the name too.

    51. Hi Hi

      Most of these are either the fault of the publishers or are issues that don’t really bother me.

    52. CalculatinGenius

      Roku has a really neat searching thing. you can type in a movie, show, song, and that item will pop up along with all the platforms its available on. its actually very intuitive

    53. Jose Luis Garcia

      Amazon Prime already does the browse many channels, hbo, paramount, fox, etc in the same interface"Prime". At least it does in the PS3, which i use as well for the same reasons.

    54. Rusty Shackleford

      Ugh the sleeves are the worst, I have some cds that skip because of it

    55. Kevin Kelley

      Who wants all those pesky special features.

    56. Justin Baker

      roku does the search across streaming options pretty well

    57. adam ford

      I went back to VHS&DVD about 3 years ago for my physical collection. I thought this was going to be lame, but it was really spot on! Thanks!

    58. NEB BEN

      Now, there's also 8k And 4k & 8k are amazing, they make everything look very detailed. Example: grass

    59. Andrew Orders

      Hulu interface ~ *shudder* ~ Anything but that! Amazon Prime Video Interface ~ *gunshot* ~

    60. Andrew Orders

      You cant skip the commercials anymore?, but you pay for it?