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    6 smart homemade ideas
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    3 Drill Machine Life Hacks You Should
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    Welcome to MR SUNY channel
    Our channel include of guiding videos:
    - Life hack
    -How to make
    -Awesome ideas
    You are interested in handiwork, craft or you just have nothing to do, haven't you? You have found the channel you really need. Here you can find lots of crafts, hand made items, and the main thing is that they all made of make-shifts and at the lowest cost!

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    1. Heyward Shepherd

      When you can’t afford a socket driver, but can afford a grinder, welder and have a supply of iron stock?

    2. Dr.vikram Singh Nepali

      amazing work

    3. ED 25

      You are awsome please don't ever change

    4. slingshotparadise inventions

      When you see what I have invented you will be impressed

    5. Brian McMakin

      In case anytime needed to know. Best part of whole video is @ 1:28. Boss.

    6. Simon Minchington

      Well that's 10 minutes of life time wasted!

    7. Вячеслав Вячеславович

      Я в захваті ! +++

    8. Pablosci

      song title?

    9. Karolis Zinkus

      pretty loose with the word 'invention' there

    10. Amine Djehafi

      Level Erfindungen

    11. L C


    12. Ben Stark

      Thank God I live in America, where i can just go buy the tools he created for next to nothing.


      ** 0:34

    14. Kevin targetdreamer Chase

      Okay I’ll be the first to admit that I only know stuff about machining, wielding and general metal working from a year in metal shop in high school and FIsels but shouldn’t you clean and grind off the rust BEFORE you start wielding? Doesn’t leaving the rust make a weaker wield joint prone to failure?

    15. Arduino Robotics


    16. Varun Halder

      You should show whatever you showing in Thumbnail..

    17. Minna M

      4 points😀

    18. Aristarh Korablev

      для чего этот шлак в ютуб загружать? магнит для сварки не дорого стоит.

    19. Sumant Mishra

      Your ideas are unstolen

    20. Jared latislaw

      I mean I've made a few tools that I couldn't just go out and buy but this dude is like "I got an angle grinder and a welder screw it" I just wish I had access to the amount of scrap metal he has laying around

    21. Дмитрий Ефимович


    22. Clive Newton

      Don’t try this at home, this guy is what you call a professional engineer 😂👍

    23. p3.orion

      #5 was nicely made, but it would be a helluva lot easier (and probably work better) to buy a hole saw that has a center bit in the first place. I've never seen one without it. Probably only in the same countries where they don't have ratchet wrenches.

    24. Antecini

      Great, thx ❣️🔥❣️

    25. E.A Projects KNİVES


    26. tyler c

      There’s something to be said about just goofing around in the shop and making your own tools, but for Christ sake just go out and buy the damn thing. And if you are gonna make it yourself, don’t over-complicate it.

    27. Jeff Jacobs

      im like... no way, and this guy is like.... way


      There is a Lowes right down the street.


      ** 3:26

    30. homyak

      Полная хуйня

    31. Зелений Двір

      хуєйхня полнейшая.... где рахмеры, где функционал Доктора Дью сюда немедленно....

    32. Allan Floyd

      Grinding your own gears with an angle grinder is some next-level DIY!

    33. Ricky Friend

      What was it? I gave up halfway through. I saw a lot of very good metal cutting though. Do these clowns think the longer the video the better?

    34. Spectt

      I respect the ingenuity of 3rd world nation's.... Here in America, we don't use tools to build MORE tools... We use something called "MONEY" to buy MORE tools.

    35. The Unknown and Unsolved

      You're a jerk..making useful nice stuff. xD keep it up man.

    36. Centauro 3aj


    37. World Movie

      خش ومش هتندم

    38. Marco Aurélio

      Magayver demais👏👏👏

    39. Boris Fedoroff

      очередная хуета

    40. kalid kader

      Hahaha you can go to almost any hardware store and buy these tools for probably a fraction of your cost,oh are you just copying existing tools.

    41. Wiggy B

      That’s it, give it a coat of paint to make it look good.


      ** 5:15

    43. Serkan Uslay

      good jop .

    44. Serkan Uslay

    45. ritzmo drichfrie

      Das sind keine Erfindungen, das sind selfmade Nachbauten.

    46. دارس الحماني

      برافوووووو عليك. مشاء الله عليك

    47. Hamza Alqaisy

      بارك الله فيكم

    48. Иса Анвар Уулу

      2 музыки как называет кто знает

    49. Snickel Fritz

      This guy is so smart he is dumb. In case you aren’t aware there is this store called “harbor freight” that sells Uber cheap Chinese tools that accomplish the same tasks as everything you made for less money than your scrap metal is worth. Hey, I have an idea how about you invent something round that can be used to help transport heavy loads! Oh, wait that is called a “wheel”. See what I did there.

    50. johnba291972

      Sorry but are you claiming you just invented the ratchet and the hole punch? Also you could have drilled the holes on the metal tubing a lot easier than making a home made hole punch to do them.

    51. Иса Анвар Уулу

      Музыку как называет скажите пожалуйста

    52. Иса Анвар Уулу

      Трек скажите 🙏🙏🙏

    53. ريان المولى


    54. Арчибальд Первый

      Этот эпичный еблет прям сука разрывает каждый раз!))))

    55. lorenzo peña

      Gracias x tus vídeos son muy buenos

    56. GPG custom bikes

      Hace buenas soldaduras , good work

    57. Josh Hayl

      🔵 Why is the thumbnail not shown in the video?.... Is it really that much to ask to only use thumbnails of items that are actually going to be covered in the video?

    58. FaZe The Incredible Hunk ZombieSlayer

      And I cant even put a USB in the right way

    59. Humbletrack

      Nice skills !

    60. s schr

      spend a week,, and 20$ of steel to make a 5$ ratchet ??