Traditional vs Trans: Are There More Than 2 Genders?


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    1. TheMegaelectronic

      You mean normal people vs gender dysphoric cross dressers.

    2. XYU

      OMG...I think I'm in love. Is the chick in the yellow sweater available? Can she be my baby-momma?

    3. Peace Squad 2.0

      Yeah only two genders male or female I don’t agree with trans but if there happy be you :)

    4. Will

      Maybe on the next panel have people who transitioned and then detransitioned.

    5. Davi Julal

      They should have posed the question, "is transgender due to a chemical imbalance?" And if yes, "do you treat it or accept it as the norm?"

    6. Oreo Bear

      Actually, they just done up and embarrassed themselves because you can be born intersexual, so take note of that. So even if that statement were true, you are what you're born, then there are 3 genders, not 2. Intersexual, Male, Female. Thank you very much. (Also I do believe there is more than 2 genders, regardless)

    7. Colby johndoe

      I kinda lowkey want to date a trans that's one of those sexy ones not the ones that just put make up on and call them self's a girl

    8. cassie phillips

      I am a 17 year old closeted trans man. I have tried to come out because I have experiment with my gender I’ve ive never been happy unless people recognised me as a man but my mum completely shut it down. She doesn’t believe trans people exist (she’s fine with gays and lesbians). It’s been a year since I tried to talk to her about it. I’ve gone back into the closet because I’m scared of losing her. It hurts, really really hurts that I don’t have her support and I won’t be able to transition when I am old enough and decide to with her by my side. I know the day that I do start my transition she’ll drop me. She thinks I’m just trying to rebel and so is every other trans person. I really hope that other trans people who are going through the same situation as me or similar are being safe and doing what is in their best interest. I hate that I can’t be me but I know someday I will be able to and I just have to get myself there and find a group of people who truly support and love me

    9. Jacob Rodriguez

      Being trans is just a mental illness

    10. JohnnyMartini

      The man is the provider of the household, pay the bills, teach your boy to be a man, and teach him to take care of his SO

    11. David Ortega

      I'm not traditionalist and i also don't believe there's more than two genders.

    12. ValTheCatPerson

      I’ve never met a person who tells a tom boy or encourages a tom boy to think she should have been born a guy. If anything people always tell those types of girls to act more feminine or lady like. Finding out your transgender usually always comes from yourself seeing as it’s so stigmatized.

    13. Retro the Pharoah

      So if I feel like I’m a lion, then might as well become one 🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. Jael Peña

        Retro the Pharoah exactly my point

    14. Retro the Pharoah

      “Facts are more important than ur feelings” PERIOD

    15. Fredro Star

      Reason they did not include traditional cis/biological males in the debate: logic would be introduced and the discussion would be shut down quick and video would be 2 mins long. The white trans woman tried to make this a personal emotional insult “would you say I’m a male” so he could feel insulted. I’m glad the lady at the end spoke the truth and told him he’s a male

    16. Rachie Kimberly

      Biologically if you are trans you are the sex guy were born. However, what together fail to mention is neurologically there are differences in male and female brains and there’s SCIENTIFIC evidence that proves that those who consider themselves the sex they were not born as have a brain more neurologically similar to the one they identify as. Which creates the question are you your brain or your boob? Case dismissed.

    17. Creative3y3

      there's girls and boys and intersex so yes you can be born with both parts

    18. Heracles

      I mean at the end of the day if an archaeologist digg up your bones the will see that u are male or female riggggghhht.


      how this black " guy" makes hand gestures really shows that its a female not a male. and by the way where are the real men at?

    20. 1.1M Views

      Decided not to watch this video. It's too one sided.

    21. Gabe Romero

      Would have been nice to have a biologist in this discussion rather than a few people with an opinion based on religion.

    22. Zane Zupan

      Gender doesn’t exist... it’s a social construct. Sex (male vs female) exists.

    23. Alpha Bronco Two Zero

      Bruh do these people realize that being transgender is artificial and is literally not natural, you're born with a dick or a foot that's it

    24. Ivan A-Cruz

      God damn this one was spicy

    25. A Rotaeta

      I don’t even understand why there’s any discussion here, does it affect in your life treating someone as the gender they are instead of treating them with the gender they were born? The answer is no, then this is the end of the discussion.

    26. ak Cardwell

      Y'all were playing it way too safe on this one.

    27. XXYanYan Martin

      For everyone who doesn't understand being transgender,imagine being a man/woman and then one day you wake up as the other Sex. Ofcourse you would still feel and act like the Gender you used to be.

    28. keith Cheee

      Were is the straight man perspective

    29. EarthbornPlays

      I’m glad they got women on this, nobody would have listened to men’s opinions

    30. dave chang

      of course there are more than 2 genders,male,female and abominations

    31. Mashmarriner

      Sex and gender are different.

    32. niklas johansson

      Couldnt pick a better name han, cetin

    33. Alejandro

      I would like to hear the opinion of a traditional male, but if it hadn’t been someone pro trans it would have been a huge mess.

    34. Cecilia Ashton

      They’re sorta making traditional synonymous with being cis-gender?

    35. Dav1d_03

      Haha i can imagine a parent's worst nightmare is a gay boi

    36. miggs

      I would have loved to have Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson here

    37. Danielle G

      Let 👏 people 👏 be 👏 whatever 👏 gender 👏 they 👏 want 👏 to 👏 be 👏 it’s 👏 none 👏 of 👏 your 👏 buisness 👏

    38. chris

      the trans girl is so pretty

    39. Flick of the Roger

      My BFF is trans and she got raped and bullied when she was 12

    40. Bob E. Midnight Poet

      The girlguy looks like a gay guy