Trisha Paytas - H3 Podcast #152

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    1. BR4NDM4N 116

      Who tf says that ranch looks like cum? That's so damn weird to say.

    2. Sarah Stone


    3. Emma Olivia

      Trisha's problem is she is self obsessed and can't see things from other people point of view. She wont even talk about other trans peoples struggles, she just goes back to "Well this is my story" blah blah blah

    4. Rebecca Åstrand

      Maybe find another way to make money?

    5. Estefanía Miranda

      Trisha really, really need to se a therapist...

    6. Chubbyshibaboi :O

      Trish is so ignorant to everything. I coul write an essay about how *interesting* she is.

    7. L.a.d.s Productions

      Trisha is one step smarter than Donald trump. One.

    8. jayy j

      Is no one gonna take in she’s saying she doesn’t date STRAIGHT females? STRAIGHT, why tf would they be looking at you

    9. Samuel Belley

      February 5 is my birthday I’m appalling

    10. Callum Trewolla

      She is so wacko😂this was an emotional rollercoaster

    11. Cole Luna

      “I don’t know what trolling is” <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="82">1:22</a>:40 “my trolling got me on this podcast” 😂

    12. jacob osborne

      How haven’t I seen this earlier this is pure gold

    13. alexia muniz

      Can someone tell me which video Ethan called tana a Twinkie in??

    14. Sam Smith

      God shed so Bi-polar with her behaviour. Its apparent people dont take alot of interest in her life because a man who shes been calling worse than shit for the past hour and a half says a few things and she starts bawling 😬😬😬

    15. Sienna Acheampong

      What on the earth is going on with her hair it looks like she’s been dragged through a bush

    16. Avery L.

      This makes my brain hurt

    17. Krishen Sidhu

      I don't get her. She says she is trans yet doesn't want to be trans because it suits her financially. Seems shallow.

    18. Aliradha Alsaidy

      All these Cromosones flying around too bad none hit her

    19. Bigot chan

      This has made me rather uncomfortable however I'm rather enjoying it

    20. Brandon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="840">14:00</a>

      1. Brandon


      2. Brandon


      3. Brandon


    21. Allison

      To be honest.. Trisha had some points about fat shaming, even if she said it terribly. The casket and Twinkie comments were a bit too far for me. I understand that you guys were trying to say that these women are not what they show- but I could only think of how hurtful that was to the girls that posted it. Obviously they have a problem with their self image, and I think it was really harmful for you guys to say that. I don’t necessarily believe that they deserve it just because they trick other people.

    22. Davis Scoots

      I feel like no ones talking about “I was a stripper since I was 15” like wtf

    23. Suzy Burleigh

      She cant admit shes wrong in even the slightest way

    24. Jim -drella

      She is androgynous i think

    25. Unfit Dreams

      trisha reminds me of that annoying blonde girl from click

    26. metalheadlass

      This video is so interesting

    27. marilyn kozlow

      She has daddy issues

    28. marilyn kozlow

      She’s a ding dong

    29. Malcolm Stallings

      I can't believe that she said then you guys aren't even Jewish.

    30. Mai Berghaus

      Hila: “he’s fat” Ethan: “eXcUsE mE” hahahahahahagaha

    31. conor lynch

      “Obviously we’re not unattractive women” - SRS

    32. conor lynch

      Ethan would have better dialogue with a person with down syndrome

    33. BLaZe Beauty

      She blocked me when I called her a chicken nugget on Instagram 😭

    34. Germfreezebra The only

      Tbh... She looks like a corpse awake and asleep :/

    35. Stephanie McKenna

      Trisha is a 30 year old in 50 year olds body

    36. ColdBoi

      >these are the people canceling others on twitter

    37. Epiphaniez

      My god it’s fun to laugh at how dumb she is

    38. Krissy Hyrule

      How Hila felt it was weird when Trisha said she loves Jewish people, that's how I feel people when say they are obsessed with Asians because they think Asians are cute. (I am not saying we Asians are not cute. I just find the excessive compliments and obsessions over how Asians look and/or act gets kind of uncomfortable in my opinion). Am I the only one who thinks this?

      1. yuki nary

        Krissy Hyrule as an Asian girl, im fine with people of my own race making Asian jokes, but not anyone else, especially not other males. Personally I think having an affection to specifically Asians is REALLY REALLY weird

    39. Justin Piche

      FIsels still puts adds when it’s not monetized .... you can see like videos of girls naked and stuff with one add or two ....

    40. Laura Vance

      Shes so hard to watch

    41. Amber Duncan

      Ok and also like he said he thinks she’s the worst as a hypothetical he said “WHAT IF I think you’re the worst” as a rebuttal to how she said he was the worst.

    42. Amber Duncan

      Ok excuse my possible ignorance but like... wouldn’t being a lesbian and a gay man technically just be like being bisexual??? Again, excuse my possible ignorance but like that’s a genuine question I have about what she said

      1. talksfor lifetwo

        Its impossible to be both. To be a lesbian you have to identify as a woman. To be a gay man you have to identify as a man. That's what makes this insane

    43. Jade Pretorius

      why is no one talking about how problematic the other people in this are we know Trisha is problematic but fuck they are too

    44. Kat Moana

      Disphoria isn't just a mild discomfort regarding your body.. A trans man wouldn't be comfortable with walking around with their boobs out.. No matter the money.

    45. Ren G

      Trisha is both funny and cancer. Wtf

    46. Kat Moana

      This is the first h3 video I have ever watched.. Their genuineness is so refreshing.

    47. Ren G

      Ugh Trisha is making transpeople lives harder tbh.

      1. Beached Rat

        i think she’s just mentally ill and ppl catering to her crazed ideas instead of just saying “ok she’s crazy whatever” is probably what’s more harmful.

      2. Beached Rat

        Ren G is she tho, no reasonable person uses her as a true representation of trans people

    48. Ren G

      "we're a lesbian couple" loves it

    49. Sam .D.P

      Ethan: *logic* Trisha: "you're the worst!"

    50. Preston Timms

      I really think Trisha needs mental help

    51. Triple P

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="65">1:05</a>:04

    52. Cass

      can you imagine if worlds were reversed and hila said that about ethan while trisha sat there? (trisha being married to ethan) she would be livid. trisha's a pos.

    53. Guest 666

      Don't care for Trisha or anything she's saying, just wanted to see the pizza

    54. Cai Kween

      Hila would fucking kill Trisha 😂 I can see the rage hiding behind her eyes

    55. Noisntrealofficial

      Sex traffickers, Hitmen, Warlords Drug dealers, Rapists, Dictators and Serial Killers: EXISTS Trisha: Ethan is the worst person alive.

    56. Sofia Caldas

      5 inches isn't smol ;-;

    57. Hanna Pedersen

      She sent her genitals to him without permission.......i can't put my finger on that but that is wrong

      1. Karen

        It doesnt matter if he gave her permission, hEs mArrieD

    58. M.E.

      since when was tana a "fat chick"?? lmaooo whatt

    59. crushie

      if she’s not fetishizing gay men, why refer to them as gay men and not just men.

    60. Lincoln Dodd

      Nothing should be off limits for comedy.

    61. {Tweek}

      Ethan is fucking amazing like “ I am a fat chick” I can’t breathe

    62. Satan Lucifer

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a>:31 lmao Hila's face when trish said she used to swallow goldfish

    63. Henry BT

      Trisha is bad shit ducking crazy

    64. fawk cku

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3559">59:19</a> omg

    65. Paola Please

      I’m sorry but the ignorance that flows out of Trisha’s mouth is astonishing....

    66. Sam Jenkins

      the romans technically killed jesus but the pharisees pushed the romans to do it

    67. Ary Is Getting There

      "Simon Stawski, a Canadian blogger who co-founded Eat Your Kimchi, moved to South Korea in 2008. Mukbanging first came onto his radar in 2014, but it wasn't until 2015 that it became the kind of phenomenon that crosses continents."

    68. Way 2 ugly

      my man went ora ora ora

    69. Name101

      "you dont go for looks.... obviously" ngl that was pretty funny

    70. Elliot Ward

      Nearly stopped watching this at 3.38. I can't handle this lady

    71. Hailey Pickle

      I think you guys are so funny 😂!

    72. RandomRhiana

      “ L’Chayim!” I SCREAMED BAHAHAHA

    73. Nemo Groenendijk

      Just rewatched. Love your guys content!

    74. GLOWBIES !

      “What you do is harmful to women” She says while women that watched the video feel better about themselves after watching it

    75. Martyna kalendraitė

      What's wrong with Trisha Paytas...

    76. Luka

      “Clit is an inverted dick” this woman is seriously trying to prove she’s trans on a technicality. Penises have a completely different function to vaginas. They look different, are treated different and are definitely not the same at all. That is why trans people have body dysphoria, they don’t just go around saying “wellll a pussy is just an inverted dick so I guess I have a dick!” It makes no sense. I can’t believe people are taking her seriously. Oh, and hating your vagina doesn’t make you trans.

    77. senna tho

      “I met a mtf trans person..” proceeds to misgender her

    78. Daniel Bullard

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="354">5:54</a> Jotoro Kujo/Star Platinum be like

    79. Stewert TwinkleToes

      if trish is a transgender male then cant ethan make fun of her

    80. lilghosty MRD

      In David Dobrik’s volg Trisha saids when she was drunk she likes very guy she see’s 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨