Trump Lashes Out as Americans Remain Under Lockdown: A Closer Look

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    Seth takes a closer look at the COVID-19 pandemic triggering a public health crisis, economic crisis and leadership crisis.
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    Trump Lashes Out as Americans Remain Under Lockdown: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers


    1. Paul

    2. stephen campbell

      The late show format was dead 5 years ago but bringing these unfunny failed comedians to FIsels just shows how little talent they have when it’s literally just your dad reading some half ass jokes that some other guy wrote with no emotion. Just let this virus kill off all the old fucks and bring on the anarchy!!! TLDR Seth Meyers is not worth watching but I WATCHED THIS WHOLE VIDEO WHILE I TYPED THIS ANARCHY PEOPLE ARE THE DISEASE LETS COME TOGETHER AND END THE DISEASE!!!

    3. Sally Bowes

      Thank you for coming back on air. We need you guys.

    4. Nathan Navarrete

      Take a hint and stop for good. You're not funny.

    5. Carla Chappell

      Beach Sucks! Got it.


      🔥🔥🔥🔥 definitely deserves this place in trending <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="98">1:38</a> 💗 👇👇🔥

    7. Bruce Jenkins

      Yes... the poor acoustics is a distraction. This is fixable.

    8. businesslaw JohnJames

      The world is coming to an end the human race will be erase only the strong will survive.

    9. Billy Mcclure

      :The antichrist Revealed: He wants everyone to Worship him jut like satan who wanted to be worshiped as God is Worshiped. The US Needs a 2020 Election Correction.

      1. M. J. Doty

        Trump is far from the Anti-Christ. Satan was much more content as a machinist that no one believed existed. And even if Satan's hands were in on this, I think he'd at least have the wherewithal to choose a dark prophet with an inkling of intelligence as opposed to a psychopath with the social charm of a of a dyslexic, mange-ridden orangutan suffering from a massive bout of tourette's (only massively less cuddly) and the attention span of a glue huffing goldfish in a paint mixer set on high. It's also wrong to few this guy as a narcissist: a narcissist cares about how he is viewed by others; Trump clearly does not care. If other people think he's a Jack'o'lantern left out until mid-march with then exact same amount of empty space to place a candle, and not the off-bronze Adonis he views when he looks in the mirror, really, that's their problem.

    10. damientwenty

      Sweet, another dumbass offering nothing constructive while consistently attempting to dismantle any validity of leaders and being hypocritical.

    11. Sunday Seance

      seth are you having financial problems dude? wtf is that background? and that sound is worse than an iphone mic recorded

    12. Oliver Quach

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="831">13:51</a>. I think this is evidence that deep down Trump knows he screwed up the gov't handling of the Coronavirus. All the reporter said was that he was about to read testimonials from doctors; I think Trump cut him off with the 'good or bad ones' comment because he fully anticipated a whole of criticism was coming his way.

    13. Val Luscott

      Could somebody place him on a remote desert island indefinitely?....

    14. Bobbie Davis

      Thanks seth for the video i have laughed so hard can't wait for things to get back to normal stay safe you and your fam

    15. John Hoffman

      Why is this no-talent moron taping from his hallway? Perhaps he has pictures, hanging in his living room, that would give away his proclivities.

    16. Jim Noonan

      I'm glad to finally discover it was Seth Meyers who did the voices of the Charlie Brown parents. Good to know.

    17. Jim Noonan

      Please for the love of god why can't you afford quality recording equipment?? Is NBC broke?

    18. Jethro Bodeene

      darn that trump virus.... you suck wherever you work seth

    19. Chandra Tyler

      ❤️ you Seth!

    20. Brix Ferera

      close to zero....that is actually his actual IQ

    21. Chris Fowler

      Poor Seth, Trump lives in his head 24/7

    22. Shane Macgregor

      lol, this is so not funny get over yourself man.

    23. Twig River

      You suck and I hope you get the virus.

    24. Frances Howlett

      We want frisbee!!

    25. Shelley Kath

      Thanks for doing these, Seth!! They're great period, but also provide more factual information than the ridiculous daily coronarallies that Trump hosts with his "task-force" team. Keep going!

    26. BiffChunksteak

      Seth looks a lot better in his hallway, he should do it every week

    27. Angela Brown

      So great! It's gotta be so weird to film from your home but thanks for keeping us laughing!

    28. Walker Dobson

      Raise those hands if you're wearing socks rn!!

    29. Barbara

      Angela Merkel often goes shopping by her own. 🏪 Greetings from Germany! 🙋

    30. JAMES Schott

      TRUMP LASHES OUT---------the only thing DRUMP does well.........

    31. Connie in the Sun


    32. Jeff Smith

      I'm really really into putting spaghetti in my shoes and then squishing around town like a hot ticket .

    33. Angel Perez

      Anyone else rolling their eyes at the banjo in the woods joke? That sounds like a damn good camping trip. Smh, city boys.

    34. Deborah Mertrud

      ...beach does not suck. I love me some baytime and ocean waves I know where to go. by myself. Seth, you and your family are invited to the Jersey Shore ....and, we''ll be more than 6 feet away on our chairs or blankets

    35. maddy d

      "Go down to the park and bust some skulls." ha ha ha ha ha You're great but, I would go mental seeing to Trump's tweets that much. I was married to a narcissist and it nearly drove me off the deep end. But, you make it sound funny and that's a relief to me. Trust me. Narcissist's are cray cray and not in reality. Like Trump. He's like little Donnie running around the White house waiting for the Easter bunny and doesn't know how to self regulate until the Easter bunny comes.

    36. Maria S

      Soooo funny. Thank you.

    37. Zoe Robinette

      Correct. Trump must be charged with criminal negligence. Any businessman who ignores safe and healthy standards and neglects to protect his employees would be charged. A businessman who would allow this to happen to his people would be charged with criminal negligence and serve the rest of his life in prison. Why is the POTUS not held to the same standard? A businessman whose neglect causes dozens or hundreds of employees to be killed and injured would be behind bars. We are talking about thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of illneeses.

    38. Daniel Johnston

      Should keep Seth Meyers locked down permanently! The guy has zero talent! Boring!

    39. Amy Elias

      thank you for your sweet way of touching heavy subjects....

    40. Headless Spaceman

      Let's hope there's not a national Adderall shortage right now too or Lord President's energy might wane precipitously for no particular reason.

    41. Rita Franco

      Seth, no matter what’s going on you always do an amazing job of keeping me laughing & laughing is my middle name!

    42. Kehoe Kehoe

      You're doing an awesome job!

    43. TheEvolvedegg

      You have better material n delivery than both of the Jimmys

    44. daniel keane

      NY is in danger of becoming 1918 Pennsylvania and so if SF animal welfare should throw the stray cats or their could be a rat problem and worst than that

    45. Hvalpikk

      Trump will certainly take ALL the credit for any good, while his idiot supporters cheer and applaud.

    46. Carl Jones

      Trump is all money he's only out to get his ego stroked and to try to be re-elected because he likes his attended hick rallies

    47. Allisha Headley-Wood

      You really need some help you should call Owen Benjamin. Since Hollywood kicked him out three years ago he’s been Crushing ever cents. You should seriously watch some of his live streams, it would really help you.

    48. Lisa Gulick

      Here's a completely made-up-on-the-spur-of-the-moment conspiracy theory: Rand Paul is deliberately trying to spread the virus! Remember, I made this up. Rand Paul is not evil; he's just an idiot.

    49. john viji

      Even after all this news caution and everything People still don't understand the seriousness... Reading the comments below... I guess the corona virus seems like joke ... and their reaction.... they utter the words "its unbelievable"

    50. adainsel3 Inselbaggil

      Exactly 5 days after this was posted, the number of global coronavirus cases has doubled from 300,000 as he said, to over 600,000 now.

    51. Edila Lewis

      The unknown is the unknown it not time to bring down our President we should all pray

    52. NigelGB

      Someone needs to say to these people ignoring the lockdowns ... you can catch the disease even if you stand a low risk of serious illness... if you then give it to another person who dies ... that's effectively causing death by criminal negligence ...

    53. NigelGB

      Lol ... Just shows the amazing reality difference between leaders Angela Merkel doing her own shopping... I wonder if Trump has EVER been to supermarket?

    54. Kathleen Heidenreich

      Thank you!

    55. vella87

      Love u but please order a professional microphone from Amazon or something, the sound is awful

    56. Faranak Peart

      I can not for the life of me believe to this day that this guy is the President of the United States?!

    57. Mike Vizioz

      If this Winston Churchill guy is so great then how come he is not at the frontlines fighting Corona virus like our brave commander-in-chief, cleaning up this Corona mess that Obama and Hillary created? Trump 2020!

    58. Nyneva Kyte

      "I gave my ice cream to a shark and now I've got NOTHING TO EAT"

    59. Isaac Isaac

      American full of dump pupil🤦‍♂️

    60. Marijke van Veldhoven

      It's really nice to see you in this weird times, Seth. Thank you and all the crew!

    61. D Hines

      Thank you for finding the humor in these times!

    62. Ray Flores

      Blankets on the wall will reduce the echo

    63. Korben 77

      Please don't do this in a hallway or put up some sound squares

    64. Living It Up

      Ooh, Seth-- great tRump zingers! Thanks for the smiles. Much needed!

    65. Grace Fairchild

      My favorite Seth Meyers is when Seth Meyers knows he’s just done a terrible joke but must continue with his Seth Meyers smile anyway.

    66. lorrane

      28 March 2020 the world total of confirmed cases is 570,000

    67. robicenco1

      All this because in the year *2020*, the Chinese still think it's a good idea to eat wild animals. Sigh.

    68. Biggja22

      And truckers

    69. Kipper

      I think Cuomo is doing a fantastic job! He sounds just like Pacino.

    70. Biggja22

      Give props to harbor freight for donating all their gloves and masks

    71. Thomas Taylor

      Would be great if Seth could lay off the Lord Hee Haw stuff

    72. Jared

      He sounds like he’s shooting a hostage video

    73. Phillip

      Whatever Trump says may likely be untrue … Like "... close to Zero, it will go away in Apr … " This is NOT a Zero-Sum-Game, Lives are Involved. Lies, Cover-Ups … etc will NOT Work.

    74. Charlotte Headey

      This is why he has a show!!!

    75. Orlando Rotundo

      Seth Meyers Man bad

    76. Jennie Kreiner

      I have 2 sons laid off a daughter on a stay at home order and my husband took a 2$ an hour pay cut plus we have to pay for his insurance now another 1000$ gone. I'm scared about losing my hone we will be ok for a bit but not long term. The only help we get is for my youngest 2 sons we get state medical because they were my best friends kids when she passed away we took them in. My husband has never been on unemployment for the last 26 years. We have gone without a lot of things over the years and we are ok with that I'm not asking to be rich I just don't want to lose my house when we own only 24000 on it. I'm watching him sleep at the table because he is the only one still working full time and I'm glad he's working don't get me wrong but last month there were a lot of people now no one. And we are getting older he can't lift 500lbs mother by himself any longer. We are the people who need help not someone making millions a year.

    77. Lily

      The Senate has a swimming pool?!.... Oh.. my god. .... i feel like i just found out that THE SENATE HAS A SWIMMING POOL!.... .. Oh God. .... Oh no! ..... Oh! ....

      1. Lily

        I've clearly been missing the picture. ....

    78. mlc449

      This pandemic just proves how important it is to have a universal, state funded healthcare system that treats all citizens based on medical need, not their ability to pay.

    79. Lily

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> It is!.. I literally feel like i'm supposedly just staycationing but really it might be a Saw movie!.... I paid for some music, but nothing totally helps!.... * * * I am starting to feel like i don't want anything unless i truly chose it myself without any headgames!... #jailbreak. ....

    80. cannibalbananas

      The Cuomo jokes were funny 😂 I liked your comment about your voice coach. Thank you for the laughs