USPS: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    As the U.S. Postal Service faces financial catastrophe, John Oliver discusses why the service is so important, what brought it to this point, and what we can do to help.
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    1. Sweet Pea's Revenge

      Thanks for making me smile eve every day while informing me about current issues. Also just finished Community for the 3rd time and think about your 'Bearing Down for midterms' episode way too often.

    2. Big Badaboom

      Looks like some companies lobbied our representatives to ensure zero competition from the US Postal Service... Or maybe not... But, my old grandpa used to say, just follow the money and you will find your answer... I am sure nothing will be done about that... :) BTW Mr. Oliver, will you dare to use your skills to also dig out the profits and charge comparison between the other delivery services and the US Postal Service... Maybe you can add some positive commentary to the community so we can get educated and elect other representatives that will also need to be lobbied after they threaten to pass a law to correct the one that has the US Postal service begging for money, that "Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act" looks like it was drafted to push the service down... maybe even eliminate it... so competitive, well run companies that deliver stuff can make a much more efficient use of their price structures to deliver the items... what a nice deal they got... you invest in lobbying and you get your investment back thousands of times over... but I doubt you will waste your valuable non criticizing time on such a low and unimportant subject :)

    3. Maddogkiller66

      What happened to coronavirus V

    4. Roxy Angel Superstar

      He had me at “dope ass lace stamp” lol

    5. Johanna Dracona

      I’m subbed to this channel but I never see these videos on time!! It’s always at least 2 weeks late

    6. Marco Gosselin

      And now Trump is paranoid about mail voting fraud ... You guys are screwed.

    7. TheQuark6789

      "But real businesses can't lose billions every year." *cough* Uber *cough* -$8.5B net income last year

    8. ThunderSky

      I feel bad for all the canadians watching this getting reminded that they forgot about mother's day two weeks back

    9. Hibou Owll

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="963">16:03</a> Maybe that is why they're all extinct.

    10. Shalane Moore

      One of the other money-loss things is that even as a government entity, the USPS can be issued fines with OSHA. This is because UPS and Fedex complained to congress in that USPS was the “same” business as them and it wasn’t fair.

    11. Chris Caramia

      Parshall! It's good to see Grand County getting some non-bulldozer attention.

    12. Lish IsSecretlyAWizard

      Where do I send my letter to John Oliver? He did specifically ask for the receival of letters, yet failed to state where to send them to. Anyone? *Insert John Trovalta meme here.

    13. Alexander Thomson

      While this is an America problem, here in Canada I would like to help out and get some of your awesome stamps. Sadly (or maybe SAD! I'm not quite sure) I can't get the stamps delivered to me because the good ol' US of A postal service doesn't have an option to make it available here (or anywhere else for that matter, which maybe part of MAGA but I personally think America is better when it is a part of the rest of the world.) Is there anyway I can get around this? I would donate directly if I have to, even if that means I don't get the stamps, and I can't believe I'm saying that because I definitely want one of those ChiiJohn stamps! In closing please let me know if I can help with this obvious problem, maybe mostly because of Trump's desire to lash out at any opposition, to help with such a vital service that America provides

    14. Quarter Mile


    15. Neil Peters

      Just another thing Canada does better

    16. David Armillie

      Here is the link in the video.

    17. Somewhere Upthere

      Ungrateful leech is more on the nose.

    18. Rich Gilberto

      Postal banking? While we give billions to bankers who have bought the government? Not gonna happen.

    19. Patrick Whelpley

      The rap song in the stamps commercial sounded like when Family Guy made fun of Will Smith rapping.

    20. Yudith Caron

      Somebody please tell this mustachioed guy that Internet in the boondocks is shitty and slooooow.

    21. Golaki TV

      Theyve also started selling miniature scale cars (like hot wheels basically) and they're pretty cool! They have classic mail trucks, and even some old american muscle cars. I bought two of each of them, love it.

    22. _ Grundel _

      It's sad at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="557">9:17</a> that it shows a figure that's the equivalent of my counties population that doesn't have access to internet. Inmates have access to internet through public money there though... Over 2.2 million criminals have access but free Americans don't. Great priorities shown there...

      1. _ Grundel _

        @bilias hour I feel sorry that you would...

      2. bilias hour

        I'll always be a member of an audience to this show even if it lacks the background of the audience

    23. jumpmaster93

      This went a whole different direction than what I was expecting. Thank you!

      1. bilias hour

        I’m not even American and I want these stamps!

    24. Andrew Flowers

      That dog don't hunt.

    25. Ron Walsh

      I just received my stamps from They are amazing.

    26. Shabadoo Shabadoo

      There was a moment where I was like, why is john oliver blurry, and then I remembered corona.

    27. Charlie Kraemer

      I wouldn't want a sympathy goose. as a farm child, no one wants a goose ever. they are evil.

    28. TheLazySamurai

      When I worked CS for Canada Post, our level of humour -- specifically for those not in management -- was at "so who's gonna kill themselves today?" Oh shit, I didn't know that USPS was the US equivalent to a crown corporation. In that case, why is their management so shit and not follow the international postage rules? I don't blame their front line workers, its their management, and investigative teams that I blame for their ineptitude. Aww man... I am very tempted to buy some of those stamps

    29. Crusher O'Lies

      USA: so what should we do about our post service and our money and gold? Govt: fuck em, they can run themselves, what could go wrong. USA: are you sure? maybe the government maybe might want to oversee these important services so they dont fail or cheat us? Govt: nah.

    30. B Kay

      This show is unwatchable without an audience. It's like watching a comedian bomb over and over.. silence..

    31. Stephanie McDonald

      Too bad them stamps don't work in Canada

    32. Thomogon

      My international parcel got delayed because it's still stuck in New York state due to coronavirus regulations. This means that it's awaiting to get a green light from the Dutch border control for delivery but because they cannot give a green light with the current situation (New York being affected hardest by the pandemic) the package has probably been sitting in a sorting facility for about a month and a half now. The place I bought it from, already put it under insurrance because they felt the best course of action was to just refund me and if it does arrive at least I got a big discount on it so I got nothing to complain. I get it, but it's frustrating and affecting other businesses that rely on USPS as well.

    33. Paige Abe

      I keep waiting for the audience reactions. I guess I didn't realize how much it effected the feel of the show.

    34. Jake Caratacus

      I wish I lived in the U.S so I could buy some of those stamps. I mean, I could probably buy the stamps and have them mailed to Canada, but what would I do with U.S postage in Canada? I'm not a stamp collector. I also can't buy stamps because money. Having none of it kinda sucks.

    35. Nicolás Encina

      Another thing only the USPS is allowed to do: transport cremated remains. Imagine if your family lives on the other side of the country. You can't use UPS nor FedEx; it has to go through priority mail. We deserve to have a proper final rest, and this would complicate things even further.

    36. ZT1ST

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="753">12:33</a>; HBO: "John, do you *really* need to buy this rock and show people it for a joke? The world's in a pandemic during a U.S. election year - the world's basically gone to -" John: "Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on. Now get me my rock shipped to the studio - it's heavy."

    37. Just Vironika

      " make your dog look like he's performing a postal themed rendition of, 'Dick in a Box!'" --- I died!!! I can seriously listen to this man talk about anything! 😅❤️🙌🏼

    38. Taranizs

      It's mildly ridiculous that the government, a group that does a MASSIVE amount of communicating via the mail, would actually put the postal service in a position where it might legitimately go bankrupt and end up having to shut down.... Then again, it's right on par with the rest of the shit the government is letting fall apart. Just look at the condition of the roadways and bridges across the country, it's basically the same situation...

    39. ThatCuteNerdGirl

      I’m not even American and I want these stamps!

    40. doppler apples

      I'll always be a member of an audience to this show even if it lacks the background of the audience

    41. Kristin Márie

      My mom has three auto-immune disorders. She gets some of her medications through the mail

    42. osgnuru

      I ❤️ USPS

    43. Kulkum Alstavich

      It's hard to take this guy seriously at the end of the video, when he goes from "Let's talk facts" to "Let me trash Trump and talk about him like he's an idiot because it makes my Liberal watchers happy." Which is exactly what happens. As soon as he mentions Trump, he goes off the fucking rails.

    44. Sean McSeanson

      Mail a letter to John Stossel

    45. Claire Neufeld

      He looks like he’s aged 20 years...

    46. dave wise

      Fucking kidding me? Comedy is the last form of freedom of speech AND the last line of support for the USPS ?

    47. Cringe Productions

      where can i get that rock

    48. Zoe meow

      But its fake and your fake and thats fake on the fake 😄

    49. Trent Reid

      Yes this only took two weeks to be available in Canada instead of 5

    50. spartus

      ya..investigation in Chicago Post Office ..near air port,,, NOW>> package and many others sit/sat there for over a month..still don't know where it is now..

    51. Adyen

      Honestly, if the USPS just suggest that they'll put up signs saying that "President Trump recommends we raise prices and so prices are raised" on all their fronts if they don't get their bailout, I'm sure Trump will fold faster than he could wear a mask.

    52. Canadian Pride

      Do any of you Americans do anything about it after seeing these videos? Just curious

    53. James P

      Stossell is such an assbag. Congress is a goddamned monkeyhouse. And Trump is a fucking idiot.

    54. Star Butterfly

      I love magic. But I love the mail even more!

    55. CJFerg81

      I can certainly sympathise with people giving the USPS a hard time and I'm experiencing first-hand how the COVID crisis has impacted their service even more. I ordered a t-shirt from a store in Chicago and it's taken 3 weeks for it to travel just 23 miles from Bucktown to the USPS international sorting centre at O'Hare Airport. So much for getting my birthday present on time...

    56. Argha GD

      anyone mailing bob murrey should definitely use the Mr. nutterbutter stamp XD

      1. alisuo toko

        tube. So for the 840 000 households affected over the 4 years no door to door mail

    57. Keith Olsen

      The dispute between Trump and Bezos shows why supporting USPS and other socialist measures is a bad idea. Think about it, Trump is trying to damage Bezos by limiting support to the Post Service. Bezos is now incentived to support Trump, which doing so may change Trump's mind about USPS. Whenever the governement runs business, it changes the economy from capitalism to corporatism, making both corrupt politicians and CEOs more powerful. I'm not saying that people in rural areas shouldn't have access to delivery, just that the government is the worst way to provide it.

      1. Keith Olsen

        @Ethan Nicolls Hey Ethan. I'm just using Oxfords definition of socialism which states it's a system where "the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole." Given that the USPS is a means of distribution both owned and regulated by Congress, it's the textbook definition of socialism. Where would you disagree?

      2. Ethan Nicolls

        Imagine thinking that a postal service was socialist

      3. Keith Olsen

        @alisuo toko Hey Alisuo, it looks like your comment got cut off before posting

      4. alisuo toko

        There were protests in my city. There was even a case that went to supreme court! City of Hamilton vs Canada Post. Eventually Trudeau won the election and than the federal

    58. Jenna Maves

      Greetings from Dani Brzozowski‘a Congressional campaign in IL's rural (USPS-needing) 16th Congressional district. If you donate, we'll buy stamps and postcards to spread the word to 16th voters! Dani is for other policies John's into, like medicare for all. Your donation would go a long way to making sure bills like that Postal Service Accountability act never happen again!

    59. W Pontius

      If it is the cost of shipping compared to USPS, then how come the more expensive UPS and Fedex are doing many times the volume of USPS? If its the last mile service that the USPS fills then certainly a private company could do the same. Either way, Government controlled or privatized USPS prices are going to have to increase, so pricing isn't a valid argument for their lack of volume or revenue. Congress has zero intent on bailing them out. Also they are losing billions, but buying a new fleet. Where is THAT money coming from? Cry me a river USPS!!!!!

    60. Blair Foster

      Amazon will own its own mail service before long giving them a strangle hold on america america if nothing is done will reap what the sow

    61. Pamela Broecking

      Just got my stamps!

    62. Karma Sauce

      I feel for all essential workers, especially in health care. But it's a little tone deaf for that USPS employee to make a comment like "essential or sacrificial" when you receive a livable wage, a pension, paid sick leave, vacation time, health insurance, and retirement benefits while others, such as grocery store workers, have none of that. Nor PPE. Nor the ability to even practice social distancing 100% of the time. This term "Essential Worker" is empty. It merely highlights how disposable some workers on the lower echelons of society are considered to be.

    63. Kari Bennion

      Yessssss! John Oliver!!! Keep up the great work!! And I will be buying some stamps today. ‘

    64. Dan Royer

      Or if you don't like them, a Canada goose.

    65. Healthy Mind and Body

      John, have you woken up to the scamdemic yet? I can’t wait to see when you do. Talking about Tedros, Gates, Fauci, trackers, et al.

    66. Kevin Adriosula

      My personal issue is that as a kid (I’m 30) used to watch and enjoy John Stossel on 20/20 and his give me a break segment. Now hearing/seeing he’s a personality on Fox has me a little conflicted. Then again only a little, as I’m looking at all this from an outsiders perspective as I live in Canada. Also not a fan / supporter of the man behind the desk of the Oval Office....

    67. Jason Carrington

      I'm pretty sure that stamp rapper is Dana Dane.

    68. Adamantium9001

      The reason government doesn't work is that the people who say it doesn't work sabotage it so they can do evil stuff more easily.

    69. Michael Wright

      You know, I half thought this was going to be cringe without the laughter to supplement the jokes... Thank goodness that John Oliver and his writing team can actually compose and deliver jokes and a show that is both funny and informative in times like these. Thank you for this.

    70. Cody Eason

      I believe Trump wears a priority tube top under his suit just make him feel safe. Do you see me now daddy do you see me Daddy.

    71. striker1553

      Well it would be great if the USPS didn't fucking suck.

    72. Matthew Mcgrath

      I'd love those stamps but cant get them in New Zealand

    73. Theodore

      This is wild. I am pretty sure Canada would implode if Canada Post collapsed. You should have saw the rage when to cut costs they started doing some community boxes. There were protests in my city. There was even a case that went to supreme court! City of Hamilton vs Canada Post. Eventually Trudeau won the election and than the federal government shut down the move to community mailboxes in 2018. They refused to reinstate door to door on the affected homes post calling it putting toothpaste back in the tube. So for the 840 000 households affected over the 4 years no door to door mail

    74. David Daquiri

      Stamps ordered!!!

    75. I Skandar


    76. Spikey Monkey

      Head CO of Australia post was making $5.6million in 2010 the prime minster is like $500K-600K.

    77. dean julian

      that tiktok was weak asf john

    78. Abdul Gafoor

      Make an episode pigeon spy sent by Pakistan into India.

    79. SkyCommander

      You know I think this video showed me the single dumbest thing Trump has ever said.

    80. ashtree80

      Where the fuck is my sympathy goose??!!!!!!!!!