VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 18

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    Sam, Clint and Niko sit down to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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    Julkaistu 9 päivää sitten


    1. Arlo Pratt

      If you guys haven’t already could you go over the effects of 1990’s Total Recall?

    2. Anton Brattberg

      Can you guys react to "Friends" scene when Phoebe meets her twin and when Ross meets Russ?

    3. TonyBehindTheCamera

      React to Narnia VFX

    4. SCYTHERgirl NC

      The Tremors Franchise, or Tremors 1-3!

    5. Riley Noble

      For the love of all things holy, please react to ghost rider

    6. Alexander Murillo

      The Mask

    7. Marlon Flores

      Idk if you guys have done it or not but you should react to the evolution of cgi between kong and godzilla especially King of the Monsters and Kong skull Island :)

    8. yani andrews

      Not to sound kinda dumb but like y'all should react to Shrek visuals from all three movies and compare the growth

    9. Kylo Ren

      React to the Rise of skywalker plsss

    10. TradeMark

      Do a Star trek episode, suggestion fisels.info/video/videot/eYa1nNt7a3eFfqM.html at 1:20 how did they have them interact, then disappear then move through the scene, with out swiping/cutting

    11. Cade Stone

      Spy Kids 3 for sure should be done

    12. TSH

      Please react to some scenes from "Dracula untold"! :D

    13. Spencer Y.

      The 2008 Speed racer film was so awesome as a kid, I'd love to see your reactions to the cgi

    14. William Mcmullan

      you should react to the robocop scene where his mechanical parts are taken off him and its just his internal organs you see

    15. TheGoodGentleman92

      How About the Ghostbusters movies Please!!

    16. Динар Аюпов

      Please do the Scott Pilgrim vs The World!!!

    17. Beach Bum

      Indiana Jones just any of the movies

    18. Søren Christensen

      Starship troopers from 1997! as a kid i loved that movie and i still enjoy it to this day

    19. Jayfire129

      Please talk about pogo from umbrella academy

    20. Thomas Pastoriza

      Please do the revenge of the sith doku vs anakin and obi wan

    21. Tom Kelly

      Guys you should react to Love Death + Robots CGi

    22. adam adam

      the motorcycle explosion from Gemini man

    23. Butterfly Rave

      Love, Death, & Robots

    24. kamadaki431

      Please do sherlock Holmes game of shadows, the forest chase scene

    25. Oskar Rognås

      Do something from Kung Fury!

    26. Marcus Hecht

      Please do 6 Underground! I gotta know how some of that was done.

    27. Freebobbyshmurda

      I think possibly Star Wars episode 3

    28. NASIR BUTT

      the martian 2015 is cgi ?

    29. Evan J Torres

      I’d really be interested in seeing you guys compare the visual effects of 2007’s The Golden Compass to HBO’s newest adaptation His Dark Materials.

    30. Jaaron Boger

      You see Guliver's Travels with Jack Black. Interesting miniature performances with full scale performances. At one point Jack Black ends up in a Giants dollhouse.

    31. whatup2003

      please do an analysis on Terminator: DF's opening scene (killing young JC)

    32. Morticia Adams


    33. EleazarLarios

      Elysium is so underrated.

    34. Justin Whitten

      React to the tremors series! You can see the progression of them relying on cgi over practical effects more and more as you go through the movies

    35. Dharani Gopal

      We need an episode with movie scenes with Sam's voiceovers

    36. ENT Productions

      Not really CGI but could you do Little Shop of Horrors?

    37. HUNTER S

      Could u guys react to transformers?


      The war of the world's 2005 (the scene where the machine comes from the ground)

    39. Cameron Harmon

      Kim Jong Il kidnapped two american actors in like the 90s or early 2000s to make North Korean cinema better, maybe look into those movies??

    40. Bence Szilágyi

      Can you guys rate the VFX of the old "The invisible man" TV series?

    41. Hakkar6993

      The Haitian Gang Shootout Scene in Bad Boys II has some really interesting camera effects that it'd be interesting to know how it's filmed.

    42. Mr Snipple

      Logan Marshal Greens performance was amazing in Upgrade.

    43. Ghost Cow Films

      Hey guys... just learned about you and LOVE your videos. So since learning about you, I've been thinking of commenting everytime my eyes take a stroll in the valley. But I was just watching LOTR: Two Towers... and there was one (of many) that stood out. When Legolas hitches a ride on someone's horse by grabbing the front of the saddle and swinging around the front if it, under the horse's neck. Eeesh. Did y'all cover this one?

    44. adam kelly

      What do you guys think about the Giants/the other monsters in general from the new Hellboy movie? Or the ones from the witcher netflix series

    45. guguinha candido

      The final scene on Wanted: when the hero shoot the bad guys miles away

    46. Raphael Coolz

      Jaani dushman ek anokhi kahani I bet ya it will be the best episode It's bollywood btw

    47. SirRunk

      I hope this means Wren is gone forever, the fucking annoying douche bro.

    48. Wim Klerkx

      the alian in the tree first movies of Alian

    49. Piece of White Chicken

      Please do "they shall not grow old"

    50. Marius Merchiers

      Please react to Lost in Space series. The Resolute space ship getting destroyed is excellent cgi!

    51. Harry Austin

      1917 hidden cuts would be an insane episode

    52. street skippin

      how about some chinese cinema, their whole take on CG is like completely different, it's almost always over the top af try Great Wall or like The Mermaid

    53. Jameslee Seipei

      Yogi bear (2010)

    54. Ivan Stanev

      Please guys , make Kingsglaive by SE!!!

    55. James Hurley

      What about ad astra something like the moon or space/ship scenes

    56. Qoushik Hassan

      Please do an emergency VFX react to Crisis on Infinite Earth crossover.

    57. Idk if video games are a valid source, but maybe try some of the cutscenes from Halo 2 Anniversary. Just a thought.

    58. Caleb Roberts

      Should react to The Mummy from 1999!!

    59. Brian Jackson

      Escape from LA

      1. Brian Jackson

        Specifically the surfing scene.

    60. ERIC CHAN

      You guys should try "Kung Fu Hustle" by Stephen Chow