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    James, Justin, and Kieran traveled to the last Blockbuster Video that's located in Bend, Oregon!! They took a road trip down from Portland, after Portland Retro Gaming Expo weekend October, 2019. The sights, sounds, and smells of their old stomping grounds was like something else. A flash from the past, where you would always go every Friday night to get the newest movie releases, hottest games, or obscure b-movie rentals. Sadly, Blockbuster's 9,000 world-wide locations dwindled down to just one. But, that comes with everything turning digital... or with movies just slapped into the Red Box at your local grocery store. Regardless, the Last Blockbuster in Bend is a tribute to anyone who lived in the 90s, especially with their museum section and classic memorabilia everywhere. Thanks to the owner Sandi for allowing us to film in the store! And, sorry that our audio isn't the best, the store is very active.
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    1. nicolas bellon

      I remember when I was a kid I was bad at spelling (I still am) but my mom used to bribe me with blockbuster if I got A’s on my spelling quiz I only went like three times with that bribe

    2. Joseph E

      "We're filming in Oktober" Did this take seven months to edit

    3. Michael Davidson

      Screw Blockbuster! They put mom & pop video rental stores out of business and they didn’t have adult vids!

    4. Frank Azel944

      those were the days😍😍

    5. Malte Rotter

      Anyone remembers the southpark episode where they kinda made a the shining parody ?....

    6. Arctic Horde War Gaming

      You just reminded me....I should have returned those dvds. I owe them late fees :(

    7. Foppish Dandy

      One Blockbuster to rule them all!

    8. Mr. Magic Mittens

      This video actually makes me pretty sad... The only thing that remains constant in this world is change.

    9. Darude Seagalstorm

      for some reason candies displayed on Blockbuster looked more tempting than Walgreens.

    10. SuperBen Hot zone

      Always loved renting movies at blockbuster

    11. Lavalambtron

      Have they burned it down yet..

    12. Ryan LaChance

      Isn’t there a blockbuster in Alaska?

    13. llMonochromell

      I feel lucky that I was born early enough to still experience Blockbusters. I remember how it would be a few blocks from my house, and I would rent games to play for my Xbox 360. I was born around 1999, I’m nearing 21, and thinking back on it, it’s kind of unreal on how technology has advanced in the span of 20 years. I’ve never really noticed till recently.

    14. Pen Island

      The story of this being the last one has been told...and told...and told some more since it happened...a while ago now. The least you coulda done is ask to use the shitter or something so not like the other 100 of these

    15. Zim's Beer Review

      Ory-gun... Not Ore-Gone

    16. Mr Goku

      You didnt change at all for 12 years now lol

    17. Floresj78

      I still have my Blockbuster video card until to this day. Wish they make a comeback.

    18. LetsGo Now

      I miss it. Long story but i have 2 homes. I only stay at this 2nd home one or two times every two months. Therefore i have no cable, or wifi there. However, it was close to a blockbuster an i could pick up a movie.

    19. Otis Pugh

      I wish I knew about this when I went to Oregon a few years ago.

    20. fowl owl

      I mean this in the best possible way but in the thumbnail you look like frank west from deadrising

    21. Esteban Vela

      Rent Jane Fonda , or Richard Simmons

    22. Esteban Vela

      I lost $$ on bb stock back in the days,

    23. Ryan King

      Did the guy’s card still work? Don’t leave us hanging.

    24. Avon Barksdale

      God I miss the 90s so much. Such simpler times. We will never get to relive that greatness again. sad

    25. Awww Yeah Shim Sham

      I miss it so much

    26. Infamous Yash Show

      OMG that interreuption at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="224">3:44</a> and silence at end was soooo dammm funnnyyy

    27. NomnomJawsnomnom

      Lmao at the "best selection" sign in the window. Don't they mean "only selection"?

    28. Michael S.

      Imagine trying to convince people that you work at Blockbuster in 2020 lmao. Man I live in Oregon I really should go through while they're still there. If it wasn't for Blockbuster and other local rentals I never would have been able to experience most of the games and movies from my childhood.

    29. James Peterson

      "This is October we're filming" Bro I was aboutttt to say lmao

    30. Comps Computer Repair

      1.2M? Must have blown up with nonCinemassacre fans.

    31. Hip Hop Anonymous

      A million views? Must have blown up with non-Cinemassacre fans.

    32. Mr. X

      so what about the old member card?? did it work or not? why didn't you show if it worked or not? this sucks. i was really curious about that (you made me). :(

    33. foolio1990

      Psychostick is an amazing band!

    34. RastasNevaDie

      Dam I miss blockbuster! I hated going and the new movie u wanted was out 😂😂

    35. mrwarped

      As soon as they walked in I almost O.D'd on nostalgia

    36. Matthew Webb - Dolly Violet

      It looks more like a museum than a shop now hahahh

    37. Patrick C

      Wait, just driving back from PRGE? So this video was recorded almost 8 months ago?

    38. Enrique Caballero

      that Doom movie was so incredibly bad

    39. Juan Perez Lincoln

      I grew up in a small town in Southeast Mexico. We never had a Blockbuster, but we did had some local video rental store. The only Blockbuster near my hometown, was actually in another town, about a 30 minute drive from my place. Seeing all this comments, pictures, memes, etc., Makes me wish I could have experienced the feeling of going to Blockbuster during my childhood.

    40. YellowData Sports

      Filmed in October, released in May?!

    41. MostBever

      Did Randy Marsh work there too?

    42. ReneAramis

      I came here to watch James Rolfe go into a Blockbuster. Instead, I got, You Know What's Bullshit? - Hidden Episode The actual Video 5/7, a perfect score

    43. Smiley Face

      Big mother f'n RIGS !

    44. cwwjr1681

      I hate to crush your dreams in ruin your video but they are not the last Blockbuster Video not by a long shot. You should have probably said the last Blockbuster Video in the lower 48. Because Blockbuster Video is in Alaska in at least two locations that I am aware of

    45. Samcanplaymusic

      The nostalgia is real

    46. Stuart Wilson

      Fun fact they have comedy shows here from time to time

    47. Conner Broeker

      How bad do you think that car smells

    48. 108johnny

      Don't die of dysentery when returning a video.

    49. maxtrix1

      We have to travel back in time and convince blockbuster to buy netflix

    50. Greg

      Wow ! Awesome guys ! Last time I checked ...year or two ago there were about 3 or 4 I think . Alaska was known for having the last few Blockbusters . ( I thought ) Surprised it's Oregon .

    51. Nick DaKonquerer

      Gr8 video.....but F@$% BLOCKBUSTER.

    52. Amber Bell

      I miss Blockbuster it was cool just to get out and go look around at all the movies.

    53. Jason Wall

      I still have 2 Blockbuster movies and a game. I don't care.

    54. Kevin Martinez

      When I was in elementary school on a friday afternoon and my dad would take me to go rent a N64 game

    55. rory calhoun

      Dr Zaius supervising everything..... LIKE A BOSS!!! 🦧

    56. CrimsonOptics

      Oregon looks so homey. I wouldn't mind living there.

    57. Jk47rocky23

      I remember hanging out in blockbuster playing the consoles . You could rent a Super Nintendo’s or PlayStations .

    58. White Raven

      Good to see the Blockbuster that John Oliver gave the Russell Crowe props to.

    59. donrok

      man, between this and confinement I almost cry.

    60. William Stevens

      Omg I have that same laptop. I just wiped the hard rive and now its the same beast it once was!

    61. Native Son Wood Art

      So many memories at blockbuster, going there multiple times in a day, all the movies, watching this and seeing the very nostalgic layout is a blast from the past, and I'm so surprised that they still have one open, it's like an epic side quest you'd play in a game

    62. gamerblisters

      Omfg it was you guys I saw on my trip back to eugene ,James you are my hero dude

    63. Dangnas Wolf

      But...did it smell the same???


      I need subitiltles in pt br

    65. D M

      the dude driving looks like a young craig from malcolm in the middle

    66. silverwave 001

      should go in there and pick 10 weekly videos. most of the fun was in picking videos. took me 2 hours sometimes to pick 10. then just put them all back. just walk on out and queue them up online on tubi and other online sites.

    67. metal man

      Oh the memories. I lived at blockbuster. !!!!! For years!!!!

    68. Max Power

      I know so many people who miss Blockbuster, but it wasn't enough to keep them in business.

    69. JOE VELEZ

      I still got my blockbuster card in my wallet.

    70. riseuplight

      Lol they were crying as they pulled up

    71. Ricky Suave


    72. Drumf Bum


    73. Kelly L

      Just think... All of us left a Blockbuster at one point not knowing it would be our last time. Or maybe we did know. Because Netflix was just so cool.

    74. Nitrometutorials

      Wow, this is strange watching them drive around my home state. I just went by this place last weekend...

    75. Richard

      I remember renting Robot Chicken when I was younger cuz my mum had no idea what it was, little did she know🌚

    76. AgentChodeyBanks

      Who is the blockbuster of our time?

    77. FirestoneX

      You could say that Blockbuster was.... DOOMed

    78. James Springer

      I used to work at Blockbuster back in the day too. I remember getting my BB card on my 18th birthday. Nostalgia aside, I’m happy that I live in the future and can summon any movie that I want to watch to the device in my pocket whenever it pleases me.

    79. okow tina

      I have a hang space and my aunt had just said, "its like a blockbuster down here," i miss those places.

    80. Winston McGregor

      It's sad to finally feel how the elderly feel in this world. It's too weird knowing I grew up in a time of vhs and now we have the tech we have today. It gets me excited for what's to come, minus the corruption.