We Have a Crazy Person Running Our Country

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    A major plot twist in the ongoing quid pro quo show by EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland, Trump praises himself vigorously despite the fact that the five top Democratic candidates are all beating him in recent polls, his obsession with dogs continues, Donald Trump Jr. releases his first book, and Sean Spicer continues an incredible run on 'Dancing with the Stars.'
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    We Have a Crazy Person Running Our Country

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    1. David Edwards

      Got to love the special placement tee-shirts with the slogan, "Read the transcripts" I would like to bet that a lot of them didn't even read the tee-shirt, and the biggest percentage of them haven't read the transcripts.

    2. LizzyPho

      He is so full of himself. Wow what a loser.

    3. Liya vaanunu

      The only dog trump likes is the Vice Poodle

    4. Dhen Phu

      this lizardhead again...

    5. jacob kobald

      Come on spicey ain't that bad!!!

    6. jacob kobald

      I love the guy in the blue hat shaking his head yea yea I remember Reagan Trump's definitely better....oh wait I wasn't even a twinkle in my dad's eye

    7. leeanne

      The leader of isis that had been killed twice before!

    8. Rusty Cockering

      Thank God the American people will be wise enough to re-elect this so-called "crazy person" next year.

      1. rach d

        Don’t bet on it, stupid. I know several folks who voted GOP in 2016, have seen the idiocy, and will be voting Democratic in 2020. If I know several people, I’m sure there are others who have friends who will vote Democrat.

    9. Miso Mama

      its all bullshit of course. he's been in office 4 yrs and we have higher taxes thanks to his changes and healthcare still is non existent.

    10. Steve steve

      I voted for Reagan, you sir are no Reagan. Could you imagine Reagan ever heaping praise upon himself like this jackalope does? What a turd.

    11. Joseph Kram

      President Sanders 2020!

    12. J L

      Those were the voices in his head saying those things about him

    13. Jessica Night

      This show sucks. Bye.


      Trump was dropped on his head as a baby, a child, and as an Adult 😂😂😂

    15. Lee Pyper

      Trump 2020!

    16. Arturo Sosa

      Every body lies except Hugo Trumped. This Hugo its Damn and mocks presidency

    17. Intrepid Explorator

      Apparently the most clear and present danger to America and All of Humanity, the leeway given to abusers who get into Americans' Office of The President, Government and Legal Systems, with no removal for dangerous incompetence and deadly malfeasance

    18. Manuel Röxeis

      this is so absurd i cant believe this is real wtf xD

    19. chuyo caca

      i never go against Jimmy Kimmel since he was on " that Men show?..... " but i will break with the sacred Man oath on this one " when Melania saw trump naked and fully aroused? and saw saw how big his hands really were >? she? well you know the rest.....

    20. chuyo caca

      wonder sometimes how much Trump pays minorities to stand behind him while he gives those amazing fake reality speeches !'

    21. chuyo caca

      when Trump repeats! and repeats? the same old lines ? ever get the feeling that the Big Red Guy with a tail downstairs is now laughing and licking his chops reminding Donald " Contract time expires at the stroke of midnight Nov 2th 2020!' time to come down home with me!"

    22. chuyo caca

      Trump is the Dumbest president in US History! and the most corrupt and the most low IQ and the most Lucky imbecile in resent memory having landed the one position that he only he can ruin in the process...

    23. King Andres

      You people are idiots if you believe this leftist liar


      Lying Trump is the worst president no matter who says differently. Historians listed the top 40 presidents and lying Trump was not on the list.

    25. United247

      The 3.9k dislikes are from trump supporters 😂

    26. Tor TORI

      Ya'll just figuring this out now? lol

    27. Daniel U.

      every fuckin day with Trump and pushing the democrat agenda , that s why i can t watch u any longer , should be illegal to talk about politics on a late night show

    28. Rui Silva

      KNEEL AND PRAY AT THE ALTER OF OUR LORD donald trump’s church ... Thats what maga really means !

    29. Conscientious Thinker

      Have you ever heard a president talking of himself with such a gracious , this is very scary diagnosis, God help all of us.

    30. walkabout

      poor jenna, she is like, wtf noooo another dance with this buffoon lol

    31. John Sholl

      we have a crazy communist with a late night babble show

    32. Machete Knife

      Paid Actors at his rallies

    33. Ani Naderi

      What an embarrassment

    34. Somnath Bhattacharyya

      Just the fact that the people in there did not know what he was going to say, proves that they r the stupidest specimens of the human race

    35. germale federico

      Because of crazy citizens like you.

    36. germale federico

      If I were Trump I'll buy ABC and close your Show.

    37. I am Khai

      LoL everytime donald trump speak he is becoming crazier....just wanna punch the stupid face of this crazy donald trump u are worst than a dog!!!

    38. Margaret Cuozzo

      Those ignorant idiots cheering him on are more disturbing and ridiculous than trump if that's even possible.

    39. Desmond Fletcher

      I'm better than kobe no Bron no mj. Nope I'm the greatest in history but I don't know how to play basketball 😂

    40. Cobus Byleveld

      🤔😁lmao,lie like a dog,better check my dogs out,wonder what they've lied about, going to ask them,😎idee😜👍🤗take care everyone, be safe, and don't let your dogs lie. 🤣🤣🤣💗👋👋

    41. Elizabeth Brocato

      You wish .. your polls suck .. your wrong . liberal

    42. Ronald Choate

      Donald Trump talks like my grandfather when he first got dimensia.

      1. Ani Naderi

        Ronald Choate 😆😆😆😆

    43. Charlie G. MO 3

      TRUMP 2020!!! FREE R0GER ST0NE!!$

    44. Jay H

      He's not just a crazy person. He's a traitor. He's a criminal.

    45. Kevin Lemond

      This idiot has a certain percentage of the country fooled that says a lot about our country this clown is so corrupt racist narcissistic and straight up dum wake up America

    46. Dozer op

      Lmao, pre-existing physician's?...what the hell is wrong with that man

    47. Beth Morton

      omg this is funny

    48. N.G.H. Calmarena

      The fight is hard down there in the cave of who can sink the lowest, Trump or Dobbs. Trump will certainly win in view of the lot of resources he has at his disposal; Dobbs can never compete with Trump's stupidity, which trumpanzees call "stable genius."

    49. Michel Folco

      Can't wait for the movies on Trump presidency in 5-10 years.

    50. Umanga Ruhunage

      Hate to break it to ya, but sri lanka is run by clowns

    51. horhae mendoza

      No,We Have An Idiot Talk Show Host In jimmy kimmel! President Trump Makes You,And Any Idiot That Agrees With You, Look Stupid On A Daily Level! You People Live In A False Bubble,Not Sure If Its More Funny,Or Sad?

    52. Valerie Paulsen

      I do believe that drumfp's I.Q. is probably under 70. Not kidding. Deadly serious. God help us from this fool.

    53. Gem3850

      Hard for me to watch this much Trump!🤮🤮🤮

    54. Songkane Khousakoun

      WTF with the Michael Jackson joke Jimmy? Not cool...!

    55. The Angry Melon

      Yang is way ahead Kamala. I understand the segment but still. Get your facts straight.

    56. Mark Tprodicus

      When did late night comedy become political satire?

    57. Michele DeMars

      Everything about trump is odd.

    58. Emma Thompson

      I still can’t get over the fact that he actually won the Election.

    59. Jack Harper

      This idiot makes look like fool's. He is an evil fool that won't stop until he's in jail.

    60. Scotty Ho

      "Pre existing physicians...just thought of that....it's true." What an orange turd