What Happens When Strangers Slide Into Your DMs



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    1. Jubilee

      Thanks for watching ya'll! Tell us some of the DMs you've gotten from people slidin in! DON'T FORGET: Jubilee has launched an apparel brand, GOODHUMAN, and the store is open for 4 more days: www.goodhumanLA.com - by wearing goodhuman, you are pushing forward the values of radical empathy, thinking different, and love in action 👊❤️

      1. Crash Club Media

        👀👀👀👀 These guys ain’t putting on the oils first. They need to oil and grease up, before they can properly SLIDE! into the DM

      2. Crash Club Media

        Did the Yo Gotti song.. “it goes down in he DM” inspire this video 😂🤣💯

    2. 109egg839

      *i am a dog*

    3. avxry _

      *have you ever slide into anyone dm’s?* the first dude: *O F C O U R S E.*

    4. Aaron P

      These vids make me hate social media even more

    5. Shannon Harzula

      i wish u would make more of these

    6. brcxt


    7. brcxt

      I love

    8. BriBri Pittman

      I am a dog

    9. The Winter Solstice

      The only DMs I get, are people who literally try to advertise their channels by saying something sweet, and then ending it with 'Subscribe to my channel, You'll LOVE it.' 👌

    10. vledermau5

      Never gotten any...at least none that weren't sent by a bot ^^ And I've only sent 1 to a celeb just as an answer to a story, that's it. Maybe I'd get more and/or right more if I actually posted stuff regularly.

    11. myong2206

      I AM A D O G

    12. All American

      I have to admit this is nothing like I expected it to be.

    13. 《•C a r o l•》

      0:47 that’s a high five emoji...isn’t it?

    14. huh

      The only strangers who slide into my dm’s are 50 year old Indian men

    15. 라라Lala

      I mean like when someone slides onto my dm it's full of "HAHAHAHAHAHA" LMAO.

    16. Tee Tails

      him: I will pay pal you for feet pics. Me: DEALLLLL

    17. gabriel_production

      *I am a Dog* Erin: *tHaTs nOt vEgAn*

    18. Mr Bon

      Anyone know the music thats starts at 2:13 ?

    19. C O L O U R M

      The man with a wife is just disgusting

    20. natalie goldberg

      lmaoo i get those ''Take Off My Pants!'' group chats

    21. Qui Kiwii

      “Of course” 😂😂😂😂😂

    22. Angela Sánchez

      why did this stop

    23. Bree Bree

      Jesus I feel so lonely

    24. ephoric

      " i get messages saying " Hello ciara. You were rated a 30 on the nasty list! I can't believe this! "

    25. BorkMyLife ;3;

      “Marriage is complicated and clingy.” Well, wtf did u think ur gonna do after marriage???? YOU ATE LITERALLY MARRIED.

      1. Lollipop GLMV

        BorkMyLife ;3; jk lol

      2. Lollipop GLMV

        MMMmmmmMmmm I love eating marriage

    26. YourGirlSudanny

      I'm always getting strange guys are porn pages lol

    27. Jamjamtae

      Mom: Did you do the homework Me: 0:12

    28. Ouroboros Nagyok

      I am a dog

    29. Yul Nikita

      I said: Awwww The same time the girl said: Yikes! lol 😂

    30. Tee Abbs

      1:57 just show it to his wife.

    31. Ace Frehley

      Bruh I’m always getting lesbians in my DMs for some reason and I’m a straight female...

    32. Yulissa Salcedo Caraballo

      I get SO many DM’s. I’ve gotten from D pictures, to perverted ass compliments, to motivational stuff, you name it. Two weeks ago someone offered me $1k for a picture of my feet lol I declined that cause I felt like I’m soliciting my feet for money

    33. DollTron VR

      Shut him down Wendy!! Yes!!!

    34. Ghabriella Wright

      I try and answer all my DMs even though it’s mostly the dudes shooting their shot. But that’s just me

    35. VanT

      Let's see.. I'm so ugly I rarely get dms however I have had 2 guys (both Indian I think) just giving me some extraordinarily kinky stuff.. and another was more of a nicer guy but he was like way older

      1. jemliac

        same, one guy complimented me a bunch then asked for feet pics. pretty sure he just wanted the feet pics. also realised he did the same thing to my other friend soo haha...

    36. Seth Richard

      2:10 wow omg that is so quircky lolololol

      1. sabine o.

        let people have fun

    37. Random

      I can’t be the only one who still sends an actual letter

    38. I'm Not A Weeb You Normie

      That first one I wish that was me, need that $$$


      "i am a dog" pfffffft why is that a mood i got one on my cats account and it was just "Hey big boy, check out my account" i just replied. "uh, meow?" and thats it- my cat still gets dms, more than i do actually, its sad.

    40. Lorde Darius

      This is a McDonald’s