Will Minimum Wage Workers Agree to Share $1000


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    Julkaistu 7 kuukautta sitten


    1. sohni mahroni

      if everybody would always pick blue, the world would not be in the condition it is today.

    2. Shady Badr

      Keep it up guys, try considering a new series with people choosing red pill or blue pill with a situation similar to "would you rather" where the 2 decisions are hard but they have to chose one of them. It is a raw idea, you can work it out with your creative thoughts.

    3. Fundings GT

      What the hell is that lady doing with her legs

    4. Top Bun

      Oasia is really selfish messed up and looks like a uglier version of dora

    5. Kellea Stewart

      Bro.. 5:23 WTF is up with her feet 😂😂😂

    6. poev ponarak

      Duck farm 😂😂😂

    7. Ahmed Hassan

      is this a rip off from golden balls split or steal or something even before that

    8. Just Sword

      Tbh the best way to go is red because its ether you get everything or nobody gets nothing so ya...

    9. Skylar Jade

      “Ocean is blue covers most of our world there’s our decision”I’m ded💀

    10. The Busbys

      What do the bullet points mean about the people? Obviously the first one is their star sign ...

    11. Maria Silvani

      What do those 2 other things next to the zodiacs mean?

    12. Tay S

      No one: Lady: DUCK FARM

    13. Zavier

      Faith in humanity slightly restored.

    14. Hannah Hart

      “Money loves me and it is attracted to me and it follows me wherever I go” -Oasia

    15. Ella Schmeider

      orrrrr..... one team wins the $1000 but still decides to spilt it between the 6 and everyone gets $167

    16. follow me on ig at 3mmxtt

      idk why but for some reason i just really hate the duck lady

    17. Blazerzzz 33

      That duck farm lady is so selfish

    18. Loser CEO

      "I would save up for my duck farm" ...really ? If it were me I'd want the money to go to people who actually need it to pay off loans and stuff.

    19. Matthew Lee

      You all need to watch clips of ‘split or steal’ where this idea is stolen from

    20. Sammy Steffensen Benomar

      For the next episode, you should bring 6 game theory experts, it would be interesting to see how they think

    21. Mateo Somo

      Hating oasia

    22. Der_Chris09

      Still do 1 red 1 blue so you get the full money and then you can split it afterwards. 167$ for everyone

    23. IFFYx3

      The best one by far all good people :)

    24. Farhahul Aman

      The 🦆 farm owner is really a greedy human being.

    25. climaxhubbard

      1:16 its cuz you got a weird ass wig and want a duck farm, she's weird

    26. No No

      Why pick blue if blue red is better than blue blue? One team could give 300 to 1 team and keep 700

    27. The Mysterious Dude

      Why does the title say agree to split $1000 if when split between all of them, the total is $600

    28. Jorge Mena

      I think seeing business owners in this game would be interesting

    29. Baseball Boy

      This is a remake of split or steal

    30. Jessica Bowers

      This makes me happy. There are good people in the world.

    31. BLUR Wubby

      When Jakob called himself modest...

    32. iris lynn

      oasis: i could’ve used that money for nature me: let’s all be smart here and maybe spend that $100 on a new wig baby girl

    33. Sydney Moseti

      3:28 she can't be serious im dead rachel face when she said that and then 3:36

    34. Ema Covaliu

      Oasia was definetly not the nicest, like seriously I would rather everyone gets some money than being greedy

    35. Epileptic Dog

      Anyone else sees an Asian Jacob from Twilight or is it just me?

    36. cristian canale

      Oasia does not deserve that money she's so greedy

    37. Memento Mori

      Oasia is making a strong case for being the most unlikable person who ever appeared on Jubilee. Hey, everyone wins 100$! Oasia: I feel like we lost (because we didn't get to screw the other team over).

    38. Kamran Memmedli

      I can't imagine these people came to share 1000$? Seriously? You guys have 4 million subscribers and you throw 1000$ to people for fighting over nothing, especially in California. I hope Chine will not be the dominant country in the next 50 years. Otherwise, we all will be eating rice for our birthday parties.

    39. John Wilson

      Shouldn't they go home with like $165? Theres 6 of them and they split $1000 by $100 each. Something aint adding up

    40. SamSefa Radio

      I hope Oaisis watches this and realizes why she was picked last