World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer

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    The veil between life and death is no more. Discover what lies beyond the world you know in the next chapter of the World of Warcraft saga--Shadowlands: Coming 2020. Learn more at

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    1. Teodor Wild


    2. cfgvd

      Came here from the Lich King trailer. Im regretting this

    3. David

      How is Sylvanas stronger than the Lich King? Not just stronger, that much stronger!

    4. Scarlett

      just watched nobbel's series on the litch king, this is brilliant to watch stright after.

    5. カルロスソラク遠藤

      What a ripoff Shadowbringers

    6. Jason

      Yeap heres a thought, Sylvanas broke the firmament....wheres your space now *cough* Nasa* cough*...... Edit: also a SJW propaganda. Woman beats man and saves the world.

    7. Crazozourus

      There must always be... Sylvanas.

    8. Siike Seamus

      That scream she lets loose as she tears the Helm apart is the most visceral, primal thing I've ever heard. Reminds me of her Starcraft twin, Kerrigan.

    9. wanka wanka κ

      4:30 is that even legal????

    10. Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.


    11. Alex K

      The trailer is better than them game it self . When you gonna make Story mode like WoWIII

    12. Anthony Nguyen

      Oh WOW Sylvanas break the Sky box , Literally Freedom for fly mount


      Sylvanas is now super op. But is looks like in Warcraft a character reaches the peak of their power, and then gets killed in some weird way soon after, so I honestly doubt Sylvanas will hang around for too long.

    14. _KenjiTX1_

      Lich King(arthus) : your of my power...

    15. Literally Hoi

      It looks like a 16 year old tumblr girl is writing blizzards plot now. I wonder who her favourite character is.

      1. malevolent Maddness

        Maddness is...

    16. Dimitra Bet

      New race pls not again gnome troll or draenei ...:( i like fox!

      1. malevolent Maddness

        Can't wait to be called a furry :D

    17. Ahmad Salah

      Bring illidan back to deal with that ******

    18. IBISMK2

      me dead to women @ 00:30 on the right

    19. 김주헌


    20. Yue Miyakawa

      Mary Sue Sylvie... or Garrosh 2.0? seems both.

    21. yare yare daze

      Mace: 300 kilos or something. Bolvar: Macho-man. Sylvana: Slender. Windrunner: Bow. Just a bow. 1:50 the reason why Physics is underrated.

      1. wanka wanka κ

        Archers are overrated

    22. Sakamoto Gameplays

      Arthas we miss you...

    23. Noah Lamb

      he could have pulled the arrows out of him?

      1. wanka wanka κ


    24. Daniel C Treidene

      imho you gave that lich king too good an animation, has he EARNED armor that breathes of FROST and FIRE? If I were the color genie on that animation id swap his color palette to oozing Black, Grey and brown, NOT blue/red, doesnt fit with the character. Or possibly beaming Dark Yellow fumes to signify the hard smell of spiritous gone wrong. Also crystal is wrong color, not blue, GREEN as jealousy.

      1. Daniel C Treidene

        I bet the ONLY passion (RED) about him was hate of love/women/things better than him, that would be typical. Hate is no good things to represent in any form of red. thats just GREEN in disguise.

      2. Daniel C Treidene

        most likely the person behind that character had that as a wish huh? "one last dying wish" LOL. one last wish to steal something good off someone else maybe. If that was the "wish" then Ourai alert for those of you of Stargate viewership...

    25. tsm berserker

      Bolvar sucks arthas would have won

    26. Mark MasterPiece

      The scene is glorious and all no doubt, but they just Killed the Lich King!! They murdered Arthas already as well. Warcraft is Dead.

    27. God

      Sigmar would have never let this happen.

    28. CaptainBenTV

      Well, atleast Sylvanas is almsot garuanteed to finally die next expansion

    29. Parody XD

      Kill Malfurion KM

    30. Azedim

      This going beyond laziness and character recycle by the lore team. Sorry. The saying is "every great story has a beginning, a middle and an end". I dare to say that every great VILLAIN it's the same. Arthas is, by far the most praised villain of wow series exactly because of that. He has his initial story and development on warcraft RTS series, and his end in one single expansion that gave him and the players a closure, as matter of fact, blizzard had actually the balls to keep him dead. The problem that I think it's happening it's the lore is not bringing any new "villain" so it's has to keep bringing the same character over and over. Its was like that with Garosh (2 whole expansions) and now with Sylvanas (3 expansions, and gods know how many will come). For doing that certain -deus ex machina- arrives (a technique used to fill holes and gaps in bad storytelling) and leave with a bad taste in mouth, specially with a lore that, for many times was almost perfect. English is my third language so, you may find one or two mistakes

    31. Frısk

      so ... thats the morally grey controversial character ive heard so much about, eh? gotta say not impressed.

    32. Necroded

      Russian sound is better

    33. The Best :D:D

      if in this patch everything will be balanced and dmg will be not like other patch 200k-300k if dmg will be 10-20k dmg will be perfect and ppl will get back im sure ! like 3.3.5 patch

    34. Anakinlise 006

      Petition to bring fabulous hair guy back

    35. Anakinlise 006

      Went back to watch wrath of the lich king to make me feel better after this

    36. Radamenti

      can someone explain why LK went from red to blue?

      1. malevolent Maddness

        m a g i c

    37. BuRN

      Sylvanas : "you are unfit to wear this crown" meaning bolvar is so weak he cannot draw out the full power of the lich king. Sylvanas : "so much power" means lich king true power is way above her charts. Seems Arthas is Lich King one and only true champion.

      1. Duchess Of Rosmarin

        No, that means Bolvar will never use this power like Arthas did. Power never was a thing for Bolvar and he hates those who were obsessed with it

    38. Vawnson

      Geez lady, grab a snickers...

    39. Eric Kuo

      Be hold! The new Lich Ki.... I mean Queen!!! WAIT WHAT????

    40. OG Loc

      1:20 i guess it was inspired by Sauron

    41. DarkestLight4U

      Im not savy on World of Warcraft-So you can't be mad at these Questions Who is she- and is she evil or good Who is he- and is he evil or good And why we're they fighting- Aside from obviously she wanted that crown- But what's the Crowns purpose as to why they are fighting for it, and can it be rebuilt?

    42. realcolormusic

      Can I start playing WoW with the release of Shadowlands without missing/skipping some lore of the previouse releases? (I would like to play WoW just for it's lore.)

      1. realcolormusic

        @Fluffy fluffs Thanks for your answer, but I played the old WC3 and the old WoW back then. Or did this lore change?

      2. realcolormusic

        @Komlit Ok, this means by just starting to play WoW I guess?

      3. Fluffy fluffs

        Play warcraft 3 then Play Classic Wow first.

      4. Komlit

        No if its for lore you start at the start.

    43. TheFlyWahine

      Can we just take a moment to apriciate Sylvana's hip action and the fact that he put the lich king down nonchalantly like a rabid dogg.

      1. TheFlyWahine

        @Fr3e3 I have spelling issues there's no reason to bully me for that. As for why blizzard support and highlight a bully I dont know.

      2. Fr3e3

        No , we cannot take a moment to "apriciate" garbage writing.

    44. foopyu nooui

      Tirion: We need an army to defeat the Lich King! Sylvanas: Meh! I just walk in alone to solo...

      1. Teemo6544

        Stolen comment

    45. [UFOP] AnkGrooger

      chillz chillz chillz!

    46. Cal Sefan


    47. Slick Rick

      Calm down Sylvanas. I solo’d the lich king long before you did.

      1. foopyu nooui

        So it's cataclysm but for northtend. Got it.

    48. Sonik Kis

      *Bobby Kotick doing his job to completely destroy WoW*

    49. Ark Ragnara

      Shadowlands - A Star Wars Story

    50. Cofimaslisa

      i always hated lich king and was always a fan of Illidan and i like Sylvanas as well so im glad he is GONE!

      1. Komlit

        @Cofimaslisa She tried to kill herself at top of ice crown in wrath due to her failure to kill Arthas. You are reaching with all this pro sylvanas look it up facts dont lie.

      2. Cofimaslisa

        @Komlit when she tried that? for me she will always be good, a beautiful high elf turned into this monstrosity by arthas and the rest gave its effects...

      3. Komlit

        @Cofimaslisa She tried to kill her self.... She is a bad guy and thats the truth

      4. Cofimaslisa

        @Komlit yea she was weak in wotlk though along with jaina. im sad that she will probably be villain

      5. Komlit

        @Cofimaslisa Again he is not the lich king from wrath do you not know lore? Also she is only strong cause death gave power to her. She is weak compared to him. GG though

    51. Cofimaslisa

      So Sylvanas becomes the villain in new expansion, no longer part of the horde?

    52. bla b-blub bla

      This fight is giving me kuropika vs uvogin vibes

    53. Paulo Jay De Jesus

      So there’s a parallel universe????

      1. Komlit

        No its another plane of the world

    54. fatin shanto

      the crown broke but the stone didnt. twist is coming.

    55. Boalol lal

      This is just too much. An upside world? in space? or did space get cut off? what happened to space and the other planets? It's just so stupid...

      1. Eduardo N

        These are the Shadowlands, the realm of the dead. The name of the new expansion is literally "Shadowlands".

    56. Sussano Megami

      wtf happened to nerzul and arthas's soul ?

      1. Mauricio Soto


    57. Shiruvi

      can't tell if downvotes are protests about hong kong (good) or pissbabies mad that bolvar, the most boring character, got owned (lol owned)

      1. Komlit

        Ya any one would get owned if you got unlimited power from blizz cough i mean death due to yalls deal. Shes a mary sue but GG

    58. angel sad

      Can someone explain to me what is going on please wasnt arthas the lich king what happened to him and what is this we are watching now why is sylvana doin this ??(idk if thats her for sure )

      1. angel sad

        @Komlit thank you very much for your help. have a great day :)

      2. Komlit

        He died in Wraith and bolvar took the spot

    59. Mean Old Lady

      I like this new angle. It beats the same crappy time travel BS that media's been pulling for years. There's only so much of Azeroth to explore/alter. We just need a buttload of character ability customization like Rift or City of Heroes.

    60. Mark R

      So it's cataclysm but for northtend. Got it.