WRC - Rally Sweden 2020: WINNER Elfyn Evans

52 t. näkymät6

    Elfyn Evans / Scott Martin (Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT) led from start to finish to secure a dominant Rally Sweden victory on Sunday afternoon and lead the FIA World Rally Championship for the first time in his career.
    Watch the full 52min. Event Highlights video here: bit.ly/2vJeq10
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    1. theo sanders

      Just found out that my second cousin is one of the best rally drivers in the world, that’s fing awesome

    2. Zhilly ahmad

      Congratulations both of you! congrats toyota!

    3. Anaconda

      Elfyn will be champ! Miss McRae and Burns! 👋🇫🇮

    4. パヤパヤ2

      Congratulation Evans

    5. Sheikh Sameer

      Marvelous victory.

    6. Eric Meech Global Network

      Toooooyota! Gratis Toyota....mycket mor!

    7. speedmyster1

      Well done Elfyn.

    8. Foldeybyl

      It's funny that people label Elfyn as British. I'm sure if he wasn't performing well, he would be called Welsh.

      1. jackie roberts

        @Truth Before Opinions completely agreed, the English have no idea ,and they gave elfyn the wrong national anthem he looked really annoyed

      2. speedmyster1

        @Truth Before Opinions I agree

      3. Truth Before Opinions

        @speedmyster1 Wales wasn't a Principality - only Gwynedd in north west Wales was. Wales was unified in 1057, so it is a Kingdom. The only reason why Wales isn't on the flag is.... 1...When Owain Glyndwr became the De Jure Prince of WALES he annuled the laws of the occupied territory that England had control over. This is why Henry the 8th had to annex it. If it was already a part of England prior to the laws of Wale act. There would never have been a need for said annexation. 2....the de jure title was taken into hiding by Owain, which means the one in use now is only a ceremonial one - the de Fscto title. Which mean no ruler since has has the power to add Wales to a flag that is post Wales' unification. Also, even the coat of arms isnt really about annexation as Llewyllen used the three lions independently of the English. And the Tudors added both to signify their ancestry from England and Wales. So long story short - Welsh history is a complete lie told for so long by so many it has come to be seen as true. Oh btw, England was the only Kingdom out of Ireland, Scotland, Spain, and France to not recognise Wales as a Kingdom. The question around the flag is always "why isn't Wales represented on the flag" - when it should be....why hasn't it been changed to have Wales on the flag! History is exactly that, History. So bringing up annexation dosnt really answer the real question. Ofcourse it's a question they don't want answered as it shows it all to be a lie. Even now they don't have the authority to add Wales. This ofcourse is the reason why the UK is to remain in place. As it will show the lie so many have told for so long.

      4. Truth Before Opinions

        @speedmyster1 yes it bloody matters - more than you know. The term British derives from Brythonic. The name the Romans had for the natives of said island - those people are now known as the Welsh in the English language. Meanwhile the English use the term British as their own - even though they are supposedly Germanic. It's that bad... the Welsh have to have their own Baftas etc. Because the only talents that get awards are English ones. And again, what's even worse is the fact they are called British. So the Welsh can't even use the name British is they wanted to. As the English hve fooled the world into thinking they re British. This is why many Foreigners to Britain think England and Britain are the same thing. All kinds of shady if you ask Me. Hollywood does this aswell.....think of it like this - England, Scotland and Wales make up the UK, so hollywood thinks it's acceptable to hire majority English actors as anyone from any one of the uk countries represent the others as well. After all, they are all seen as British. Meanwhile, educations don't teach the difference between them. So it makes people beleive there are no differences between the any of the UK nations. You could say - It's almost a cultural genocide. Ofcourse this leads to Welsh and Scottish cultures being a minority and probably dying out - meanwhile English survives through the guise of being "British". This is how they're tricking people. Not only around the world, but in the UK too.

      5. Truth Before Opinions

        Yep, trying to hog in on his victory. They do it with all the sports stars from Britain. When they fail, they are Welsh or Scottish, when they succeed they're British. Foreigners just don't understand what it's like.

    9. Ad - Sa

      From indonesian

    10. tmu trmn

      Go ELF!

    11. Vinnii :P

      Damn.this guys are the best drivers in the world in my opinion. Drifting Ang high speed conbined

    12. J. S.P

      Evans is a great driver, but Rovanperä is much more talented & he will surpass him soon enough.

    13. RichMartin FreeweightsAndSpeed.

      Love Elfyn

    14. Daniel C. Freteval

      He looks massively drugged, the eyes never lies (amphetamine, and or O2 boosters).

    15. Harry Cheese

      A big surprise, I didn't expect Evans to win, respect.

    16. James Stewart

      The humble fire breathing dragon 👌nice one.

    17. Guillermo G.

      Evans is humble, this guy is amazing. I suddenly want to see him winning the whole thing. Amazing. Congratulations Evans, congratulations Toyota!

    18. arthur staal

      No snow, in sweden, in february. ClImAtE ChAnGe Is FaKe NeWs

    19. TheRebelOne

      Well done Evans, richly deserved win.👍

    20. Ever Faster Racing

      Good win for Evans but would he have won on the full rally?

      1. bonelessbeef1

        I don't think it matters? Even playing field this race. Nobody had experience in the situation of studs on gravel.

    21. Rajab Muhammed


    22. Alain Gonzalez


    23. Alain Gonzalez

      TOYOTA #1

    24. xhitfaced fetus

      Amazing talent across the board , this year is going to have some insanely fast racing

    25. Don Davis

      Evan's navigator is seated SO LOW in the cockpit, it makes him appear to be a midget.....

    26. Equinox79

      Toyota was the best, it's better if tanak was the driver

      1. jackie roberts

        Elfyn is a very nice down to earth guy he deserved the win and the Toyota yaris fits him well and yes tanak is still going to win with out Toyota or not 😀

    27. Jibo Kwy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="87">1:27</a> that credit goes to climate change tho

      1. Jeremy Evolution


    28. João Dias

      Congratulations Evans ✌🏻

    29. rainekarukka

      Just like burns or mcrae.. Nice to watch.

    30. George Balm Ghanard Junior

      First I want to say congratulations〜👍🎉🏅 It was so long before I won twice〜!! It was really goo〜!!

    31. Ivan F

      Evans, this is a surprise for Ogier and Rovanpera! The times of the "Sainz - McRae" are returning.))

    32. gothic pagan

      First win of a wrc event by a Welshman ? Lovely but. Who's boots those shoes? Hold those two sheep while I count them.👍😂

      1. ksetrelamenos


    33. 82 masso

      Sweden, Finland and Galles in the same rally.

    34. hughcdavies

      Great win by Elfyn. But it was only half a rally and All live didn't work for most Friday. Three years in, these problems should be sorted by now.

      1. MANU ALEX




    35. luca luca

      Wow im happy for Evans, but Rovanpera was so goood

    36. Nho Minh Đinh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="39">0:39</a> "nothing flamboyant, just clean driving" *showing onboard of him nearly going off*

      1. Hill

        He flatting out like crazy!

      2. Ricky Hooper

        Was about to comment the exact same thing

    37. Alexis

      I think this battle for Championship between Elfyn/Neuville/Ogier and Ott Tannak is so be great (yes my english is not good sorry)

      1. gothic pagan

        Alexis English may not be perfect but your suspicion is spot on 👌