WRC - Rally Sweden 2020: Shakedown LIVE

179 t. näkymät34

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    1. Rich Twell

      Please show your content in 4K.

    2. # W R C E i m a r #

      Be sure to check out this Swedish rally summary as well. fisels.info/video/videot/kGGdeqOYkIeofX0.html

    3. - Kodi

      No snow in sweden=too much migrant and gay guy

    4. pumpelixjawelix

      Tried to watch live but cameras didnt work at all. Horrible.

    5. Andrew Meadows

      From group B to shopping cars on you tube🤦‍♂️

    6. Fearless Soldier

      Great broadcast/commentary and quick interview with driver is nice too! Thx.

    7. Reimo Grīnblats


    8. Arvi Arie

      Go..goo.. Gooo... Tannak..

    9. Queen Elsa of Arendelle

      I sincerely and wholeheartedly apologise for the disappointing lack of snow this year. I assure you that your weather satisfaction is my priority. Moving forward, I will implement processes to ensure your meteorological expectations are met.

    10. Erik Albonetti

      Ma la neve dove è ???? Sembra il rally di Finlandia 😂😂😂😂

    11. Birki gts

      Why wasn't this stream available on wrc plus?

    12. Melinda Weixler

      So cute!

    13. MrFlyingmachine

      Love this video format, keep it coming!!

    14. bintang bulan bersinar

      This video is 1st run or 2nd run?

    15. marco rodolfo pulgar salas

      tannak is the best...,

    16. Mic Sub

      Watching from a ship off the west coast of Africa

    17. Starfishrider


    18. Aviation News 24x7

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1450">24:10</a> Galiza Ceive!!! (De porcos mugrentos ispáns) 😋👍

    19. Jean michel Di Lucas

      Stop talking during the specials

    20. katchaontheflipside

      No snow in Sweden rally, maybe we should go electric on rallycars?

      1. kristofevo

        musaire don’t waste your time trying to convince people ,my friend. Iv been hearing this since the late 70s.Then it was an ice age that was imminent and they were going to blanket Antarctica with soot, to attract the suns rays, to heat it up! Then, in the 80s, it was acid rain and the massive hole in the ozone layer, that was going to kill all our crops and poison all the fish and us. Then the 90s came and the infamous global warming.We were told that the ice was melting so fast that , by, now , according to that cretin al gore we would be 2 to 3 metres under water.Yet, the Maldives has had 10s of millions invested in it, in the last few years, so they know something we don’t! None of this transpired and people are still gullible enough to believe the “experts” ,their governments and a mentally deranged girl and her backers on the latest trend “climate change”, which you cant argue with because the climate is constantly changing!

      2. musaire

        @katchaontheflipside I'm in hurry, so not gonna comment on all the aspects but 1. are you aware of the actual proportions of scientists on either parts - that is where fraudulent behavior of big guys has stepped in - you don't have an idea of the extent of data manipulation. 2. even if the there was small group vs big - that is not how science works - reality is not created by the vote of majority - fraud created by majority is still fraud and is easier to control using its top guys in position and spread down there 3. I am capable in science myself. Starting from quantum physics and with my every day income that is related to probabilities, math and statistical analysis - I can see a mistake on graphs and numbers that are manipulated - I need not even a single scientist in addition to tell me that when I see manipulation and deception myself!!!!!

      3. katchaontheflipside

        @musaire u sound like the newly converted religious kid. Try to step out of your bubble dude. Which amount of scientist would be easier bought, the small part or the big part? If everyone says the house is on fire, it's probably on fire

      4. musaire

        @katchaontheflipside We either talk about science or don't. You either stick to politicians' fraud and deception or don't. I can prove their deception AND can talk further about the real physics in universe. IPCC already uses new models (that uses solar and cosmic particle physics for the first time in history - showing no anthropologic influence on climate in any of the models using particle data that has always been missing) for the 2022 report. A good overview of the new climate science, based on the actual physics around us, is presented here (all research is linked under channel videos with 700+ papers) - fisels.info/video/videot/mpyZlbN8g6WVo4E.html

      5. katchaontheflipside

        @musaire U trollin right?

    21. lou6977

      The Ogier's word is a summary for this absurd situation: "Survive" with studded tires om gravel and with slick tires (with no more studs because of the previous stage parts on gravel) on ice, tomorrow

    22. vytas braziunas

      respect Tanak......................

    23. WaluigiMaster

      Sweden looks completely different

      1. Вадим Коноваленко

        almost like Finland(

    24. cine independiente

      En marzo es Suecia ? O México?

    25. All 4 Fun

      Finland 2.0 Global warming at its finest.

      1. Lycan Subscribe

        Finland 2: Electric Boogaloo.

    26. Jarmo sippi

      Latvala tulee tuurilla voittoon.

    27. 송지산

      Is Sweden already spring?

      1. Mario B. C.

        No, it's winter but there's no snow and it's not cold

    28. Best trial

      Грязин, Федоров вы лучшие!!! Удачи!

    29. bonelessbeef1

      Everyone! Go check out the dirt rally FIsels channel. Amazing interviews and videos.

    30. валера2рубля

      Global warming. Time to think. About what?

    31. alexloco66

      That´s really sad man, global warming is a real thing and people who say the opposite are just blind.

      1. Birki gts

        The effect of global warming is supposed to make Scandinavia Colder on average for a few decades. Not warmer. Because of the shifting of the gulf stream. This is just weather.

      2. soffosbackan

        NO! There is no global warming to talk about. It has allways been colder and warmer periods true the years. Look at the FACTS ! Dont belive in what you read in globalists newspaper!

    32. AreYouConfused_

      You can see the second gear start when he shifted down to first after stalling

    33. Pawel Engelard

      Gdzie jest śnieg ??

    34. Gianfranco Corbula

      Che senso ha non correre questo rally perché non c'è la neve o ce n'è poca? A vederla così sembra di correre in Finlandia o in Galles, con neve o senza è bella ugualmente, tutte queste menate degli organizzatori e della FIA sulla sicurezza non le capisco.

    35. Bobby Thompson

      Who is TAYMOO?

    36. iF[ ]X’ 11

      7 спец участков отменили из за погодных условий , во дела

    37. emre1393

      there is no snow in sweeden rally? :greta_thunberg_face:

    38. Mohd Rafi K V

      great to see live...

    39. BlueFlag Alpha

      Theres no snow

    40. David_ Alexander


    41. Franco

      Like plis

    42. Euro Rock

      The quality of video is awful...

      1. Bobby Thompson

        She talked over the notes, on EPs run! Ogier interviewed himself!

      2. Bobby Thompson

        Euro Rock The two experts are as boring as ever!

    43. Lp Lp

      Pas de neige 😲

    44. amon.erebnegr

      that youtube bitrate is horrible

    45. Bintang Mobile

      Go..go..go tanak

    46. TheDrLeviathan

      It snowed here in New York, it's like nature messed up and missed by a whole continent

      1. lou6977

        @Vitali Eisenbraun Bruce Wayne, John Wayne? Who's next? :)

      2. Vitali Eisenbraun

        @lou6977 Wayne

      3. lou6977

        @All 4 Fun they called "global warming" with no one speaking about causes or if it's driven for someone

      4. All 4 Fun

        It's called global warming

    47. Jussi-Pekka Turunen

      Why Shakedown wasn't live on WRC+?

      1. Birki gts

        @sini tiivakene it wasn't there for me. Only the evening.

      2. sini tiivakene

        @Nicolás Naves If you meen shakedown - Becks Williams and Julian Porter.

      3. Nicolás Naves

        @sini tiivakene what are the names of the experts speaking?

      4. sini tiivakene

        But it was! I watchd it!

    48. Emil Savolainen

      stop writ on rysska

    49. James

      Fantastic. Great to see the drivers having no idea what to do. Will give many a massive chance to win.

      1. lou6977

        @Maciej Maciex it's better because the organizers allowed crews to fit new tires for every stage.. that's it..

      2. Maciej Maciex

        @lou6977 The conditions turned out to be better than expected.

      3. lou6977

        @Richard Hennigan it's very dangerous to drive with this rubber on gravel. Tires overheating very soon and car becomes unmanageable. Suninen was very lucky.. It's a danger on every meter I'm honestly surprised that someone "fan" can be glad about that..

      4. Richard Hennigan

        This is going to be really interesting. If it comes down to tire management, I expect we'll see Ogier have a strong finish while others start to struggle. On the other hand, there are a lot of opportunities for someone who wants to take more risks in the unknown tire/surface situation.

    50. Afterglow一筋

      less snow but rally will be quite enjoyable


      No snow?

      1. SWA Gaming

        RICKY ADRIANTO there has been talk here in sweden of maybe moving the rally further north in the coming years. Somewhat chasing the snow instead of hoping that the snow will show up


        @SWA Gaming credit to the organizer, its a tough work... organizing snow WRC round without snow.

      3. SWA Gaming

        RICKY ADRIANTO there might be some snow in the Norwegian leg of the rally because of altitude but currently the snow is a few hundred kilometers north of where the rally is taking place


        @SWA Gaming no snow in Sweden... well, i hope that will not be common excuse by the drivers when they lost.

      5. SWA Gaming

        RICKY ADRIANTO this Swedish winter has been quite a lot warmer than usual. We haven’t gotten any winds from Russia this year. We have gotten a constant wind from the Gulf of Mexico

    52. Niklasfrilander

      Forza kalle forza toyota

    53. Ibraim Costa

      Top 10 p maquinaria 👍Top 10 p kit de unhas 👍Top 10 p envio deste produto 👍(muito gozo 😂) bem hajam 👏👏👏

    54. roderick mchardy

      no snow but plenty of challenge

    55. Janerik Tangen halvorsen

      Its qualifcations so they drive anyway

    56. Pekka Karjalainen

      Kalle huraaa!!!!!

    57. Garin Burns 10

      Sebastien Ogier is, hopefully gonna win some events this year, for me, He could still be world champion if he staying at M-SPORT in my opinion...

      1. H Koivu

        M-SPORT had such a good start for the season, over heating problem in all 3 cars and a one gearbox failure

      2. Kevin_Sull

        He's 6 Time World Champion as it stands......


      Forza Thierry 💪

    59. Garin Burns 10

      I hope the Ford's would perform well, Suninen and Lappi Should make a 1-2 wins this time

      1. Joaquin

        Would love to see that

    60. Garin Burns 10

      Oh my, It really not much of a snows around like usual...

    61. Fritz Förstel

      God i love youtube at work...

    62. BollyZoom

      WATCH HERE HD COVERAGE >>:- 👇WATCH👇 👇 WRC - Rally Sweden 2020 Live TV Live Here📺📺🔴🔴 liveonfreetv.com/wrc-rally-sweden/

    63. Sayom Sarkar

      Looked more like Finland than Sweden

      1. TheJokerit19

        Sayom Sarkar Indeed. I was about the post something very similar until I saw your post.

      2. Sayom Sarkar

        @SWA Gaming Yeah. That's why Toyota prepares for Sweden in Finland.

      3. SWA Gaming

        Sayom Sarkar the forests are basically the exact same. Same latitude too

    64. 멜다

      seb ogier must have something about having bad luck with cars 😂 in citroen and now even in toyota

    65. MrBeast

      lovely video

    66. MrBeast

      so good

    67. Equinox79

      Why sir tanak change his car?

      1. sini tiivakene

        @RICKY ADRIANTO You are absolutely right! 😁


        @멜다 and you say that because you are Hyundai...., i mean Korean. He was fast in the Fiesta, he was fast in the Yaris and he is fast in i20... he is fast.

      3. Equinox79

        Yes 100% my favorite car toyota

      4. 멜다

        @Equinox79 he literally had one rally in his new car, and this shakedown he drove like a monster and was fastest in his new car. so I'd say ott and his i20 are doing pretty well. you just wish he was in Toyota cuz you like Toyota


        @sini tiivakene 😉

    68. Вадим Коноваленко

      now this stage like finland( without snow its not look like classic Sweden rally, I wish next year we will see a lot of snow there, becouse it was main feature of the stage

      1. Daniel C. Freteval

        @Birki gts Interesting. Antarctica has massively grown it's ice volume. I heard GW is also due to the sun entering a solar state with more storms during the next 10K years. So supposedly it adds to the CO2 GW problem, making it even more pronounced.

      2. Birki gts

        @Daniel C. Freteval just weather. Global warming is supposed to make Scandinavia colder on average, at least for a couple decades. Due to the shifting of the gulf stream. Not warmer. There is even talk of a mini-iceage in the near future. Its snowy here in southern Finland but winter was also late for us.

      3. Gale

        @Daniel C. Freteval Nah, it just been a warm year up north. Last 3 years it has been -10 to -30 whole January and February when I visited Oulu but this year it has been +5 to -15.

      4. Daniel C. Freteval

        @Вадим Коноваленко Yeah no winter in Paris either since a few years :s

      5. Вадим Коноваленко

        @Daniel C. Freteval I think yes, becouse in my country (Ukraine) normaly this time should be snowy too, but its not(

    69. Hill

      There’s no snow

      1. SWA Gaming

        BALANCE yeah. In Stockholm we had some snow in November and December but since new year there has only been rain

      2. BALANCE

        A1tze Not great in Finland either. There are few snowy weeks but then it all melts away. Very strange year.

      3. SWA Gaming

        BlueFlag Alpha not necessarily. Scientists in Sweden have said that it is more than just global warming. There is a storm north of Iceland which is redirecting the Gulf Stream for longer than usual throughout the year. Last time this happened was in 1971

      4. BlueFlag Alpha

        Global warming

      5. SWA Gaming

        A1tze yeah. There is basically no snow below sundsvall in sweden