YGizzle x Big 30 x Pooh Shiesty-223

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    YGizzle x Big 30 x Pooh Shiesty-223
    Shot By @Marrigio
    Stedycam @AcutusMedia

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    1. BaCkEnd Glizzy

      Where the beat at 💯this hoe hard

    2. 2rue 6lue 305

      Much respect peep dis 🔥🔥🔥🔥 fisels.info/video/videot/nZGymrmnpZ1qa6M.html Please don’t forget to subscribe

    3. Brandon Brotherton

      This beat gross af

    4. Slick Shottz


    5. Miguel Martin

      Lit 🔥

    6. Miguel Martin

      Gang gang 🔥

    7. RAM Presley

      Ygizzle got the mic wet , wet mouth ahh dude u gotta cold don’t it 😂

    8. Isaiah Trap

      Shit hard but why my nigga say toss yo salad 😂 that’s gay asf

    9. DLO TV

      BIG 30 UP NEXT

    10. Youtube Vexoh

      Choppa gang ent.

    11. Miguel Martin

      🔥 🔥

    12. Miguel Martin

      Next up 2020

    13. Connie Freeman


    14. KING_ DIMITRI_

      Yall run it up to 1million million views 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🎤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

    15. LifeeeWith Queen B


    16. Jose Guapo

      Big homie up next


      FreshDuzIt on the beat bitch 🚀👍🏾📀

    18. BRoLL #5hunna


    19. tiara brunson

      I’m fucking with it

    20. Poohgottie

      They killed this 🔥🔥

    21. Chxpy

      Pooh blood?

      1. Heppie Retard

        Chxpy yea 30 grape Pooh blood

    22. Jamal Cummings

      Hold up wait restart tha show drop a opp then drop off his hoe🔥🔥

    23. KhaosThe Rapper

      My nigga said drop a opp then drop off his hoe😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    24. Glo'dup Walter


    25. Miguel Martin


    26. ALvIn's BlAcK

      “Holdup lets restart the show, drop ah opp den drop off his hoe”

    27. Rich DopeBaby

      Finesse all the way

    28. TopFlyMusic

      Come check this cool channel out won’t be disappointed

    29. Kana Beats

      Oh ok they went IN

    30. Micheal Hunt

      Play with me im fye touch me then you die 🤦🏾‍♂️🔥🔥 that part so tuff

    31. renew1098

      These niggas ate this ho

    32. Russell Winkel

      Run me up this took a while Dont tote no 100 shots on me for nutn im quick to let em go, arguing with the gang we tryna see who gon beat me to score, my new bitch is slime you out cant trust the fours out tha door, srt my charger lifted carbon hang up out tha door, fuck her then im dippin now she say she miss me tot my harlem got no feelings i got scarred and still need healin off the percs a sole but either way its gon be a killin, play with me ill fye, touch me then you die, i-i might take you in the slime you out on mo my meddlin shit, they might call me to make a chopper gang crawl my belly, you might get chopped up toss yo salad about my celery, i been off the drank got my flag matchin my medicine weed white promethazing n percs i really sold em all i cant let my finger off tha trigger till i watch em fall book me and big 30 for a show then bitch go off the wall trap me out in public ima pull a teevo in tha wall my teeth look like some silver wark of mirrors i got every perk you say that she in the street why i neva catch you there yeen never took a flight this choppa put ya in the air, 5 sevens kill up there yo body parts went everywhere, extortion extortion please dont call just to stand next to us, shaky ass promotas they wont book us cuz they scared of us, no security with me my bodyguard and my edit cuh, i cant see too much cuz i got a problem with stretchin stuff, niggas you too hot to hand fah me but now they reachin out, vip my section in tht club we postin on tha couch, new lil bitch to wet the shit she hold a glizzy in ha pouch, young niggas get dirty with them 30’s we dont need a vouch, you can call me big ha melly jizzy really dont matter now just put 50k in tha pillow case hoe you cant call em broke, fuckin on his hoe from the south dick to mouth watch how she choke, book me bet i rock the show reach for my chain i start the show, hold up wait restart the show drop a op then drop off his hoe my neck look like aquahoe aquafina this wata hoe we dont smoke no optamo hundred bourbon is all i smoke i aint gonna do no talkin no arguin just get to sparkin hoe

    33. Space Kadetzz

      Big 30 Ass be snappn

    34. loaded jojo

      big30 rocked dis junt

    35. Atown DaGreat


    36. Precious Precious





      🔥🔥🔥🔥Memphis shit where 100k

    39. Bigg Carder


    40. StopReadingMyWholeNameYouLookinAssNigga

      This junt hard I just can't believe nobody told him that shit sound gay asf 1:00

    41. Tamesha Achols


      1. Demarion Tatum


    42. Frederick Grant

      In front of the store,YeaH

    43. R2TheArTisT

      Damn all these niggas killed it

    44. Saúl Ghnhh

      I say pooh shiesty up next

    45. HBE 2SlammN

      Somebody make some lyrics for this

    46. Tamesha Achols


    47. HBE 2SlammN

      Disss tooo harddd forrr memphisss

    48. Omar

      To hard🔥🔥

    49. Lizaria Chapman

      Mafia music tripple m Birdsiview stlyes

    50. Muffin Wright

      Big〽️ shit going on 💯

    51. Tommie Jackson

      I fuck with this hoe 💯🔥

    52. PALBros

      Where is money bag yo

      1. Nick Schultz

        This like King Von he used to drop shit on Durk page

    53. OMB Blahk Blahka x Da Bossmane Ernest

      〽️Town Shit💯💯

    54. jayvon carney

      I knew they was going to go off but I didn’t think they ass would go off like this 〽️emphis shit stand on top of shit

    55. Nicholas Berg

      2019: Hip-hop comin' out of M Town>Hip-hop comin' out of Atlanta

      1. Nicholas Berg

        @Roger The gummy bear 210 Yeah I listen to a fair amount of Xavier and recently got introduced to Lil Jack & the Manson Family by another local this month! They're much like Three 6 Mafia in the early 90's, big locally for you but people here in MN haven't heard of them

      2. Roger The gummy bear 210

        Nicholas Berg appreciate it💥

      3. Nicholas Berg

        @Roger The gummy bear 210 You got one of the best underground scenes too Homie!😎

      4. Roger The gummy bear 210

        Nicholas Berg I listen to all my local memphis rappers lmao🤙🏽 901 all the way

      5. Nicholas Berg

        @Roger The gummy bear 210 To me all Atlanta rappers sound the same they all copy each other's flows and most of them just brag about their fashions & jewelry Memphis rappers like NLE Choppa can flow!!🔥I'm a big Paper Route fan gonna listen to the Jay Fizzle album later 😎

    56. Mr Robertson


    57. Corell Temple

      Should have just been Big 30 and Pooh Shiesty. YG garbage as fuck.

    58. Tommy Jacobs

      Ian gone lie if they wouldve left yg off pooh shiesty & big 30 .. wouldve had a mil by now

      1. SeaSickKg

        Tommy Jacobs stupid brain ass nigga🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣wtf

      2. Jxyvo4Xツ

        Tommy Jacobs “stupid brain ass nigga” 😂😂

      3. Tejay Jones

        oml I agree

      4. Godly Demi

        Tommy Jacobs stupid brain ass nigga 😂😂

      5. Tommy Jacobs

        @LuckyLeo94 ian say he aint bump the junt stupid brain ass nigga .. like i said yn it shouldve been big 30 x Pooh shiesty

    59. David Gallego

      The fat guy got skillz

    60. Demarion Tatum

      This junt so gansta