You Don't Own Me - Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn & Diane Keaton

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    1st Wives Club - Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler & Diane Keaton

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    1. N Kat

      Song this during a math test. Virtual learning has got to cool its shit

    2. S. Mya

      Iconic moment

    3. Joji Trash

      I watched this movie the first time the other night it's amazing

    4. Elaine Fortune

      Ariana i must look as a 53 y.o

    5. Pooja Dayaratna

      No, I’m not here because of Ariana. I’m here because Lesley Gore was and always will be an iconic queen. No disrespect to Ariana though.

    6. Narcissus Tarrazona

      A blastul. ...

    7. Judith Yure

      One of the most epic scenes in cinema's history.

    8. S W

      All in early 50s

    9. adamaneve22

      Bette Midler is AMAZING!!!

    10. CathalRM Breathnach

      I hope they left someone there to lock up.

    11. Cj

      It's funny how critics hate this ending . But how audience love it

    12. GamersXnostalgia

      Am I the only one here from Suicide Squad? Harley Quinn is my waifu.

    13. Mpho Thabethe

      I'm here because of the movie... It has taught me my self worth as a woman... I value the movie a lot... I never get tired of watching it...

    14. Rahma Abdi

      Bow to the legends.

    15. Prince Kams

      So white

    16. Erica Buentello


    17. Erica Buentello

      I want to be a second part

    18. Rosie Magalona


    19. Aaron e Stefano

      Nostalgia.. Bette Midlers voice just makes me feel like i can sing even though i cant 😂😍 Im young and i love to be young, im free, and i love to be free... ✌️

    20. Danny Dougin

      Though not known as a singer Goldie Hawn recorded an album in 1972. Not the best singer, but better than a lot of the so called singers these days! Of as most know Bette has made a slew of albums the last few decades.

    21. Ximena Urrunaga

      Who's here for Harley Quinn ?

      1. Hector Rodriguez

        Ximena Urrunaga who’s harley quinn?

    22. GamersXnostalgia

      Im here because of Harley Quinn, i dont know what are wrong with these other people

    23. wildejess

      Well, if I ever should get married and then have the inevitable divorce, I know what to sing after I sign those papers!!!

    24. The Colour Green

      Very feminist

    25. Sarah Onehi

      they are so awesome. We are lucky to have these beautiful women who carry us from birth, to youth and look at them now so so wonderfully beautiful. Love them for their valor and beauty.

    26. Bonnie Marshall

      This is my favorite movie

    27. MARAL JM

      What is the movie name

      1. decay21450

        The First Wives Club 1996

    28. Esca Propr

      Who else acted this scene out as a kid?

    29. kuebrastic

      this is the better version of the kardashians

    30. Travis JB

      Here I am searching for this and honestly, its the first time I've heard of ariana covering the song??? Lmao

    31. Katina Valkova

      My mother raised me with this movie❤️ My first lessons of women empowerment I got from these 3 ladies❤️

    32. Аля. мир.

      Прекрасный, светлый фильм, с космическими актрисами, тонкий юмор, ирония, и замечательная атмосфера.)))

      1. Аля. мир.

        By the way, Bed Midler, Goldie Hawn, and Diane Keaton, and in Russia, are quite famous, and also warmly loved. They are wonderful Actresses!

      2. decay21450

        translation: A beautiful, light film, with space actresses, subtle humor, irony, and a wonderful atmosphere.)))

    33. Its Me Linda

      Dear Corona Virus, 🎶 YOU DON’T OWN ME ! 🎶 Message approved by Jesus Christ.

    34. Bestof58


    35. Isaac Glover

      Wish I could find this version on iTunes or something!

    36. April Gosa

      I think Annie had it worse than any of them the other 2 were stronger women Annie was easy to bully and her husband Aaron was definitely a bully left her and convinced her it was her fault

    37. William Lockhart Nelson

      Is it just me or this is my power anthem?

    38. Ruth Bishop

      Anke Sonja Ruth Ann ..three people I admire the most

    39. Ruby Lightanddark

      YOU! DON'T! OWN! ME!!!

    40. Rose FabFour

      i love how they're in white

    41. Prestina Mccall

      Love this all day and all night!! 💖💖💖

    42. Maya Bomediano


    43. ILPresenza

      This scene was filmed at 1 Bond St in NYC. The front is exactly the same, you can tell by the half circle window on top of the door.

    44. Denise Woolley

      Woman Power!!!!?

    45. Layan Alajmi

      Whats the movie name ?

      1. decay21450

        The First Wives Club (1996)

    46. Gio Gio

      You don't own me government

    47. justcallmethelma

      my husband just informed me "he owns me" …(he has said this a few other times too) but this time I immediately blurted out a few lines of this song and had to immediately come find it and blast it fullblast so he could be reminded immensely that I meant it!

    48. Ness Paradis

      When I was with my ex I would play this song often to remind myself he didn’t own me. I’m a very traditional woman but He was controlling and tried so hard to change me. Sometimes I would tell him that he was in love with the idea of who he wanted to make me and not who I actually was. He wanted me to be like a doll. For him it was normal bc in our country men tend to be more dominating. I’m no longer with him and I’m reminded that he and NO man owns me. I’m young, free, and exactly who God is making me to be 💅🏾💄👄💃🏾. Best girl anthem ever!

    49. Katie Cansfield

      This is me and my friends in a new and disliked teachers class that cant control the class

    50. ameerah d

      Love this movie classic

    51. Emily Davidson

      No one: Nope: Me: lmao, teeth: ydkm!

    52. Pemancing Kampoeng

      What a video 😂

    53. alanis michelle

      This song is for my toxic ex I wish i had friends like this

    54. Byron Hamilton

      a highlight. 👏🏽

    55. MyMiaMyTia

      Ive never seen this movie and I have no idea how I remember this clip 😆

    56. Susan Stcyr


    57. Sándorné Horváth


      1. decay21450

        translate: Adore

    58. Shanelle Bradley

      I’m here because i was watching the first wives club on tape ☺️💕

    59. Kei kei Cawthon

      What is this movie called?

      1. decay21450

        Jan truitt 5 months ago First Wife’s Club... Great Movie!

    60. Gary Nicholas

      Dear God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, I enjoy this film. Dancing and singing are bonuses to me. Yes. Thanks. IN JESUS' Name. Amen.

    61. xotic pollo

      my mom used to play this all the time

    62. carlos Luiz

      Amo essa versão. Amo esse filme. Amo as três atrizes.

      1. decay21450

        translation: I love that version. I love this movie. I love the three actresses.

    63. Paige Bratton

      This is one of my favorite movie endings of all time

    64. Edward DeBrae

      I want more movies like these. Nostalgia is so real 😭😭😭😭

    65. Arnie96

      I don’t understand why people get angry when people say they say they’re here because of Ariana. If anything it introduces people to the movie and the song. Stop getting so damn mad

    66. Eva Linnk

      This world is stupid anyway:DDD

    67. Eva Linnk

      If you are older you know what you want etc.. not to be just stupid pupped

    68. Eva Linnk

      This song speaks what we feel not young woman older :DDD

    69. Eva Linnk

      Of course movie is great too

    70. Eva Linnk

      Woman power:DDMan are scared?DDD

    71. Eva Linnk

      Great song:DD

    72. Seana Muigean

      who is Ariana ???

    73. Sky

      I don't remember the movie (name) 😭 Help please

      1. Sky

        @decay21450 thanks!!!! 😊

      2. decay21450

        First Wives Club, 1996. Reunited by the death of a college friend, three divorced women seek revenge on the husbands who left them for younger women.

    74. Yarik


    75. Patricia Harold

      The reason for them opening the centre was because one of their friends commited suicide after being in a loveless marriage. It really a very good movie for many reasons. Having said that, I love how they dance down the street, and don't lock up the venue behind them.

    76. Mafia Moscoloni


      1. decay21450

        translation: Visionaries

    77. gojcaj20

      Ugh fabulous bitches. Yas queens

    78. jdtv05

      Still one of the best films of all of the 90s. Love these 3 icons!

    79. Joan O'Daly

      After All these Years , these three Brilliant and Strong women are still making a statement to women ! You rock ladies

    80. Ethan Walker

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Honestly, it was good, but just not that good. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a> 💓🔥🔥💃 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💛